omgLUNAAA Bulldozes Technique to the 888poker Retro Week Main Match Title

888poker Retro Week Main Event

Retro Week got right here to a thrilling conclusion at 888poker on March 28 with the crowning of the Main Match champion. The Main Match turned into as soon as a $215 pick-in $300,000 guaranteed Mega Deep tournament that drew in a crowd of 1,487 gamers during a raft of starting flights. When the curtain got right here down on the final table and the mud had settled, Malta’s “omgLUNAAA” turned into as soon as the final participant standing. Their reward? Bragging rights and a bankroll-boosting $41,430.

Retro Week #24 – $300,000 Mega Deep Main Match Qualified Table Results

Arrangement Participant Country Prize
1 omgLUNAAA Malta $41,430
2 Gaby2008 Canada $30,240
3 ProffiAB Ukraine $22,230
4 AcidAbscorbic Brazil $16,470
5 Hodor83 United Kingdom $12,180
6 RespectUA Ukraine $9,090
7 9salute46 Eire $6,810
8 ALLin_Ranger Germany $5,160
9 tahlberg Finland $3,930

Finland’s “tahlberg” turned into as soon as the first finalist heading for the sidelines after a wrestle of the blinds in opposition to “9salute46” did no longer walk to conception. tahlberg finished their tiny blind with eight-seven, and 9salute46 checked in the colossal blind with king-five of golf equipment. The flop got right here down with a seven and two golf equipment, giving each gamers something. tahlberg led for one colossal blind which turned into as soon as called. The jack of golf equipment flip improved 9salute46 to a flush; the stream on the flip turned into as soon as the genuine identical as on the flop. An offsuit seven finished the board, bettering talhberg to outing sevens, though it can change into a luxurious second-completely hand. tahlberg bet two colossal blinds before calling off the 4.6 colossal blinds they had in the back of when 9salute46 shoved all-in.

“ALLin_Ranger” of Germany turned into as soon as the next participant eradicated. The stream folded to then in heart scheme and they dedicated their 9.1 colossal blind stack with pocket sevens. “AcidAbscorbic” reshoved to isolate with ace-king, and it turned into as soon as off to the races. A king on the flop ended the tournament of the German.

Seventh-build and $6,810 went to 9salute46 who birth-shoved for 9.7 colossal blinds from the tiny blind with seven-six of spades. omgLUNAAA snap-called in the colossal blind with ace-king of golf equipment. Each gamers improved to a pair on the flop with 9salute46 catching two pair on the flip. On the change hand, an ace on the river talented omgLUNAAA a safe two pair, and 9salute46 turned into as soon as long gone.

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All americans Locks Up a Five Figure Get

The final four figure prize of the evening went to sixth-build finisher “RespectUA” of Ukraine. The Ukrainian busted on the very next hand after 9salute46 bowed out. All americans folded to omgLUNAAA in the tiny blind and they moved all-in for 15.1 colossal blinds high quality. RespectUA called with ace-king and stumbled on themselves sooner than jack-9 of hearts. That completely remained factual till the flop where omgLUNAAA hit two pair. RespectUA hit a king on the flip nevertheless it turned into as soon as too tiny too boring for them.

United Kingdom’s “Hodor83” seen their tournament cease in a fifth-build form worth $12,180. They were in the back of from birth up to form in opposition to omgLUNAAA, backing into two pair on the river with their king-eight appropriate kind for omgLUNAAA to be sat there with ace-queen for a Broadway straight.

