2022 WSOP Predominant Occasion Final Desk Profile: Espen Jorstad

Espen Jorstad

Final Desk Profile: Espen Jorstad

Seat: 9
Chip Count: 83,200,000
Gigantic Blinds: 69
Advise of foundation: Norway (resides in London, United Kingdom)
Twitter: @UhlenPoker  

Espen Jorstad’s Predominant Occasion Story

Espen Uhlen Jorstad is a Norwegian educated poker pro who resides in London, United Kingdom. Many will known Jorstad from his online poker grind, mostly on PokerStars where he is is called “Hymn2ninkasi” and GGPoker where he makes use of the alias “COVFEFE-19”. Basically a money game player, Jorstad dips his toes into the tournament poker world every so in most cases.

Jorstad had under no circumstances cashed on the World Sequence of Poker till this year. Alternatively, he does obtain 20 WSOP online cashes to his title, including a sixth-arrangement enact in the 2021 WSOP $5,000 No-Restrict Defend’em Predominant Occasion On-line Championship worth $603,058.

The usual Twitch streamer cashed in his first live WSOP occasion before the whole lot up of the 2022 WSOP, ending in the money in Occasion #5: The Housewarming. He and Patrick Leonard took down Occasion #55: $1,000 Mark Team for $74,042 every plus both gamers’ first WSOP bracelet. Another money, this time in Occasion #68: Million Greenback Bounty, philosophize Jorstad up for this deep flee in the Predominant Occasion.

Jorstad won his $10,000 WSOP Predominant Occasion seat online at GGPoker where he won a $1,050 satellite. He, Vadim Rozin, and Tom Kunze had been the final three final GGPoker qualifiers. Jorstad secured a free WSOP Europe Predominant Occasion seat by advantage of reaching the final desk whereas the 2 other GGPoker qualifiers fell short.

Jorstad’s Trail to the Final Desk

Espen Jorstad
Espen Jorstad

Jorstad sat down on Day 7 of the 2022 WSOP Predominant Occasion fifth in chips from the 35 returning gamers. The money game specialist used to be now not desirous about many key fingers right this moment till he eliminated Jonathan Rosa in 34th arrangement after lacking a flush arrangement nonetheless hitting two pair on the river to method serve from in the serve of and decrease the player count by one.

He misplaced more than a quarter of his stack in a conflict with David Diaz nonetheless he rebuilt and grabbed the chip lead when he despatched Efthymia Litsou, the final girl standing, out of the tournament in 18th arrangement.

A substantial double with aces versus the ace-king of Tom Kunze despatched Jorstad soaring. He later eliminated Kunze in 14th arrangement and located himself on the level of 100 million chips.

John Eames doubled through Jorstad at some level of the 37th level of play nonetheless Jorstad kept his wintry and bagged up 83,200,000 chips on the discontinuance of play.

On the aces versus ace-king double-up, Jorstad acknowledged, “Clearly it is the dream. Getting it in because the largest favorite that you simply would per chance even be in the largest tournament and the largest arrangement of your life, feels pretty right.”

Reaching the WSOP Predominant Occasion final desk has now not pretty sunk in but for the Norwegian.

“It potentially needs to sink in a little bit. Beautiful now I’m lawful mega-exhausted and I wish to indulge in, drink, and sleep. Tomorrow I jog to be admire ‘oh it is pretty qualified.’

How Jorstad Purchased to the Final Desk

Day Chips Inappropriate
Day 1a 17,600 605/631
Day 2abc 463,500 40/1,262
Day 3 802,000 139/1,299
Day 4 1,335,000 156/380
Day 5 4,665,000 44/123
Day 6 31,175,000 5/35
Day 7 83,200,000 1/9

2022 Predominant Occasion Final Desk Seating

Seat Participant Nation Chip Count Gigantic Blinds
1 Philippe Souki United Kingdom 13,500,000 11
2 Adrian Attenborough Australia 50,800,000 42
3 Matija Dobric Croatia 68,650,000 57
4 Michael Duek United States 49,775,000 41
5 Matthew Su United States 83,200,000 69
6 John Eames United Kingdom 54,950,000 46
7 Jeffrey Farnes United States 35,350,000 29
8 Aaron Duczak Canada 56,000,000 47
9 Espen Jorstad Norway 83,200,000 69
10 Asher Conniff United States 29,400,000 25

There’ll almost certainly be one hour and 48 minutes final in level 38 at blinds of 600,000-1,200,000 with a colossal blind ante of 1,200,000. All ten survivors will return to their seats at 2pm native time on Friday, July 15, 2022 for the unofficial ten-handed final desk.

Once the sphere is then the total vogue down to the final nine contenders, they are going to be on a short destroy for the legitimate final desk images earlier than beginning off their whisk to crown the 2022 WSOP Predominant Occasion champion.

2022 Predominant Occasion Final Desk Payouts

Advise Prize
1 $10,000,000
2 $6,000,000
3 $4,000,000
4 $3,000,000
5 $2,225,000
6 $1,750,000
7 $1,350,000
8 $1,075,000
9 $850,675

2022 Predominant Occasion Final Desk Participant Stats

Participant Nation First Cash WSOP Cashes Profession Earnings Largest Cash
Philippe Souki United Kingdom 2010 7 $830,812 $102,214
Adrian Attenborough Australia 2014 8 $1,460,049 $361,660
Matija Dobric Croatia 2017 8 $239,167 $198,550
Michael Duek United States 2017 4 $651,300 $548,015
Matthew Su United States 2014 0 $49,340 $29,230
John Eames United Kingdom 2007 19 $2,196,078 $289,706
Jeffrey Farnes United States 2017 12 $181,550 $61,250
Aaron Duczak Canada 2006 40 $423,887 $51,251
Espen Jorstad Norway 2012 24 $266,860 $74,042
Asher Conniff United States 2009 49 $2,862,290 $973,683

Stats courtesy of WSOP.com and HendonMob.com.

The 2022 World Sequence of Poker Predominant Occasion returns on Friday, July 15 at 12: 00 p.m. native time. It is most likely you’ll apply the Predominant Occasion Final Desk through the PokerNews Reside Reporting Blog where we’ll veil the total circulation in our outlandish WSOP Predominant Occasion Reside Updates.

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