Sweden’s “Angelegot” wins The Competition Online Opening Match

The Festival Online at 888poker

The Competition Online obtained off to a flying originate at 888poker over the weekend with the two-day Opening Match drawing in 1,000 avid gamers, together with re-entries, guaranteeing the $100,000 advise became as soon as met exactly. When all became as soon as mentioned and completed, it became as soon as “Angelegot” of Sweden who came away with the higher a part of the spoils, $14,692 after a heads-up take care of “DarioPourzan” of the UK.

The Competition Online – Opening Match Remaining Desk Results

Tell Player Nation Prize
1 Angelegot Sweden $14,692*
2 DarioPourzan United Kingdom $12,077*
3 DantonGomes Brazil $8,300
4 Entaotoma Brazil $6,150
5 RMolinari17 Brazil $4,550
6 leblond1996 Canada $3,400
7 Asher12138 United Kingdom $2,560
8 AssK1cker Kazahkstan $1,940
9 sankonito Romania $1,480

*displays a heads-up deal

The remaining table became as soon as streamed on 888poker’s standard Twitch channel. Gash Wealthall and David Tuchman were the circulate’s hosts.

The fundamental elimination became as soon as that of Romania’s “sankonito” who had earlier lost most of their stack running queens into kings, became as soon as down to lower than three astronomical blinds. The Romanian crashed out after they commence-shoved 2.5 astronomical blinds from below the gun with pocket jacks. The action folded to “RMolinari17” in the puny blind, who shoved all-in for some distance extra with pocket eights. That became as soon as now not the discontinuance of the action sooner than “DarioPourzan” woke up in the astronomical blind with pocket kings and called off their closing 13.8 astronomical blinds. The board ran out exact for these kings, busting “sankontio” and doubling up “DarioPourzan.”

5 of the remaining eight avid gamers had stack lower than 15 astronomical blinds, so it became as soon as unsurprising that there became as soon as soon a flurry of bust-outs.

“AssK1cker” became as soon as the subsequent player heading for the exits. They commence-shoved for 7.7 astronomical blinds from center blueprint with ace-jack of clubs. One fold later, and “leblond1996” re-shoved with the dominating ace-queen. All people else folded, both avid gamers grew to develop into an ace, nonetheless “leblond1996” held the upper kicker.

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Seventh blueprint went to “Asher12138” who raised 2.5 astronomical blinds below the gun with ace-king, leaving themselves most attention-grabbing 5.6 astronomical blinds in the assist of. Those chips went into the center when “DantonGomes” ripped of their 40 astronomical blind stack with pocket jacks on the button. “DantonGomes” won the pot after flopping a blueprint.

“leblond1996” lost an enormous coinflip with pocket tens versus the king-queen of “Entaotoma” to be left with lower than six astronomical blinds. They exited when their eight-five may perchance well now not accumulate there against the ace-queen of “Entaotoma.”

Subsequent heading to the cashier’s desk became as soon as “RMolinari17” who commence-shoved for seven astronomical blinds with pocket threes most attention-grabbing for “Angelegot” to call with pocket sevens in the astronomical blind. The five neighborhood cards ran out void of any drama, and “RMolinari17” became as soon as gone.

Two Brazilians crashed out in fast succession. “Entaotoma” take a look at-raised all-in with a diamond flush contrivance in a hand the attach aside “Angelegot” had flopped two pair and they didn’t accumulate there. “Entaotoma” lost their closing 0.6 astronomical blinds soon after.

“DantonGomes” joined their fellow Brazilian on the rail when “Angelegot” shoved from the puny blind with jack-eight and “DantonGomes” called off their 16.3 astronomical blinds with ace-seven, most attention-grabbing for a jack to rear its head on the flop and yet every other on the river.

The heads-up avid gamers straight stuck a deal sooner than they battled it out for the title. “Angelegot” soared into the lead and lined “DarioPourzan” ten-to-one after they final hand played out. “Angelegot” moved all-in with jack-five and “DarioPorzan” called off their 6.4 astronomical blind stack with ace-queen. A five on the flop proved enough to bust “DarioPourzan” in 2nd blueprint and award the title to “Angelegot.”

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The Competition Online Results So A ways

Two other avid gamers won The Competition Online occasions since the sequence shuffled up and dealt. “TrustMeBRO” outlasted 84 opponents in the $525 Opening High Roller to financial institution $11,900 while “fanat5371234” won the $109 Opening Match PLO for a $2,109 addition to their bankroll.

Match Raise-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
Opening Match NLH $109 1,000 $100,000 Angelegot $14,692
Opening High Roller $525 85 $42,500 TrustMeBRO $11,900
Opening Match PLO 8-Max $109 57 $5,700 fanat5371234 $2,109

The Competition Online Remaining Agenda

Date Time (BST) Match Raise-in Sigh
Tue 12 Jul 6: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Texas Deepstack $55 $10,000
  8: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Snap $33 $5,000
Thu 14 Jul 6: 00 p.m. The Competition Online PLO Deepstacj $55 $2,000
  7: 00 p.m. Texas 6-Max $160 $15,000
Sun 17 Jul 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Texas Innovative KO $109 $100,000
  7: 30 p.m. The Competition Online Texas High Roller Innovative KO $525 $40,000
Tue 19 Jul 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online PLO 6-Max $55 $2,000
  8: 00 p.m. The Competition Online 6-Max Turbo PKO $44 $10,000
Thu 21 Jul 6: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Texas Lowroller $22 $10,000
  7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Life like KO $109 $12,000
Sun 24 Jul 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Texas 8-Max $109 $100,000
  7: 30 p.m. The Competition Online Texas 8-Max High Roller $525 $40,000
  8: 00 p.m. The Competition Online PLO Lowroller $22 $1,500
Tue 26 Jul 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online PKO 8-Max $88 $10,000
  8: 00 p.m. The Competition Online PLO Turbo $33 $1,500
Sun 31 Jul 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Fundamental Match $215 $150,000
  7: 30 p.m. The Competition Online Texas 8-Max High Roller $525 $40,000
Mon 1 Aug 7: 00 p.m. The Competition Online Afterparty $109 $15,000

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