Andreas Nasman Becomes a Two-Time Gargantuan MILLION$ Champion

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Finnish grinder Andreas Nasman is maybe the most modern GGPoker participant to secure the Gargantuan MILLON$ twice for the length of their profession after they came out on top of a 102-actual discipline and walked away with $221,651. Nasman sat down on the final table because the chip chief and was doubtlessly the simplest participant standing after an intense 2.5-hour final table.

The closing table movement was streamed on the GGPoker YouTube channel the establish Jeff Depraved was joined by the inspire-to-inspire $50,000 Poker Avid gamers Championship winner, Dan “Jungleman” Cates. The embedded video is below the final table payouts and is rate searching at for Cates’ reactions to a pair of the play and for his critique of the deal of palms.

GGPoker Gargantuan MILLION$ Closing Table Outcomes

Space Participant Country Prize
1 Andreas Nasman Finland $221,651
2 Arsenii Malinov Mexico $173,100
3 ShangHigh Mexico $135,184
4 Andrii Derzhypilskyi Ukraine $105,573
5 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $82,448
6 Yen-Liang “yao_poker” Yao Taiwan $64,388
7 Elton “nothingworks” Tsang Maldives $50,284
8 Niklas Astedt Norway $39,270
9 Andras Nemeth Austria $30,668

Andras Nemeth was the final table’s shortest stack and the key finalist out of the door. Nemeth had improved his stack a limited bit because he sat down with a mere 9 colossal blinds but was up to almost 13 when he initiate shoved from early situation with pocket sevens. Andrii Derzhypilskyi known as from a pair of seats alongside with a favorable pair of tens within the outlet. The tens held and Nemeth bowed out.

5-time Gargantuan MILLION$ champion Niklas Astedt was the next participant heading for the showers. Nasman min-raised to 60,000 from the hijack with ace-queen earlier than immediate calling the 439,706 jam from Astedt, who printed the dominated ace-9. A king-excessive board was no again to Astedt and he busted in eighth.

Seventh-situation went to Elton “nothingworks” Tsang, the winner of the 2016 €1 million Large One For One Drop. Tsang was appropriate down to 12 colossal blinds when he found pocket nines below the gun. These 12 colossal blinds went into the heart of the felt and located a caller within the form of fellow short stack “ShangHigh” and their ace-queen. Pocket nines remained doubtlessly the simplest hand up till an ace landed on the river, taking out Tsang from the match.

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One other participant crashed out for the length of the identical blind stage, Yen-Liang “yao_poker” Yao being that participant. The movement folded to Yao on the button, and he ripped in 22.5 colossal blinds with ace-seven. Wiktor Malinowski known as with pocket tens within the small blind, and Arsenii Malinov folded ace-eight within the colossal blinds. The five neighborhood playing cards fell king-excessive, which intended Yao’s participation in this match was over.

Malinowski was the next enormous title to gain themselves void of chips despite him earlier helping himself to Yao’s stack. Malinowski had constructed a colossal ample stack to be the chip chief with five avid gamers final, but then ran pocket tens into the kings of Malinov in a blind-versus-blind and located himself inspire appropriate down to lower than 20 colossal blinds. It was one more conflict with Malinov that seen Malinwoski heading to the showers. Malinov min-raised to 80,000 below the gun with ace-seven of diamonds. Malinowski known as out of the colossal blind with ace-eight, and the flop fell jack-trey-eight with two diamonds. Malinowski checked, Malinov guess 160,000, and Malinowski jammed for 685,090, which Malinov known as. The flush came in on the flip, and Malinowski was gone.

Ukraine’s Derzhypilskyi busted almost directly after Malinowski. Malinov min-raised to 80,000 from the button, which Nasman three-guess to 360,000 with pocket kings within the small blind. Derzhypilskyi four-guess to 900,000 from the colossal blind, folding out Malinov, but Nasman was going nowhere. Nasman raised ample to establish his opponent all-in, and Derzhypilskyi obliged by calling off the 1,009,665 chips he had on the inspire of with pocket jacks. Nasman’s kings remained appropriate and he soared into lead with most efficient three avid gamers final.

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After losing six avid gamers within the outlet 45 minutes, it took one more hour earlier than the participant depend was lowered all all over again. With blinds of 50,000/100,000/12,500a, Nasman limped in from the small blind with pocket tens and directly known as when “ShangHigh” shoved for a color over ten colossal blinds with ace-queen succesful. An eight-excessive board sent the Gargantuan MILLION$ heads-up.

Nasman held a slender lead going into his one-on-one fight with Malinov but then extended his lead substantially. Nevertheless, Nasman might not shake off his opponent till almost half an hour into the conflict. The closing hand was a coinflip. Malinov min-raised to 320,000, Nasman spoke back with a enhance to 960,000, which Malinov pumped up to three,845,552, striking himself all-in. Nasman known as and showed ace-queen of spades, which was flipping against pocket sixes. An ace on the flop within the extinguish sent Malinov house in 2nd situation and left Nasman to revel in that well-behaved feeling in a single more Gargantuan MILLION$ match.

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