Lawrence Brandt Wins $1,500 PLO8 After Gruelling Closing Day ($289,610)

Name Surname
Liam Gannon
Lawrence Brandt

A total of 14 gamers returned for the third day of Occasion #58: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Eight Or Better at Ballys and Paris in Las Vegas. On the cease of the 13-hour-prolonged day, it used to be Lawrence Brandt amassing his first WSOP bracelet and a profession-simplest safe of $289,610.

“It honestly used to be the final be conscious match I’ve ever performed,” the brand new bracelet holder said, “I haven’t performed too many PLO8 tournaments, and clearly perfect fortune performs a part, but I used to be if truth be told cheerful with my performance.”

The Texas resident says he primarily specializes in money games and mostly No-Limit Motivate’em. That is his third money this WSOP and is his greatest lifetime. Per Brandt’s Hendon Mob profile, his earnings totaled $192,721 earlier than this victory. Brandt’s rail used to be a rowdy and supportive one containing over 20 of us on it, and all embraced him as he took down his greatest match safe.

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Closing Table Results

Convey Player Country Payout
1st Lawrence Brandt United States $289,610
2nd Corey Wade United States $179,010
third Robert Tanita United States $129,924
4th Richard Crooks United States $95,400
Fifth Jared Jaffee United States $70,877
sixth Jacob Ferro United States $53,288
7th Peter Neff United States $40,550
eighth Jerry Odeen Sweden $31,234

Begin up Of Day Action

The originate up of day seen Frank Salese (14th – $12,458), Benjamin Miner (13th-$15,380), Jason Adams (12th – $15,380), and bracelet winner Joey Couden (11th – $19,233) all drop sooner than the closing desk. The closing participant to drop earlier than the unofficial closing desk used to be reached used to be Stuart Easton who after falling all the very best seemingly arrangement down to the match short stack, bought in his last chips up against Jared Jaffee’s and Brandt’s aces with lawful king excessive. Jaffee ended up scooping the entire pot with a flush and Easton would procure to settle for a tenth dilemma for $19,233.

Closing Table Action

The closing desk seen the shortest stack Alexander Orlov double up on the first hand. It used to be to no longer closing though as he did be conscious his ace-king receive in against the ace-wheel mixture hand of Jaffee. On a flop with two aces, Jaffee hit a low on the turn, and he stuffed up on the river to send Orlov out of the match in ninth dilemma for $24,357.

Jerry Odeen bought a loss of life by a thousand cuts as more than one instances he used to be all-in and quartered, leaving himself as the shortest stack eight-handed. Corey Wade moved him all-in with a jack-excessive double-loyal hand and Odeen called with ace-jack and a low card. No relieve came as Wade turned into a stout dwelling and no low came dwelling to send Odeen out in eighth dilemma for $31,234.

After that, some time handed earlier than Peter Neff grew to change into the following casualty of the closing desk. Nothing regarded as if it would possibly perhaps perchance slip Neff’s manner on the closing desk, and within the waste, he used to be all-in with king-queen and sevens against Jacob Ferro’s double-loyal aces. Ferro turned into him unimaginative with a stout dwelling and Neff left the match do in seventh dilemma for $40,550.

Jacob Ferro
Jacob Ferro

Ferro’s lope would simply about an cease, however, as his stack bought short after doubling up Jaffee. Ferro would cease up getting his short stack in with queen-jack and low playing cards, in against Brandt’s aces and discovering no enchancment, busting in sixth dilemma for $53,288.

Jaffee ended up getting his chips all in with a loyal ace-queen against Robert Tanita‘s loyal ace-ten. A rivered Broadway gave Tanita the final be conscious hand and the closing last bracelet winner exited the match in fifth dilemma for $70,877.

After that, Tanita chanced on himself knocking out Richard Crooks when Crooks bought in his wrap Broadway arrangement against Tanita’s pair of sixes and low arrangement. The board lope-out used to be no longer agreeable for Crooks and he ended his lope in fourth dilemma for $95,400.

The three-handed endeavor grew to change into a prolonged fight the do every participant rose to the chip lead and each fell to a short stack more than one instances. In the cease, it used to be Tanita who bought his last chips in with king-jack double loyal against Wade’s ace-excessive low card mixture. A pair for Wade and a made low, spelled the cease for Tanita who ended his lope in third dilemma for $129,924.

Wade started the heads up with a 2:1 lead, but a pair of fortunate runouts for Brandt seen the lead flip. It ended when Wade called with his ace-9 and low playing cards against the ace-king excessive of Brandt. The river introduced every gamers a straight but it used to be Brandt’s that used to be Broadway and Wade shook his hand and accrued $179,010 for his spectacular 2nd-dilemma invent.

Congratulations to Lawrence Brandt on a hit his first WSOP bracelet. Thanks to all who entered and thanks for learning along. Private tuned to PokerNews for all updates concerning the WSOP.

Name Surname
Liam Gannon
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  • 59 Lawrence Brandt Wins $1,500 PLO8 After Gruelling Closing Day ($289,610)

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