The Muck: Did Mike Matusow Of route Like a Blow Up within the WSOP Most important Tournament?

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Mike Matusow bluffed off his stack on Day 4 of the 2022 World Series of Poker Most important Tournament, main some to allege it became one other patented “Matusow blowup.” Striking aside that many on poker Twitter will dangle you dangle they’re crushers who play ideal GTO in every hand, on this model of The Muck, we share the poker world’s a wide variety of takes on one in all the memorable fingers from Sunday’s action at Bally’s.

For of us which would possibly maybe maybe well well be contemporary to poker or too young to bewitch, all around the poker development period (2000s), Matusow had a popularity from his tv image of blowing up (i.e. tilting and bluffing off his stacks in frustration). But despite that image, he became one in all potentially the most attention-grabbing players within the sport and received four WSOP bracelets from 1999 to 2013, on the side of a 2013 NBC Heads-Up Nationwide Championship and limitless other accolades. Hence, why he’s been nominated for the Poker Hall of Reputation time and again, including this yr.

The Hand

On Day 4, with 677 players final in poker’s world championship occasion, Matusow made a audacious creep on the PokerGO characteristic table that even had commentator Lon McEachern making an gentle-college reference.”

“All in? All in? Matusow with a 2022 blowup maybe?” McEachern shouted.

So, this is the hand in seek files from, picked up with action on the river. Matusow held {a-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} and his opponent, Mikolaj Zawadzki, held {9-Clubs}{8-Clubs}. The board became {5-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{k-Clubs}, and there became 162,000 within the pot with the blinds at 6,000/12,000.

Matusow, with nothing but ace-high and truly small showdown cost, wasn’t about to resign the sizeable pot, so he led out for 70,000. Unfortunately, for “The Mouth,” his opponent had a flush, albeit a little one on a paired board. Zawadzki went in for a little-ish sized expand to 175,000, but it became some distance from the stay of the hand.

With 320,000 left within the inspire of, Matusow made the audacious play to creep all in, about 225,000 more for his opponent to call. Zawadzki, with almost 1 million chips restful in his stack, tanked outdated to making the choice, sending Matusow to the rail in 677th space ($21,000).

Why He Made the Play

Mike Matusow

On Twitter, the Poker Hall of Reputation nominee explained that he became attempting to make whine of his tight table image to his advantage when he made that aggressive play.

I worship so many top players reaching out to me and telling me how awsome of bluff that became and how all people wo…

— Mike Matusow (@themouthmatusow)

At some level of his postgame interview with Kara Scott, Matusow became requested what his pals would exclaim about his decision to bluff-shove in that dilemma.

“They’ll allege that I unnecessarily gave away the Most important Tournament,” Matusow answered. “But I dangle I opened 15 times in four-and-a-half of hours, and I never drug a chip, but I never obtained impatient. They’ll allege that became insane and it became a suicide bluff, but I creep to allege that, I create no longer know, I steady, when he raised me, I sure I, when he fully raised me a hundred, I do know he doesn’t dangle a paunchy dwelling, I do know he doesn’t dangle a nut flush plot.”

What They’re Announcing on Social Media

Matusow’s play became a sizzling topic of debate on Twitter after the hand historical past unfold. No longer all people became severe of his play. Of route, many agreed he did now not punt and that his shove became justified. But others weren’t pretty as superior.

“I became on the table and became 99.9% sure u had it. The fully individual who didn’t became the individual who called. That shoulda worked,” Kyle Cartwright replied.

“I would dangle anyone folding every hand for 2 hours would create them more likely to suicide bluff, in space of to resign on a hand on the river,” @Kratochvil8228 argues.

“Mike you played esteem the elite participant you also can very smartly be for four days, but frequently you steady gotta exclaim I tousled,” @markiemark2009 rapid Matusow.

“Mike it’s steady much less difficult to allege you made a read and play which became nasty. Your opponent almost min clicked you with a 3 bet on the river the build your stack became to instant for him to fold to a shove getting ridiculous odds to call,” @brett_ernst tweeted.

“Usually fully takeaway right here is that a handful of oldsters for your world (gentle experts, experts, handful of customary rich guys who you play with) they’ll expose you it became a legitimate expand. It became a ballsy play I admit that. But it became also suicide within the stay with the ratio of chips,” @MattyMocUSA claims.

Many commenters argued that the read wasn’t nasty, it became more that he did now not dangle ample within the inspire of to bag the bluff through. Matusow fully had steady over 200,000 on top of Zawadzki’s expand, giving the participant with the little flush better than 3-1 on a call. But there would possibly maybe be one other ingredient of it whereby most did now not eliminate into consideration when criticizing Matusow’s play, and that’s Zawadzki would were risking a pair of quarter of his stack to create that decision relatively deep within the Most important Tournament.

No matter the build you stand on Matusow’s decision to shove, one thing is sure and that’s it became an bright hand.

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