2022 WSOP Featured Females: Lara Eisenberg Talks Poker’s Impact on Dementia

lara eisenberg 2022 wsop

For our most recent version of 2022 WSOP Featured Females, we interviewed bracelet winner Lara Eisenberg, a radiologist who shared some insight into poker’s attain on the mind lengthy-time length and if Daniel Negreanu became once factual when he insinuated that ladies will now not be wired to be in poker.

Eisenberg is at the present quarantining after attempting out certain for COVID-19 finally of the World Series of Poker. The Maryland native will head inspire out east as rapidly as she’s cleared to conclude inspire to civilization. Her case, fortunately, became once at ease.

PokerNews spoke with the scientific expert by phone to discuss her poker occupation, and likewise seize her mind on what poker in actuality does to our brains.

Winning a WSOP Bracelet

lara eisenberg 2021 wsop
Lara Eisenberg celebrates true the 2021 WSOP Ladies NLH Championship.

In 2021, Eisenberg obtained her first WSOP bracelet within the $1,000 Ladies No-Limit Preserve’em Championship for $115,694, beating out 644 gamers. She defeated Debora Brooke heads-up to invent off the tournament.

The champ’s existence didn’t tremendously trade financially — she already has a excessive-paying gig — nonetheless, as she explained, it opened some doors that can accept as true with otherwise now now not been accessible.

“It’s sizable to accept as true with the recognition to accept as true with obtained an tournament,” Eisenberg told PokerNews.

She’s at the present writing a chapter for an upcoming e book from Poker League of Countries founder Lena Evans, “Poker for Lifestyles.” Her contribution to the e book shall be whisper material on the mind’s influence on poker.

Evans told PokerNews that Eisenberg is a “sizable ambassador for ladies in poker.” She began playing poker within the early 2000s and purchased into the sport fancy so many others.

“I became once watching the early nightly news and a business for PokerStars came on,” she acknowledged about how she came across poker.

Is Poker Ideally honorable for the Mind?

Eisenberg, whose poker week in Las Vegas became once sever instant as a result of COVID-19, does now not play poker for a living. That is partially as a result of having a a success occupation as a radiologist inspire home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Presumably, you are aware of that metropolis. It be the fatherland of legendary comedian Dave Chappelle, and likewise lengthy-time WSOP announcer Norman Chad. That’s presumably the first and simplest time Chad has been mentioned within the identical breath as Chappelle.

Eisenberg works seven days straight and then is off for seven days, so she has a dream time desk. All the diagram in which through her day off, one activity she spends time on is learn. Extra particularly, discovering out how poker and various games of skill influence the mind. She acknowledged there might be more consume for poker than correct a capability for making money and having a factual time.

“Evidence is showing that the more complexly your mind is wired, it makes it more probably that whereas you attain construct dementia, it would possibly perchance construct more slowly,” Eisenberg says.

Dementia is a power or power disorder of the psychological processes prompted by mind disease or damage and marked by memory disorders, personality adjustments, and impaired reasoning. Those who’re tormented by dementia, mostly elderly folk, on occasion accept as true with sudden losses of memory.

“Chess, poker, bridge, any sport that has excessive-level technique is going to be factual (for mind effectively being),” Eisenberg continued.

The 2021 bracelet winner believes that the more time folk use doing initiatives that create them have faith and learn, the upper off they’ll be mentally. Sitting round watching TV all day, she says, is now now not productive for mind effectively being.

“Poker, to me, is quite an out of this world sport to back you self-actualize. The full lot you attain in poker helps you in existence,” Eisenberg acknowledged.

She also encourages folk to tackle various formula similar to meditation, ingesting a wholesome food regimen, and getting masses of dispute.

Gather Ladies Cherish Poker?

It be no secret to anybody who has spent more than five minutes in a poker room that men dominate the sport in terms of participation. In tournaments such because the WSOP Main Tournament, females represent simplest about 5% of the sector every 365 days.

Negreanu suggested that perchance ladies correct will now not be wired to love poker the identical capability as men. We requested Eisenberg her thoughts on that argument, and she or he didn’t entirely disagree.

“It’d be deplorable to deliver it’s inconceivable (for more ladies to play poker), alternatively, I have faith that the capability ladies are socialized is a sizable section of it,” the poker champ argues.

She acknowledged that ladies carrying and then taking care of their infants makes it sophisticated for them to rep into poker. Additionally, the wage gap within the US — men create more than ladies, on average — leaves less disposable earnings for ladies to play poker.

However she is now now not convinced that or now now not it’s inconceivable to plan more ladies to the sport.

“Poker didn’t near up in my world, poker comes up in guy’s world,” Eisenberg explains of her upbringing. “There’s a alternative of ladies that grow up in households that fancy poker and they grow up to fancy poker.”

Eisenberg believes that if more states would legalize online poker, it would possibly perchance give more females an alternative to play since they would not need to jog away the residence to rep in a sport, a consolation for stop-at-home moms and pregnant ladies.

“The part that can create the greatest influence might perchance be inconceivable and that’s to introduce poker to girls at a young age,” she acknowledged.

The Maryland native began playing poker within the early 2000s in Atlantic Metropolis. She’s completely a no-limit retain’em player, mostly tournaments. Eisenberg credit organizations such because the Poker League of Countries, the arena’s ultimate ladies’s poker crew, for inserting effort into giving ladies an alternative to play poker and acknowledged it does back.

Eisenberg is done playing poker on her present commute as a result of a certain COVID-19 test. However she plans to conclude inspire to Las Vegas later this month to shield her Ladies Tournament title.

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