Joker Card on the Flop Throughout a $1M Gtd. Poker Tournament?

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The 2022 PokerNews Cup at Golden Nugget has been a rousing success, without ache surpassing the $1 million guarantee, and there may perchance be one hand that it will doubtless be talked about for quite some time.

Throughout Monday’s Day 2 session within the $1,100 use-in no-restrict retain’em tournament, an uncommon flop seemed at one among the tables on the very first hand. The flop came out {2-Hearts}, {9-Hearts}, and Joker. Sure, a Joker used to be come what may perchance left within the deck, and one player seated at one other desk captured the hand on video, which used to be then posted on the PokerNews YouTube channel.

The game is no longer Joker’s Wild, so the gamers weren’t favorite to make utilize of the Joker card as a wild card. Swish after the flop used to be dealt, the ground supervisor used to be called over to the desk, and he ruled the hand uninteresting. All action all by the hand used to be null and void, and the chips within the pot were returned to gamers as if nothing came about, after which a new hand from a deck that did now not include a Joker card used to be dealt.

Now now not the First Time

poker hand

Incidents relish this occur once in some time. In 2015, all by a excessive stakes cash game on Poker Central (now PokerGO), Doug Polk and Dan Colman noticed one among the goofiest flops ever.

With $6,400 within the pot, the flop came {a-Spades}{q-Clubs}{q-Clubs}. No, that is no longer a typo. As rapidly because the gamers within the game noticed the mixup, the hand used to be ruled uninteresting and chips returned to the gamers.

Following Day 2 within the PokerNews Cup, handiest 9 gamers out of 1,245 remain. The final desk on Tuesday shall be livestreamed on the PokerNews YouTube channel, alongside with are living updates correct right here at foundation at 2 p.m. PT.

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