Ramsey Stovall Wins First Bracelet In The $1,000 Easy Turbo Bounty For $191,223

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Liam Gannon
Ramsey Stovall

After 15 hours of play it used to be poker seller Ramsey Stovall who outlasted the discipline of two,227, along with defeating Timothy Heng heads up for $191,223 of the $1,313,930 prize pool in Event #41: $1,000 Easy Bounty No-Limit Withhold’em at the 2022 World Series of Poker at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas Nevada.

“It hasn’t moderately sunk in,” an delighted Stovall said, “I was imagined to work this day, but my supervisor suggested me to ‘hurry obtain’ em’ and are available in in for your day without work as a replacement.” Stovall came into the final desk because the second-largest stack and, after inserting off two gamers in a single hand, knocked out four out of the five other gamers within the tournament. He went into heads up with a commanding lead and ended it in simplest five hands.

Stovall’s rail erupted into cheers as his pocket sevens held towards Heng’s ace-five and swarmed spherical him in a tall community hug. “I couldn’t ranking asked for an even bigger rail,” the most up-to-date bracelet winner talked about with a rail of chums and family surrounding him.

Event #41: $1,000 Easy Turbo Bounty Final Table Outcomes

Suppose Participant Country Payout
1st Ramsey Stovall United States $191,268
2nd Timothy Heng United States $118,213
third Steve Frakes United States $87,047
4th Hover Yam United States $64,702
fifth Larry Carillo United States $48,551
sixth Rafael Lebron United States $36,782
seventh Ed Chang United States $28,136
Eighth Louise Francoeur Canada $21,733
9th Wen Ni United States $16,953

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Motion At some stage in The Day

The total 2,227 entrants that sat down all by the day saw many gamers leaving empty handed along with Ralph Massey, Tiffany Michelle, WSOP Significant Event champions Joe Cada and Koray Aldemir. On the bubble, it used to be Albert Rogers who turned the shaded bubble boy when his aces would possibly perhaps well perhaps moreover now not go the queen-ten offsuit of Greg Gabriel.

Post bubble action

Bertrand Grospellier
Bertrand Grospellier

Many gamers who found cashes, but no gold spherical their wrist incorporated Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier (311st – $1,061), Humberto Brenes (203rd – $1,326), soccer Essential individual Neymar (49th – $3,959), Athanasios Polychronopoulos (27th – $5,696), and Ryan Depaulo (22nd – $,6,941). The bubble of the final desk used to be burst when Josh Arieh fell to Hover Yam when his jack-ten would possibly perhaps well perhaps moreover now not withhold towards Yam’s nine-five apt and Jake Gudmundsen fell at the identical time when his ace-queen would possibly perhaps well perhaps moreover now not plan out towards Steve Frakes’ pocket kings. They performed in tenth space and ninth space, amassing $13,357 for his or her efforts.

Final Table Motion

The final desk began with brief-stacked Wen Ni transferring all in for his tournament lifestyles with a pair of eights, simplest to obtain regarded up by Hover Yam’s ace-ten offsuit. The board came out ace-high and neither of Ni’s outs regarded on the turn or river, and Ni peaceable $16,953 for his ninth space fabricate.

After that, a double elimination of Louise Francoeur in eighth space and Ed Chang in seventh space followed when both gamers moved all in towards the elevate of Stovall, who ended up calling both of them. Stovall held ace-eight towards the king-queen of Francoeur and the king-jack of Chang, neither of which found any again on the board. As Francoeur held fewer chips than Chang, she performed in eighth space for $21,733, while Chang performed in seventh space for $28,136.

Rafael Lebron obtained it in ahead towards Stovall when he known as his all-in along with his prime pair of kings towards Stovall’s ace high. The turn ace, on the other hand, gave the lead abet to Stovall, and the river didn’t give a enhance to his king-nine apt, and Lebron performed in sixth space for $36,782.

Larry Carillo used to be region for a double up when he obtained in his pocket kings in towards Stovall’s king-ten apt. A flush on the flop left Carillo drawing needless, and he peaceable $48,551 for his fifth space fabricate.

Wing Yam
Hover Yam

Hover Yam ended his escape in fourth space when he moved in his final chips with ace-king towards Steve Frakes, who had pocket kings. He peaceable $64,702 for his deep escape.

Frakes flirted with the chip lead for moderately, but after losing a few pots to both gamers three-handed he ended up having to connect his final two generous blinds in with ace-eight towards both gamers, and he would possibly perhaps well perhaps moreover now not withhold towards the queen-three of Stovall, and his escape came to an result in third space for $87,047.

Heads-up play used to be a barely brief affair as Heng moved in his final 22 generous blinds in towards Stovall’s elevate with ace-five offsuit, which Stovall known as with pocket sevens. The flop brought a straight plan to Heng, but the turn and river performed no straight, and Heng performed in second space for $118,213.

Congratulations to Ramsey Stovall for winning his first WSOP bracelet! Thanks for tuning in right here at PokerNews. Cease tuned for updates from all events within the route of the 2022 WSOP.

Name Surname
Liam Gannon
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