James Todd Wins 2022 WSOP Match #54: $500 Salute to Warriors ($161,256); $74,809 Raised for USO

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Phil Toogood
James Todd

On Tuesday, 21 avid gamers returned to nick lend a hand to a winner in the 2022 World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) Match #54: $500 Salute to Warriors and it took upright five hours to discover a winner in James Todd, who claimed a $161,256 top prize and the gold bracelet.

After three days of play, beginning with a file-breaking 3,209 entrants, a $1,315,690 prize pool become as soon as built. Of those entrants, 482 made the cash. The bubble boys were Mackenzie Horwitz and Scott Ayers, who damage up the $800 minimum cash between them. Mackenzie become as soon as in actuality delighted to cash in his first WSOP tournament, playing in memory of his damaged-down brother.

Match #54: $500 Salute to Warriors Final Desk Outcomes

Whisper Name Country Prize
1 James Todd United States $161,256
2 Brett Coltman United States $99,676
3 Patrick Pilko Austria $75,486
4 Randy Levin United States $57,554
5 Rigoberto Rodriguez United States $44,180
6 Nicholas Sena-Hopkins United States $34,146
7 Todd Saffron United States $26,574
8 Elias Neto Brazil $20,824
9 Maximo Martinez El Salvador $16,433
10 Zyad Qasem United States $13,059

Some ultimate tales emerged by the times, PokerNews caught up with Jimmy Rogers on the Day 2 dinner damage, who accomplished in the cash in the tournament. Test out Jimmy’s epic right here.

There were many critical runs from avid gamers with numerous backgrounds in conjunction with professional Barry Greenstein (63rd – $2,691), damaged-down and mind cancer survivor James Lovell (81st – $1,952), damaged-down and celebrity poker host Shaun Colquhoun (251st – $1,126), as successfully as many extra.

Action become as soon as thick and snappy, with the average stack coming into the day upright below twenty mammoth blinds. It didn’t spend lengthy to lose 11 avid gamers and be the full style down to our 10-handed closing desk.

Final Desk Action

Salute to Warriors Final Table
Salute to Warriors Final Desk

Zyad Qasem become as soon as the first to drop to Todd. Adopted by El Salvadorian Maximo Martinez who become as soon as all smiles all day. Martinez coined his non-public signature catchphrase when he doubled versus Qasem on Day 2, ”Punch to the Liver!”.

Subsequent off the desk become as soon as Elias Nato in eighth location, the Brazilian had his non-public cheering allotment and media team filming him on the day. He become as soon as short-stacked and could well now not procure the double up. In seventh location become as soon as the cold and picked up Todd Saffron, who become as soon as also eliminated by Todd.

The sixth-location finisher become as soon as Nicholas Sena-Hopkins, who cashed for $34,146 for his hump. Short stacked for many of the day, he did successfully to ladder to sixth and become as soon as all in for his final two mammoth blinds in a three-diagram pot, busting to Todd.

Rigoberto Rodriguez ended up getting it in with fives versus the jacks of Brett Coltman, he could well now not toughen shrimp blind versus button and his dance become as soon as accomplished. Rodriguez become as soon as cracking jokes and having fun all tournament, bringing appropriate vitality to the tables.

Randy Levin lost out to Coltman, too. Short stacked, he tried to bluff Coltman off a flop, and unbeknownst to him, Coltman had backside two pair and held. In third become as soon as Patrick Pilko, the Austrian busting to Todd in a flip disaster. Pilko took over $75,000 for his enact.

Heads-up play took upright three hands after Coltman moved all in and Todd known as his all in of 26.8 million with an ace and three versus the king and seven of Coltman. With two pair on the flop, Todd had all of it nonetheless locked up and the turn and river didn’t lend a hand Coltman live to narrate the story.

Brett Coltman
Runner-up Brett Coltman.

Winner’s Interview

PokerNews caught up with a delighted Todd after his victory. Todd, when asked what his expectations were this summer season, acknowledged: ”I kinda did count on it, I came into this outing wanting and planning on leaving with a bracelet…I will no longer trace it’.”

Confidence from Todd, nonetheless the self belief you need need to you enact truly intend on successful gold in such a mammoth enviornment.

Todd, who become as soon as composed all day lengthy, credit score both appropriate sleep, his rail, and his work ethic for the victory. On that trace, his lady friend become as soon as on the rail almost the total Day 2 after flying in to enhance Todd.

”Her upright being right here, rooting for me, formula the sector … You perceive I have been exhibiting her photography of bracelets, telling her I will spend, exhibiting my purchasers. She believed in me the total time, and so has my son,” acknowledged Todd, who works as a private trainer by commerce.

“I didn’t reduction, nonetheless my father served in the military. I love our provider girls and males folks, you perceive. Or no longer it is such an agreeable pickle and in a pickle to supply lend a hand a shrimp bit’.”

Todd also credit score his spirituality for his victory. ”I felt God’s peace with me the total time.”

It become as soon as by a ways Todd’s greatest spend of his occupation, who says he has been severely into poker for the final 25 years nonetheless has paid for educating products and services to toughen his sport as of leisurely. That has paid dividends as he’s now has a superb bankroll boost. Todd has no plans to supply up his job as a private trainer despite the true fact that, and has no necessary spending plans in his head but, despite the true fact that he could well just spend some land in the mountains (he lives in Colorado).

”Per chance I’m going to spend one extra day with out work per week now,” Todd acknowledged with a smile on his face.

In a roundabout diagram, talking concerning the tournament itself, Todd become as soon as asked one of many easiest ways it feels to be fragment of something that transcends upright successful money. He responded: ”Or no longer it is miles going to lend a hand a hell of hundreds of parents. I didn’t reduction, nonetheless my father served in the military. I love our provider girls and males folks, you perceive. Or no longer it is such an agreeable pickle and in a pickle to supply lend a hand a shrimp bit”.

The avid gamers raised $74,809 for the USO (United Service Organizations) among diversified charities. Absolute self belief many folk and households will be helped with those funds and the eye raised for extra than one charities and organizations to lend a hand veterans and those tormented by battle is invaluable.

James Todd
James Todd

That’s a wrap from Match #54: $500 Salute to Warriors on the 2022 WSOP, congratulations to champion James Todd! There are mute many champions to be crowd and gold bracelets to be won. Follow PokerNews for all the up-to-date recordsdata and coverage on the 2022 WSOP!

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Name Surname
Phil Toogood
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  • 55 James Todd Wins 2022 WSOP Match #54: $500 Salute to Warriors ($161,256); $74,809 Raised for USO

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