Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl Rakes in his First Colossal MILLION$ Title


Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl will undergo in solutions April 12, 2022, for many years yet to come. Not solely did the Austrian preserve his first GGPoker Colossal MILLION$ for $369,934 nevertheless the prize cash gathered pushed his Colossal MILLION$ incomes past $1 million and his GGPoker winnings thru the $2 million barrier.

Gaehl’s victory denied Jans Arends his first Colossal MILLION$ victory, even supposing the $290,059 Arends banked for 2nd build aside of residing ought to head some manner to numbing the trouble of defeat.

Colossal MILLION$ Season 2 Episode 38 Final Desk Outcomes

Predicament Player Country Prize
1 Sebastian “Weizen” Gaehl Austria $369,934
2 Jans Arends Austria $290,059
3 Pablo Brito Silva Brazil $227,431
4 spaise411 Russia $178,325
5 Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare India $139,822
6 Dalton “morgota” Hobold Brazil $109,632
7 Niklas Astedt Norway $85,960
8 Beriuzy Canada $67,400
9 Andras Nemeth Hungary $52,847

Andras Nemeth busted at some level of the important level of the final table’s action, lacking a immense plot and ending ninth. India’s Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare min-raised to 120,000 from early build, and Nemeth known as from the immense blind. The flop fell ace-four-three, and Nemeth check-raised Waghmare’s 60,000 continuation wager to 162,000. Waghmare known as, main to a 9 on the flip. Nemeth moved all-in for 397,312 into the 661,500 pot and Waghmare known as and showed ace-ten. Nemeth held six-5 and overlooked his plot when a 5 finished the board.

Streamer “Beriuzy,” who gained his $10,300 seat for solely $525, used to be the following player heading for the showers. The action folded to Beriuzy on the button at some level of the 35,000/70,000/8,500a level, and he raised to 150,500 with pocket queen. Pablo Silva, at his third straight Colossal MILLION$ final table, three-wager to 440,240 from the little blind with ace-four of diamonds, sooner than calling the 923,996 shove from Beriuzy. An ace on the flop ended Beriuzy’s impressive urge.

Five-time Colossal MILLION$ champion Niklas Astedt accomplished in seventh build aside of residing and banked the tournament’s final 5-resolve prize. Astedt’s stack had dwindled to 11.5 immense blinds, and he pushed that quick stack into the heart from the little blind with queen-9. Waghmare regarded him up from the immense blind with king-ten of diamonds. Neither player improved, and Astedt used to be gone.

Brazil’s Dalton “morgota” Hobold sat down in third build aside of residing and busted in sixth for a $109,632 ranking, which all nevertheless doubled his lifetime Colossal MILLION$ earnings. The now chip leader Gaehl opened to 280,000 from the little blind at some level of the 40,000/80,000/10,000a level, and Hobold answered with a three-wager jam value 1,900,575 within the immense blind. Gaehl known as and flipped over ace-king, which overwhelmed his opponent’s dominated ace-queen. Hobold flopped a queen and hit every other on the river, nevertheless Gaehl grew to alter into a flush courtesy of the board four-flushing.

Waghmare must support to add a Colossal MILLION$ title to his WSOP Circuit ring because he ran out of luck and steam in fifth build aside of residing. Silva min-raised to 200,000 from below the gun with ace-king and known as when Waghmare three-wager all-in from the little blind for 2,358,477 with ace-queen. An eight-excessive board sent Waghmare dwelling sooner than he would hang wished, and Silva to the head of the chip counts.

The final four became three when Russia’s “spaise411” misplaced a coinflip against Gaehl. Blinds had correct increased to 80,000/160,000/20,000a when Gaehl commence-shoved from the button for 15 immense blinds advantageous, doing so with ace-seven. spaise411 made a stand with pocket fives from the little blind for his 1,182,728 stack, nevertheless misplaced when a seven, no longer an ace, finished the neighborhood playing cards.

Pablo Brito Silva
Pablo Brito Silva accomplished third in his third consecutive Colossal MILLION$ final table

Heads-up used to be build aside when Silva bowed out in third. Gaehl commence-shoved from the little blind with jack-eight of golf equipment, and Silva known as all-in for 15 immense blinds with pocket nines. The nines remained upright as much as the river when the jack of hearts regarded.

Gaehl’s sun urge in direction of the bogus cease of the tournament noticed him lock horns with Arends preserving a lead in far more than seven-to-one. Arends is no longer the form of player to resign with out a fight, and he needs to be counseled for no longer solely drawing level nevertheless claiming the chip lead at one stage. Alternatively, the epic fightback ended with a cooler of a hand at some level of the 125,000/250,000/30,000a level.

Gaehl limped in with ace-three, and Arends known as. The jack-three-5 flop gave both gamers one thing, nevertheless Arends a grand stronger one thing! Arends checked, Gaehl wager 250,000 and then known as the 1,000,000 check-elevate from Arends. The flip used to be every other three, gifting Gaehl trips. Arends led for 1,750,000 into the 2,560,000 pot, and Gaehl known as. A ten on the river noticed Arend designate-shove for 3/4 pot, Gaehl straight known as and hang change into the most up-to-date in a protracted line of Colossal MILLION$ champions.

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