Poker Participant Charged in Vegas for Alleged $500K Bitcoin Rip-off

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A poker player was charged in Las Vegas this week for allegedly swindling a newbie cryptocurrency trader for as powerful as $500,000 in in 2020.

23-year-dilapidated Filippos Liakounakos, who was booked on Monday, faces three criminal charges in Las Vegas Justice Court docket: theft of better than $100,000, acquiring or the utilize of another person’s identity to trigger a financial lack of better than $30,000, and an unlawful criminal act involving electronic message or transmission of computer records, per court records.

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on Tuesday that the victim, whose name is blacked out in an arrest warrant for Liakounakos, had notified authorities in November 2020 that he was the victim of a bitcoin rip-off.

The victim told police that he was approached by a industry companion on the encrypted cellular chat app Telegram and agreed to a bitcoin transaction. The victim allegedly transferred $500,000 in bitcoin, including a $50,000 seller’s rate.

The subsequent day, the victim contacted the industry companion to be taught they had no longer been attentive to the transaction and the money had been sent to an imposter, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Within the warrant for Liakounakos’s arrest, a detective stated that he reviewed the transaction on the public blockchain “and seen the BTC (bitcoin) being moved in what is always known as ‘peeling’ to obfuscate where the BTC was going.”

The next month, the victim was contacted by the imposter again, who proposed a bitcoin transaction of stunning below a million. The victim received an email from the imposter, which allowed police to disaster an arrest warrant for Liakounakos.

Accusations from the Poker Neighborhood

About a months ahead of the victim told police relating to the bitcoin rip-off, a poker dialogue board was discussing an alleged six-settle rip-off by a poker player named Filippos Liakounakos, who was described as “the immense younger Greek kid who performs PLO.”

In Can even 2020, Poker Fraud Alert founder Todd Witteles posted a thread titled “Dan Fleyshman claims that Colossus winner Wire Garcia was ripped off of $600ok by Filippos Liakounakos.”

“Wire Garcia is supreme identified for his 1st quandary enact in the huge-enviornment WSOP Colossus tournament in 2015, for $638ok. I met him in 2018 at a $1500 NL tournament, and he was wonderful/succesful. Liked the kid,” Witteles wrote in the thread, which comprises an embedded tweet that has since been deleted. “Anyway, this came out due to Fleyshman determined to utilize the visibility of the (Bill) Perkins drama to construct some of his like for Fillipos. No longer certain if the remark is trusty, and Fleyshman has been identified to stretch the truth, but my intestine feeling is that here is trusty or mostly trusty.”

Fleyshman is an entrepreneur and poker player who has $770,281 in live tournament earnings.

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Additional accusations in opposition to Liakounakos are outlined in a June 2019 thread on Two Plus Two posted by “journeyman,” who accused the Greek player of owing $12,500 on the non-public club space Kings Membership and refusing to pay. Liakounakos allegedly did not express he owed the money but acknowledged he felt cheated and therefore refused to pay, per “journeyman.”

Liakounakos has a WSOP profile, which lists him as being from Greece and having one money from the 2020 Tournament #84: $100 WSOP MILLION$, whereby he carried out in 1,195th quandary for $559.

Liakounakos had his first court look on Wednesday morning.

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