GGPoker Launches Poker Integrity Council to Blacklist Cheaters

ggpoker online poker blacklist

GGPoker has suggested PokerNews that the online poker huge is launching a Poker Integrity Council (PIC) to support save a pause to rampant cheating all the procedure in which thru the recreation.

The council entails five successfully-respected members, and now not all are connected to GGPoker. Jason Koon and Fedor Holz (GGPoker), Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger (LearnWPT), Seth Davies (Flee it Once), and Reduce Petrangelo (Upswing Poker) have faith been selected to support fix one in all poker’s greatest complications — cheating.

Jason Koon Speaks

Jason Koon
Jason Koon

Koon, who change into employed final summer to support as an Integrity Ambassador for GGPoker, is one in all the head avid gamers within the recreation, and has also spearheaded the anti-cheating efforts.

“I joined GGPoker with the major aim in mind; to support the GGPoker team make their poker video games more precise and magnificent than ever,” Koon acknowledged. “It’s an honor to birth out the Poker Integrity Council and seize one other huge step in guaranteeing online poker is superior for all avid gamers. Our long list of allies also implies that the wider neighborhood will be better protected by the commerce-huge blacklist; we’re sending a united message that there’s no quandary in this recreation for cheaters.”

Koon has over $38 million in dwell match cashes, fixed with Hendon Mob. He gained a World Sequence of Poker bracelet in 2021, and a solid recognition all the procedure in which thru the excessive-stakes neighborhood.

What’s the Poker Integrity Council?

Council members will be called upon to analyze integrity considerations on a case-by-case basis. Once a net poker yarn is flagged for reasons equivalent to ability staunch-time assistance (RTA) use, ghosting, or completely different illegal activities, the PIC will overview hand histories and then make a ruling on if disciplinary drag is very necessary.

Punishment for being caught cheating at GGPoker following a ruling from the PIC could presumably encompass a straight forward warning, an yarn suspension, or a permanent ban from the poker situation with the confiscation of funds. That could all depend on how blatant the violation is, amongst completely various elements.

Even worse for these permanently banned for serious offenses, the PIC is working with main dwell match operators to set up an commerce-huge ban. That entails the World Sequence of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), Triton Poker, Poker After Dusky, Kings On line casino, Asian Poker Tour (APT) and heaps more.

The cause of the Poker Integrity Council is not if truth be told magnificent to kick cheaters off the GGPoker platform. Additionally it is to put away with cheating altogether in poker, online and in dwell video games.

Over the previous few months, a handful of avid gamers all the procedure in which thru the excessive roller scene have faith been accused by their mates of cheating both online and in dwell tournaments. Bryn Kenney, Jake Schindler, and Ali Imsirovic are the three greatest stars going thru serious allegations of cheating.

Even even supposing GGPoker, and completely different poker net sites, can now not namely tackle particular accounts, it has been rumored that Schindler and Imsirovic were both banned for using RTAs. Kenney, on the completely different hand, has been accused of operating a collusion and ghosting device on GGPoker. PokerNews received text message data that seem to corroborate about a of the accusations.

If the Poker Integrity Council is a success in cleaning up the recreation, Koon and GGPoker will be heroes.

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