Daniel Negreanu on Justin Bonomo: “Indoctrinated & Brainwashed Previous Restore”

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Daniel Negreanu went off on Justin Bonomo in his Monday WSOP vlog, accusing his high-stakes foe of being a “cheater” and stated that he’s “entirely indoctrinated” by his social justice beliefs.

On Friday, after busting his 2d bullet in Tournament #50: $250,000 Broad High Roller No-Restrict Assist’em on a runner-runner defective beat, “DNegs” slammed his phone in frustration on the vogue out.

ICYMI: Runner runner flush knocked @RealKidPoker out of the #WSOP $250ok bracelet tournament.

— PokerNews (@PokerNews)

Most poker avid gamers on social media perceived to be conscious the frustration desirous about he’s down nearly about $1 million for the summer season, but Bonomo became as soon as highly significant and went to this level as to accuse the Poker Hall of Famer of “violence” and that incidents reminiscent of this can create others genuinely feel unsafe at the desk.

Negreanu Fires Abet

Negreanu started his Day 27 World Series of Poker vlog by defending himself in opposition to Bonomo’s tweets, and he did not attend support.

“Somebody despatched me a tweet where Whacko Bonomo stated that if he tied his shoes in entrance of any individual that he would not produce it, on yarn of he’s entirely indoctrinated and a misplaced reason,” Negreanu stated. “The guy is an absolutely misplaced reason.”

Bonomo is openly a feminist and a progressive. Very like anybody with solid political or social beliefs, his tweets are usually met with criticism from folks who produce not align with the same ideology, but some genuinely feel the high-stakes pro each and every now and again goes a little bit too far in his social justice marketing campaign.

That you just would possibly as well include Liv Boeree among that list.

@JustinBonomo This extra or less vapid threat inflation is so infantilising and regressive to the idea of ladies in… https://t.co/nRrlbgDw2p

— Liv Boeree (@Liv_Boeree)

“I wish to thank Liv for the tweet on yarn of when it comes from a girl, or not it is far loads extra grand,” Negreanu continued. “The manner that (Bonomo) approaches women is that he treats women like these silent vegetation and need, oh they want Justin Bonomo’s attend and safety. Why are you minimizing women so essential?”

The Gloves Reach Off

After Negreanu became as soon as completed going after Bonomo’s social justice platform, he moved on to the topic of poker dishonest. Extra namely, Bonomo’s previous history wherein he became as soon as banned on-line years ago for multi-accounting.

“This guy Bonomo, who’s Justin Bonomo?” Negreanu continued. “Justin Bonomo became as soon as and eternally will be a man who cheated at this sport we like, poker. Cheated. Flat out cheated. Since then, he’s acted for granted authority on all things correct for poker.”

In 2006, below conceal title “ZeeJustin,” Bonomo became as soon as banned from PokerStars for multi-accounting. He became as soon as reinstated about a years later after he had confessed and apologized for his previous transgressions.

On the time “ZeeJustin” became as soon as reinstated, Negreanu became as soon as the face of PokerStars, but has since moved on to say GGPoker. Both avid gamers irascible among the many head three on the all-time reside match cashes list, essentially based on Hendon Mob. They’ve confronted each and every diverse in hundreds of tournaments at some stage in the years, but they’ve long had a contentious relationship.

In 2019, Bonomo became as soon as significant of Negreanu posting a series of recognition-essentially based polls on Twitter.

“I’ve spent most of my life promoting the game of poker to bring in hundreds of folks so that this f*****g weasel can take a seat on his sofa and create a living,” Negreanu stated in his most modern WSOP vlog of Bonomo.

“I’ve spent most of my life promoting the game of poker to bring in hundreds of folks so that this f*****g weasel can take a seat on his sofa and create a living”

Negreanu admitted in his vlog that he acted “like a baby” upon his exit from the Broad High Roller final week. But he questioned how Bonomo would possibly maybe perchance maybe equate the incident to a “sexist distress.” He wasn’t the appropriate one. Many on poker Twitter sided with the GGPoker ambassador and ripped on Bonomo for going overboard for criticizing the behavior.

Will Jaffe had per chance the appropriate diagnosis of the Negreanu rage incident in his most modern hilarious model of “Sophisticated Conversations.”

Many poker avid gamers had been significant over the years of Bonomo for his political and social beliefs. Hear extra about Negreanu’s thoughts on that and extra in his most modern vlog below.

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