Eirik Kristiansen Wins The Competition Tallinn Most main Match (€56,100)

Eirik Kristiansen

Norway’s Eirik Kristiansen sat down at The Competition Tallinn Most main Match final table and a minor blip apart, came out on high to gain the €56,100 high prize, his supreme-ever get, the title of champion, and the all-important winner’s trophy. Sooner than this tournament, Kristiansen’s stay tournament earnings tipped the scales at handiest $2,209. That sum is a ways more big after he outlasted 551 opponents in this appealing Estonia-basically based totally mostly tournament.

The Competition Tallinn Most main Match Closing Desk Results

Home Player Prize
1 Eirik Kristiansen €56,100
2 Jari Mahonen €36,120
3 Kristoffer Winterstein €22,040
4 Mikael Viggander €16,200
5 Jero Keitaanranta €12,100
6 Rando Liiber €9,100
7 Toivo Ojasoo €6,700
8 Gregory Partridge €5,100
9 Sascha Manns €3,950

The final table misplaced its first player on the main hand of the day. Sascha Manns can even now no longer take hold of a coinflip towards Kristiansen, with the latter’s king-jack melting Manns’ snowmen.

Eighth build went to Gregory Partridge who also misplaced a coinflip towards Kristiansen. The whole chips went into the center with Patridge maintaining ace-queen towards the pocket jacks of Kristiansen. No again arrived for the ace-queen, and the avid gamers got a microscopic of more elbow room.

The final seven became six with the elimination of Toivo Ojasoo. Ojasoo dedicated the closing of their chips having paired their ace on an all-diamond flop. Mikael Viggander known as the shove with a flush intention, which came in on the flip.

A relative cooler of a hand despatched Rando Liiber to the cashier’s desk to gain the closing four-resolve prize of the evening. Liiber opened then four-bet all in with pocket jacks when six-handed but ran straight into the pocket queens of Kristoffer Winterstein. A jack on the flop regarded to possess secured a double for Liiber, but a queen on the flip left him drawing to a single out, which didn’t approach.

Ending in fifth build became Jero Keitaanranta who three-bet all-in with pocket fives comely for Kristiansen to cool-name out of the blind with pair of eights. A double paired board resigned Keitaanranta to an early talk over with to the showers, although it came with €12,100 in prize money.

Kristiansen then eradicated Viggander in fourth build when he flopped high pair and grew to develop into a straight when Viggander had grew to develop into an costly bottom build.

Heads-up became build when Winterstein ripped in 22 pleasant blinds from the button with king-six, and Jari Mahonen known as from the pleasant blind with king-queen. Winterstein became drawing pointless on the flip.

The one-on-one fight between Mahonen and Kristiansen at the delivery started with both avid gamers being cautious. Nonetheless, the final hand threw that caution to the wind. A three-events the pleasant blind carry with 9-five of hearts from Mahonen became three-bet by Kristiansen with queen-deuce, and known as by Mahonen. a five-four-trey board saw Kristansen over-bet jam for nearly three-events the pot, but Mahonen known as. The flip bricked however the river done Kristansen’s straight, and secured him the title.

The Competition Tallinn Facet Events Results

Match Do away with-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
Sviten Special €250 77 €16,632 Frans Jonsson €4,012
NLH Knockout €60 83 €4,150 Koen Roos €476
8-Sport €115 49 €4,704 Erno Suominen €1,644
PLO Masters €250 63 €13,608 Mohammed Halafi €4,768
Take hold of the Button €115 114 €10,944 Kristoffer Winterstein €1,794
NLH Innovative KO €225 184 €17,664 Serguei Palomera €3,207
PLO Excessive Roller €1,050 35 €34,560 Georgi Voomets €10,909
H.O.R.S.E. €250 64 €13,824 Espen Sandvik €4,164
Half and Half (NLH/PLO) €115 113 €10,848 Arild Torgersen €2,708
PokerListings Deepstack €250 252 €54,432 Kalle Ly €10,736
Initiating Face Chinese language €330 37 €10,656 Vladislavs Petrovs €3,568
NLH Excessive Roller €1,050 41 €39,360 Aleksi Naski €10,860
PLO Turbo €115 93 €18,528 Sami Kumpulainen €4,058

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