Yuck! The Worst & Most Disgusting Habits as Told by On line casino Sellers

Disgusting Dealer Stories

Whether or now now not it is poker or a casino pit game, avid gamers wouldn’t gain the abilities they carry out without one valuable particular person – the vendor. Whereas they’re to blame for slinging cards and facilitating games, they’re also a still observer of human nature.

PokerNews beforehand requested diversified sellers to piece their wildest tales from working in the alternate. No names nor areas are being reported to appreciate the privacy of of us that shared. Whereas we won’t 100% verify the total tales below, the sellers divulge to be speaking from their very hold non-public abilities.

Please sign, somre tales hold actions and behaviors that some would possibly perchance per chance perchance moreover get offensive.

Editor’s sign: Some submissions had been edited for dimension and/or/clarity.

Poker Hall of Famer vs. the IRS

In the worn days of the WSOP at Binion’s Horseshoe, I became dealing to a man named Sarge Ferris. Sarge became a bookie from Unusual York. They played with cash on desk in those days. One night whereas dealing to Sarge, a neighborhood of males in suits – now now not bosses – surrounded my desk, approached Sarge, and identified themselves as being from IRS.

They reached down and took all Sarge’s cash off desk and told him he’d get a receipt in the mail. We all notion Sarge would be upset, nevertheless he started laughing, reached below desk and pulled out a suitcase. When he opened it, it became stuffed with cash and he stated, “They forgot some!” The entire desk broke out in laughter. In those days avid gamers constantly owed IRS, especially whilst you had been a bookie!

Teaching Eskimo a Lesson

Paul 'Eskimo' Clark
Paul ‘Eskimo’ Clark

Whereas staring at for a dealing assignment on the WSOP, I became standing in the satellite save aside of abode when Eskimo Clark requested me who you can moreover must know to get a bottle of water spherical here.

I stated, “Properly Eskimo, let me veil you how it is carried out.”

I pulled a buck out of my pocket, known as the girl over, and requested for a water. She gave it to me and I gave her a buck.

I stated, “There Eskimo, that’s how it works. Whereas you tip any person every so steadily they’ll gain care of you.”

I proceeded to drink the water and drag away.

Hock a Loogie

My first abilities dealing to Bob Stupak on the Golden Nugget 1987-ish. In $100/$200 Razz, he’s in Seat 1 with two ashtrays overflowing and smoldering. He scoots support a few foot and hawks a if truth be told mountainous disgusting loogie inches from my foot. He regarded on the distaste on my face and stated, “What’s the trouble, never viewed a shrimp bit phlegm earlier than?”

I stated with a straight face, “Yes I if truth be told gain. Correct never on the carpet inner, nevertheless thanks for missing my foot, sir.”

He threw me a green rooster when my 20 minutes became up. Classy guy. NOT!

Mr. Poopy Pants

On the WSOP Europe in 2018, I had a guy that pooped his pants and saved taking half in so he didn’t leave out any fingers and he became in Seat 1 subsequent to me. You don’t wish to know the smell.

In 2018, it became day 2 of WSOP Europe Valuable Match, and an hour earlier than the originate we had been making entertaining the baggage. I became writing the desk and seat amount on the earn and a colleague determined to be amusing and drew with a marker a fluffy penis on my hand halfway to my elbow. I assumed I’d attain doing the baggage and lope to the bathroom and neat it up, nevertheless for sure, I forgot! I dealt the Valuable Match for three hours with sleeves up with that “Masterpiece” on the support of my hand earlier than I had a break and a floorman noticed. Now not one player stated the leisure or even regarded odd at me otherwise I would possibly perchance per chance’ve one thing became defective.

At a non-public dwelling game, a guy became constantly complaining he simplest has rags for three hours so he took the cards and rub them in his lingerie to alternate his luck, and doubtless, I needed to the touch them later on because he folded.

Simplest Free to Play Slots

The save aside’s the Lavatory?

In 2013, I had real learned craps, and became on a largely tiring game. There became simplest one player on the quite loads of facet of the desk straight out taking pictures with real a lope line, when security and IGB (Illinois Gaming Board) who are screech troopers, tapped him on the shoulder and arrested him. Turns out he had been pissing in the rail whereas he played and shot the cube.

Seat Open

In the poker room I aged to work at we had a frequent player. An older man who walked with crutches actually one crutch at a time so it took him a whereas to get spherical. He constantly wore shorts. One night he left the desk to lope to the restroom real outside the room. About 15 minutes later the quite loads of avid gamers on the desk complained a few smell. He had defecated on the ground below his chair. He left his chips and never came support that night. We needed to lope the overall avid gamers to 1 other desk, tape off the save aside of abode, and EVS in hazmat gear needed to draw to neat it up.

Don’t Assemble Capsules

Dealer Shuffle

I became on break waiting on the facet desk for sellers/floors to witness if I would possibly perchance per chance perchance get an early out when a younger man walks up and asks me if now we gain cameras save aside up nearby. I direct him, “Clear, we’re a mega-casino on the Vegas Strip, cameras are in all places my man!” He says, “Correct, so it came about real a few feet away over here, mind if I let you know extra?” as he pulls me about 20 feet away. He goes on to direct me of his trouble.

“I bought an eight ball of coke from a guy friendly here on this space and I gotta direct ya mate, it became absolute bunk. I obtained ripped off on counterfeit coke. I wish to file this and wish to draw sure they obtained his face on videotape.”

I witness spherical to witness if I’m being save aside up by undercover brokers associated to my resort/casino. Confident that this guy is for real, I direct him, “Yeah, you can doubtlessly request security on the podium down the skill about this, nevertheless I’m now now not sure they are going to care remarkable about you being ripped off on a coke deal.”

We had a ten-minute dialog remarkable alongside these traces with him insisting that he wished to lope to security/police a few harmful cocaine deal whereas I saved asking him if he if truth be told notion it is also an genuine suggestion to bring this up. I point out, he had an accent so he became either British or Australian and all I can ever contemplate is how his local casino/cardroom handles drug affords long gone defective for customers? Weirdest dialogue I’ve ever had evidently.

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