Gregory Teboul Wins 2022 WSOP Tournament #75: $777 Lucky Sevens ($777,777)

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Angeni Jaipaul
Gregory Teboul

Gregory Teboul won his first WSOP gold bracelet and a $777,777 high prize within the 2022 World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) Tournament #75: Lucky Sevens No-Limit Maintain’em (7-Handed) after taking the chip lead from Rodney Turvin at some point of heads-up play.

A entire of 6,903 entries over the three diverse Day 1 flights had the tournament stretching over 5 days entire. Two hundred and eighty 5 returned for Day 2 and there were lawful 9 remaining at the origin of Day 3. The entire prize pool was $3,517,898 and 989 places were paid, with a min-money being $1,244.

Teboul was center of the pack in chips when Day 3 started while Turvin, who was second in chips to launch the day, like a flash took the lead. Turvin remained at the cease till heads-up play started and the two traded chips from aspect to aspect for some time sooner than Teboul went on a lunge and like a flash decimated Turvin’s stack sooner than lastly knocking out his opponent in a preflop all-in shove.

Tournament #75: $777 Lucky Sevens Final Table Results

Role Participant Nation Prize (USD)
1 Gregory Teboul France $777,777
2 Rodney Turvin United States $400,777
3 Christopher Farmer United States $207,777
4 James Hughes United States $154,777
5 Jed Stewart United States $116,777
6 Kyle Miholich United States $87,777
7 Allen Cunningham United States $66,777

Many notables entered the tournament alongside side Kazuki Ikeuchi ($4,269), Andrew Barber ($4,269), Chris Tryba ($4,269), Rajaee Wazwaz ($5,000), Ben Yu ($5,000), James Mackey ($12,670), Santiago Soriano ($19,560), Mike Takayama ($24,620) and Allen Cunningham ($66,777) who all took home a portion of the pot.

Winners Reaction

With one of many most supportive rails to grace the Main Stage at some point of the 2022 WSOP, the pleasure when Teboul won the last hand was exhilarating.

“I feel very, very effectively because it’s no longer nothing to fetch a tournament in Las Vegas,” he said. “It’s my fifth year right here and this was the gorgeous year.”

Teboul started his poker dawdle playing cards with chums over the closing 15 years and within the closing four he lawful started playing tournaments. His outdated absolute most lifelike money was lawful ten days within the past when he performed first within the $400 WSOP Daily Deepstack for $31,583. “This has been my fortunate year, fortunate sevens!”

He persisted: “My coach, Audrey, has helped me accept right here and be taught to employ the appropriate mindset so I will handle defective beats and no longer occurring tilt. I urged my wife about a days within the past that I needed to protect because I used to be sure I’d fetch, I knew 100% it was my tournament. I felt it the first day, the second day and the third day.I knew sooner than I won this one that this was my tournament.”

Teboul doesn’t concept on sticking around Vegas to play anymore events. He’ll be hopping on a airplane correct away and heading aid home to France to celebrate with his wife and his three children.

Allen Cunningham
Allen Cunningham

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Final Day Recap

Playing cards were within the air at noon for the last 9 players, who started off ruin up between two tables. Paul De La Soujeole was eliminated within the first half of hour after calling an all in from Cunningham, who had a greater ace to comprehend out De La Soujeole.

The tables blended into one unofficial last table and after a loss to Teboul about a hands prior, Braxton Moore shoved his remaining six million in chips in and lost to James Hughes.

Cunningham, a 5-time bracelet winner, was the next one to walk, one other sufferer of Teboul in a battle of the blinds that hit journeys for Teboul and nothing for Cunningham.

Kyle Miholich, who was in his Jack In the Box hide, looked gay with the painted-on smile but after doubling up Hughes after which a blind-versus-blind arena in opposition to chip chief Rodney Turvin that left him chip much less, Miholic was sent to the rail in sixth popularity.

Jed Stewart had a self-fulfilling prophecy when he obtained all of it in in opposition to Turvin and knew that the six in Turvin’s ace-six hand would clutch him out. He was correct when the very subsequent card was a six, giving Turvin two pair and nothing more for Stewart.

The last four had the next three eliminated in like a flash succession initiating with Hughes dropping to Day 2 chip chief Christopher Farmer, and within minutes, Farmer was busted out by Turvin.

Turvin was ahead in chips coming into into to heads-up play, having double what Teboul had but with blinds being huge, and some hits in a row for Teboul he like a flash overtook Turvin and the tables were was for chip counts. The last blow came when Turvin shoved all in for around 61,000,000 with ace-six, absolute most lifelike to bolt into Teboul’s ace-ten which ended up hitting a ten to walk away Turvin drawing unimaginative and Teboul emerging victorious.

Gregory Teboul
Gregory Teboul and his supporters!
Name Surname
Angeni Jaipaul
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  • 64 Reach Encourage Minute one: Massoud “CBK” Eskandari Wins First Bracelet in Orderly Seniors for $330,609
  • 65 Poker Corridor of Famer Eli Elezra Wins Fifth WSOP Bracelet in $10K PLO-8 Championship ($611,362)
  • 66 Konstantin Angelov Wins 2022 WSOP Tournament #64: $600 PLO Deepstack ($199,466)
  • 67 Nacho Barbero Takes 2022 WSOP $10,000 Orderly Turbo Bounty Bracelet Encourage to Argentina
  • 68 Austria’s Jessica Teusl Wins 2022 WSOP Ladies Championship ($166,975)
  • 69 Young Sik Comes From Behind To Pick The Mini Main Tournament For $594,189
  • 70 Sean Troha Completes Comeback and Wins the $10K PLO Championship ($1,246,770)
  • 71 Quincy Borland Crowned Champion of Tournament #68: $1,000 Million Buck Bounty ($750,120)
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  • 80 Canada’s Sebastien Aube Takes Down Tournament #78: $2,500 No-Limit Maintain’em ($499,636)
  • 81 Gregory Teboul Wins 2022 WSOP Tournament #75: $777 Lucky Sevens ($777,777)

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