Avid gamers Duck for Quilt as Gunman Opens Fireplace into Houston Poker Room

legends poker room houston

Legends Poker Room in Houston, a membership the PokerNews crew visited someday of Texas Week, became once the distance of but every other gun-linked incident Tuesday night time when an unidentified suspect fired a sequence of bullets into the Texas card room.

Avid gamers took duvet below poker tables for security someday of the provoking effort. Nobody became once injured however bullet holes had been noticeable inside of Legends after the offender drove away.

One individual that became once inside of the poker membership someday of the shooting suggested PokerNews a bullet came inside of a foot of grazing his head.

legends poker room houston
Unpleasant scene as poker avid gamers retract duvet.

The diagram in which all of it Went Down

Irrespective of a pair of violent incidents taking space at Legends inside of the past few months, many avid gamers construct not seem like too engaging. Shortly after Tuesday’s shooting, games had been abet up and working. On Wednesday afternoon, 15 cash games had been in action, most of which had a waiting list.

Police arrived at the scene around 11: 30 p.m., about 30 minutes after the shooting took place. Authorities uncovered more than 20 shell casings upon arrival.

PokerNews spoke with two participants linked to the incident, every requiring anonymity. The first patron we spoke with mentioned that an unknown guest became once hovering around the cashier’s cage sooner than workers grew to turn out to be suspicious. The particular person in inquire became once then asked to leave.

Per our source, 15 minutes later, a suspect from straight originate air Legends Poker Room started firing into the constructing at 9275 Richmond Avenue. Avid gamers and team straight away started huddling below poker tables and at the abet of counters to help a ways from the slew of bullets grazing all the diagram in which thru the room. Some avid gamers shared pictures on social media of the shooting aftermath.

We haven’t been able to uncover any individual in attendance who would possibly perchance also present a top level conception of the suspect, and It be unclear if the actual individual that became once inside of the room sooner than the shooting is the actual individual that shot up the distance.

“It ended up being that photos had been fired from originate air thru the partitions and bought into the room that manner,” an anonymous participant in attendance suggested PokerNews. “Fortunately no one became once hit. It is miles basically a miracle as a complete lot of the bullet holes I seen had been at sitting chest peak. As soon because it became once over, all of us bought up and checked no one became once damage.”

legends poker room houston
A bullet cracked a TV camouflage inside of Legends Poker Room in Houston.

The poker avid gamers we spoke with mentioned that these attempting to retract pictures and video had been suggested “in an aggressive manner” to not attain so, and to chorus from posting anything regarding the incident on social media, despite the indisputable truth that a pair of avid gamers successfully snapped pictures.

“(The employee) then additionally very aggressively asked avid gamers if they wished to continue taking part in and became once shouting around to search out a vendor to begin up dealing,” the anonymous participant mentioned of what transpired moments after the shooting. “That’s when I stumbled on any individual to eradicate my chips for cash as I’m leaving town and don’t in truth would love to return to cash out. Law enforcement officers had been there doing their thing however after about 15 minutes additionally left.”

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Initiating to See a Pattern

On March 28, every other the same effort took place inside of the the same change complex, despite the indisputable truth that the poker site wasn’t engaging. In that incident, an argument broke out at a shut-by barber shop, which resulted in a non-lethal shooting. The suspect in that case, in line with police, stays at favorable.

Legends Poker Room
One amongst a complete lot of bullets that came thru the wall.

In January, Legends Poker Room security guard Trelynn Robinson (is thought as “Tek”) heroically foiled an armed robbery inside of the Houston poker site. Since then, police delight in been known as to the change on a pair of cases and our sources mentioned that a pair of avid gamers delight in been followed dwelling and robbed upon leaving the card room.

Earlier this week, an elderly poker participant became once all for a fight within the Legends automobile parking get 22 situation and died of a cardiac arrest someday of the altercation. Stale-faculty poker expert Sammy Farha, a Houston native, became once additionally all for an altercation at Legends abet in December. A local vendor who goes by the name “AJ,” clocked the high-stakes gambler to the pride of many native professionals who don’t seem like too fascinated about Farha.

Peaceable, Legends stays one amongst the busiest poker rooms in Texas. Interior minutes following the Tuesday shooting, two low-stakes games had been abet in action.

One source, who is hooked up on the change aspect of Legends, verified a rumor to be staunch that the poker site hires “dwelling avid gamers” who are paid to manufacture action and get games going. The reason of these props is to, as our source outlined, possess it seem on PokerAtlas that there are masses of games working at any given time.

Condo avid gamers, we’re suggested, attain not play with their very hang money. Since they provide some stable action at the desk, traditional avid gamers, in particular professionals, take pride in taking part in against them, most possible fragment of why Legends stays busy despite the apparent possibility engaging.

PokerNews will continue to computer screen the hassle and represent any contemporary information we receive as the legend progresses.


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