Nick Raio Wins bestbet Jacksonville Spring Sequence Mystery Bounty Predominant Occasion ($60,000)

Nick Raio

Nick Raio of St. John’s, Florida used to be the winner of the $1,680 NLH Mystery Bounty Predominant Occasion at the 2022 bestbet Jacksonville Spring Sequence after a 5-handed deal at the remainder table that earned him the bestbet trophy and $60,000 in prize cash. Those who bought in on the nick included Tyler Phillips, Gil Levy, Justin Swilling and Jason Cummings, every of whom earned $41,813 for their efforts.

The thrilling bounty tournament, which had an elusive $50,000 bounty up for grabs, attracted 405 runners all over three initiating flights to generate $405,000 in prize cash as well to the bounty prize pool.

Raio, who had $175,018 in reside earnings heading into the tournament and a previous finest ranking of $13,367 per The Hendon Mob, informed PokerNews he used to be “feeling staunch” after getting his finest-ever reside cash.

“I have been playing loads at bestbet,” he said after the victory. “I in actual fact contain never (received an event right here), I lastly closed one out … It honest feels staunch to lastly honest ship it and dominate the whole self-discipline.”

bestbet Jacksonville Spring Sequence Mystery Bounty Predominant Occasion Closing Table Results

  1 Nick Raio St. John’s, FL $60,000*
  2 Tyler Phillips Charlotte, NC $41,813*
  3 Gil Levy Sanford, FL $41,813*
  4 Justin Swilling Port Orange, FL $41,813*
  5 Jason Cummings Jacksonville, FL $41,813*
  6 Jason Lee Jacksonville, FL $17,031
  7 Russell Quick Jacksonville Seaside, FL $13,144
  8 Charles Lonaise Tallahassee, FL $10,269

*Denotes 5-blueprint deal

Bounty Insanity

Simplest 50 players returned for Day 2 and all of them had been enraged for a likelihood to bust an opponent for a shot at obliging an infinite bounty.

First up used to be Edward Mroczkowski, who bagged two initiating flights and subsequently earned a free bounty pull. Mroczkowski pulled a $5,000 bounty prize, while Greg Robinson, who had additionally bagged twice, used to be subsequent up and pulled a $2,000 bounty.

Day 2 has arrived for the @bestbet_jax Spring Sequence $1,680 NLH Mystery Bounty Predominant Occasion! Time to originate some bounty…

— PokerNews (@PokerNews)

It didn’t bewitch long for the 2d-largest bounty of $25,000 to seek out an owner when it used to be picked up by Cummings, who used to be one among the broad winners of the day as he later pulled a $10,000 bounty.

A pair of hours into the day, Dickie Malone peeled the $50,000 envelope to expend the supreme bounty prize. It used to be the 22nd bounty pull of the day, and Malone had a staunch feeling as that occurs to be his lucky number.

“When he confirmed me that number … or no longer it is my racing number, baseball number, basketball number … I said ‘this has bought to be it,’” he said afterward.

Assorted bounties up for grabs included one $15,000 bounty, a dozen $1,000 bounties and 19 $500 bounties.

Day 2 Motion

A pair of of the players who bowed out early within the day included Ben Scrogins, Bryan Brockmeier, Jesse Crenan, Jessica Cai, Matt Sundberg and Opening Occasion champion Mary Darnell.

Day 1a chip leader Timothy Pollard used to be eliminated on the remainder table bubble when he moved in with bottom pair and bought called by the overpair of Phillips. Whereas he didn’t fetch to play on the reside-streamed remaining table, Phillips did bear $8,124 for his deep tournament roam.

Nick Raio
The remainder 5 bestbet Jacksonville Spring Sequence Predominant Occasion players.

Charles Lonaise used to be the predominant player to head out at the remainder table when he bought it in with high pair against the flush and straight draws of Raio, who binked a straight on the river after placing his opponent all in on the flip.

In a surprising flip of events, Russell Quick, who entered the remainder table as chip leader and had gathered virtually a dozen bounties over the route of the day, used to be out subsequent after getting speedy-stacked and transferring in with ace-seven. Quick without notice met the pocket tens of Levy, who he had double up a few arms earlier, and would possibly perhaps perhaps no longer fetch there to withhold his tournament roam going.

Justin Lee went out in sixth keep for $17,031 in brutal style in a flush-over-flush hand against Raio, who prolonged his chip lead and soon after reached a deal alongside with his four remaining opponents.

“I honest performed sizable aggressive,” Raio said when asked how he gathered chips within the route of the day. “I performed my draws very aggressive. Set some folk in some delicate spots to take for their tournament existence and it worked out for me.”

Spring Sequence Aspect Occasion Winners

Occasion #1: $560 NLH 571 $274,080 Mary Darnell Crawfordville, FL $36,450
Occasion #2: $460 NLH w/ $100 Bounty 132 $38,940 Warren Teal Augusta, GA $6,617*
Occasion #3: $260 NLH 112 $24,080 Norma Rosin Jacksonville, FL $3,870
Occasion #4: $360 NLH Monster Stack 132 $39,600 David Tanner Pearson, GA $10,127
Occasion #5: $660 NLH 49 $27,930 Lucas Tae St. Charles, MO $7,911*
$1,680 NLH Mystery Bounty Predominant Occasion 405 $405,000 Nick Raio St. John’s, FL $60,000*
Occasion #6: $500 NLH The bestbet 500 TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

*Denotes remaining table deal

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