“DingeBrinker” Banks $84,615 From the PokerStars Titans Event


Estonian grinder “DingeBrinker” came out on high of a superstar-studded $5,200 Titans Event online at PokerStars this weekend, and helped themselves to a ambitious $84,615.

The Titans Event drew in 30 strange players, who bought 11 re-entries between them, and created a $205,000 prize pool. The compact self-discipline supposed easiest the end four finishers won a share of that pot, resulting in a lot of elite players busting empty-handed.

$5,200 Titans Event Final Desk Outcomes

Location Player Country Prize
1 DingeBrinker Estonia $84,615
2 zerodada Finland $56,762
3 Niklas “Lena900” Astedt Sweden $38,077
4 Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani Brazil $25,543
5 hello_totti Mexico  
6 Lucio “WizardOffAz” Lima Brazil  
7 ArtHouse2011 Ireland  
8 Ben “jenbizzle” Jones United Kingdom  
9 FUWI United Kingdom  

The likes of Andras “probirs” Nemeth, Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Jonathan “Proudflop” Proudfoot, Dominik “Bounatirou” Nitsche, and Pablo “pabritz” Brito Silva all bowed out earlier than the final table. Steve “Mr. Tim Caum” O’Dwyer, who only within the near previous won the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Europe Primary Event, popped the final table bubble when he dusted off his stack in tenth build of residing.

Two British players were the main casualties of the final table. “FUWI” busted after getting their stack in with a pair of jacks, which had been an overpair to the seven-high board, easiest to bolt into the flopped situation of deuces in Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani.

“FUWI”‘s fellow Brit, Ben “jenbizzle” Jones then bluffed off his stack in a battle of the blinds with Finland’s “zerodada.” Jones opened from the limited blind with jack-ten, and “zerodada” called with seven-five of spades. The flop fell deuce-five-six with two spades, and both players checked. The king of hearts landed on the flip, and Jones tested the waters with a 3rd-pot-sized bet. The river used to be the queen of spade, and Jones made one other third-pot-sized bet, which “zerodada” raised. Jones responded by jamming all-in for 35 colossal blinds in complete, and “zerodada” called with their toddler flush.

Ireland’s “Arthouse2011” used to be the next participant leaving the Titans Event with nothing to uncover for his or her efforts. They were left with easiest six colossal blinds when Garagnani’s sevens held towards their king-queen. “Arthouse2011” used to be down to three.6 colossal blinds when they realized expedient ace-king and moved all in. “DingeBrinker” called within the limited blind with expedient 9-eight. A 9 on the flop and one other on the flip sent the Irish grinder packing.

The money bubble inched nearer with the elimination of Lucio “WizardOffAz” Lima, who min-raised with expedient ace-jack earlier than calling off his final 23.5 colossal blinds when Niklas “Lena900” Astedt jammed from the limited blind with pocket fives. Astedt won the bustle.

“hello_totti” acknowledged goodbye in fifth build of residing and burst the money bubble within the system. Garagnani opened to 6-times the colossal blind, leaving himself lower than five colossal blinds within the aid of. “zerodada” flat-called easiest for “hello_totti” to squeeze all-in for 9.6 colossal blinds in complete. Garagnani tank-folded his pocket tens, but “zerodada” called with pocket queens to rely on they were flipping towards ace-king. “hello_totti” flopped a king but “zerodada” flopped a situation earlier than turning quads.

Garagnani crashed out just a few arms later after jamming four colossal blinds from the button with king-trey and being called by “zerodada” with pocket treys. “zerodada” flopped a situation, and Garagnani used to be long gone with $25,543 in tow.

Heads-up used to be reached when Astedt bowed out after a conflict with “zerodada” left him with lower than half of of a colossal blind. That nano-stack went into the middle with 9-six, which misplaced to the jack-five of “zerodada.” Astedt banked $38,077 for this hottest closing table attain.

The heads-up duo battled for more than 30-minutes earlier than one thing eventually gave. “DingeBrinker” raised to 2.3 colossal blinds with king-seven of diamonds, and called when “zerodada” three-bet to eight colossal blinds with pocket jacks. A seven-high flop noticed “zerodada” lead for around 70% of the pot, leaving themselves a color below 34 colossal blinds within the aid of. “DingeBrinker” went into the tank and emerged with an all-in bet that lined their opponent’s stack. “zerodada” fleet called easiest for the flip to come a king. The river bricked, busting “zerodada” in second build of residing for $56,762, leaving “DingeBrinker” to acquire the $84,615 high prize.

Other PokerStars Outcomes

“BoostedAAnimal” walked away with a come $40,000 score after they took down the $530 Bounty Builder HR, while both “TheRealAdiG” and “21Garold21” netted prizes in diagram over $20,000.

  • BoostedAAnimal – first-build of residing within the $530 Bounty Builder HR for $38,780*
  • TheRealAdiG – first-build of residing within the $1,050 Sunday HR for $20,978*
  • 21Garold21 – first-build of residing within the $109 Sunday Cooldown for $20,729*
  • Genyss13 – first-build of residing within the $109 NLHE Sunday Warmth-Up SE for $17,052
  • dfranco13 – first-build of residing within the $109 Bounty Builder for $15,535*
  • foxjoke – first-build of residing within the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $13,425
  • Sintoras – first-build of residing within the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic for $11,849
  • ourstheglory – first-build of residing within the $215 Bounty Builder for $8,246*
  • Boris “b.a. angelov” Angelov – first-build of residing within the $109 Sunday Kickoff for $5,804

*contains bounty payments

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