After shedding three gamers in consecutive hands play continued at a frantic trip, and the final table lost one other participant within the next 20 minutes. AcidAbscorbic looked down at ace-king and moved all-in for 4.7 colossal blinds from the tiny blind, and omgLUNAAA called with ace-six from the colossal blind. A six on the flop resigned AcidAbscorbic to a $16,470 payday, and catapulted omgLUNAAA to the tip of the chip counts with 93.4 colossal blinds, when in contrast with the 47.2 colossal blind stack of “Gaby2008” and the 8.1 colossal blind short stack of “ProffiAB”

Unsurprisingly, ProffiAB turned into as soon as the next participant heading to the showers. Gaby2008 raised to 2.1 colossal blinds and called when ProffiAB jammed of their final 9.7 colossal blinds. ProffiAB showed pocket jacks, which lost to the ace-queen of Gaby2008 courtesy of a queen on the flop. ProffiAB took dwelling $22,230 for their third-build form, a outstanding outcome if you happen to consume into consideration what is going down of their native Ukraine lawful now.

omgLUNAAA held a shut to 2-to-one chip lead over Gaby2008 and they never relinquished that advantage. The final hand took build when Gaby2008 raised to four colossal blinds with ace-king, and omgLUNAAA called with king-9. A 9 on flop gave a serious advantage to omgLUNAAA and they checked. Gaby2008 moved all-in for the 27.2 colossal blinds they had in the back of, and omgLUNAAA beat them into the pot with a name. Each the flip and river bricked, leaving Gaby2008 to salvage the $30,240 runner-up prize while omgLUNAAA scooped the title and $41,430 in prize money.

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Total 888poker Retro Week Results

Match Like-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
#1 – $25,000 Huge Fish $33 1,157 $34,710 E.D.I.T.H $5,373
#2 – $100,000 Sunday Self-discipline $90 1,363 $111,766 liviu_hzn $16,330
#3 – $15,000 Catfish $16.50 961 $15,000 penfolds6 $2,123
#4 – $50,000 Whale $525 117 $58,500 Peter “kiskutya23” Traply $14,414
#5 – $15,000 Lightning PKO 6-Max $109 276 $27,600 Kabosu69 $5,743*
#6 – $10,000 Monday Twins 1 $22 587 $11,740 andrzn $2,147
#7 – $10,000 Monday Twins 2 $22 553 $11,060 VERYPOTATO $2,023
#8 – $10,000 Breeze PKO $55 259 $12,950 Vlaaad25 $2,678*
#9 – $30,000 Tuesday Self-discipline Freezeout $109 242 $30,000 Christy1979 $6,081
#10 – $20,000 Monsoon 8-Max $55 388 $20,000 ItalianPorn $3,900
#11 – $10,000 Catfish PKO $16.50 691 $10,365 abit23 $1,739
#12 – $7,000 Blowfish $11 787 $7,870 PVMMacedo $1,285
#13 – $20,000 Wednesday Self-discipline $33 676 $20,280 06jecaeS $3,508
#14 – $15,000 Monsoon PKO $55 407 $20,350 Pulgetti $3,535
#15 – $20,000 Storm PKO $109 289 $28,900 N33dCoaching $6,533*
#16 – $20,000 Thursday Self-discipline R&A $22 552 $20,000 Flavours888 $3,658
#17 – $10,000 Breeze 6-Max $55 285 $14,250 IHaveAsthma $3,277
#18 – $30,000 Friday Self-discipline KO $109 325 $32,500 DjingizXan $5,265*
#19 – $20,000 Huge Fish PKO $55 706 $21,180 samsugas $3,161*
#20 – $10,000 Cat Fish 6-Max $16.50 697 $10,455 Elionikos $2,023
#21 – $12,000 Swordfish 6-Max $33 404 $12,120 Setlosch $2,666
#22 – $30,000 Saturday Self-discipline PKO 8-Max $33 591 $30,000 Sizzlinbetta $4,946*
#23 – $15,000 Twister PKO $88 208 $16,640 d5t6y7 $3,064*
#24 – $300,000 Mega Deep (Main Match) $215 1,487 $300,000 omgLUNAAA $41,430
#25 – $50,000 Mini Mega Deep $33 1,734 $52,020 Iperenoei13 $7,184
#26 – $50,000 Whale $525 102 $51,000 FoldestJaEh $14,050

*involves bounty funds

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