Take a PokerStars Avid gamers Championship Platinum Pass; Mega Path and Street to PSPC Fundamental capabilities

PokerStars Road to PSPC

How would you pick to take care of $5,000,000 for proper $0.50?

Well, PokerStars have released extra little print of how gamers can take care of their manner to the PokerStars Avid gamers Championship (PSPC) with a Platinum Pass worth $30,000.

Two assorted routes launched at the new time inquire gamers ready to take care of their seats on-line, as neatly as a bunch of low purchase-in dwell tournaments scheduled at some level of 2022, earlier than the match takes home in January 2023.

Ramon Colillas Wins PokerStars No-Restrict Protect’em Avid gamers Championship ($5.1 Million)

Defending PSPC Champion and PokerStars Ambassador Ramon Colillas says that here is an alternative that must never omit!

“At the PSPC, something is in all probability, however you need to win there first”

“At the PSPC, something is in all probability, however you need to win there first! Alternatives originate not proper happen, you need to build them and winning a Platinum Pass is the supreme manner to make certain that you originate not fail to home this once in a lifetime alternative.”

What’s a Platinum Pass?

Every lucky Platinum Pass winner is in line to receive larger than $30,000 of price including:

  • $25,000 purchase-in to the PSPC 2023 match
  • 6 nights’ hotel lodging for the winner and a visitor in a 5* hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • Bespoke PSPC merchandise
  • $1,900 in funds
  • Plus Platinum Pass winner experiences at some level of the match
Ramon Colillas

Mega Path

PSPC Mega Path

The Platinum Pass Mega Path provides gamers the chance to take care of their manner to the PokerStars Avid gamers Championship for as little as $0.50.

The grand manner to perform it to the fourth stage, the place Platinum Passes would be received, is to fight via the stages one by one. You must purchase in for any stage from 0-3, however gamers are unable to purchase at once into Stage 4.

Stage/Step Protect-in Format Prize Pool
0 $0.50 Hyper 2 x $1.50 Stage 1 Tickets
1 $1.50 Hyper 2 x $20 Stage 2 Tickets
2 $20 Turbo 5-10 $100 Stage 3 Tickets
3 $100 Turbo 5-10 x $1,000 Stage 4 Tickets
4 $1,000*    

*Conceal: Avid gamers are unable to purchase-in at once to Stage 4

The first Stage 4 runs on Also can 1, so make whisk you head to PokerStars for extra little print on the PSPC Mega Path!

Street to PSPC

Beginning in June, dwell occasions right via three continents will give gamers the flexibility to take care of a Platinum Pass because the Street to PSPC returns.

While the Street to PSPC returns to Dublin and the BSOP, there are a lot of assorted thrilling locations for gamers to head to.

And with a purchase-in of proper €400 at most European stops, or not it is a hugely accessible route for gamers with out win admission to to a High Roller’s budget.

For those wanting to win entangled for even much less, feeder satellites from as little as €1.10 will be obtainable to every of the occasions within the PokerStars client.

Event Protect-in Dates
Street to PSPC Liechtenstein 400 CHF June 2-6
Street to PSPC Gujan Mestres € 400 June 13-19
Street to PSPC Valencia € 400 June 29-July 3
Street to PSPC San Marino € 400 July 6-11
Street to PSPC BSOP Iciness Hundreds and hundreds R$800 July 13-15
Street to PSPC Dublin € 400 July 14-18
Street to PSPC Hamburg € 400 August 31-Sept 4
Street to PSPC Sevilla € 400 August 31-Sept 4
Street to PSPC La Grande Motte € 400 Sept 13-18
Street to PSPC Manila 22,000 PHP Sept 19-25
Street to PSPC Thessaloniki € 400 Sept 22-25
Street to PSPC Nova Gorica € 400 Oct 6-10
Street to PSPC Namur € 400 Oct 24-30

Three of those occasions near with ensures at the time of writing:

  • Street to PSPC Liechtenstein – 200,000 CHF GTD (~€195,000)
  • Street to PSPC San Marino – €100,000
  • Street to PSPC Namur – €100,000
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