Battle of Malta Online Reaches Halfway Stage; Mountainous Most necessary Match Incoming

GGPoker Battle of Malta Online

The €25 million guaranteed Battle of Malta Online sequence has reached the halfway stage with nine of the scheduled 18 featured occasions having crowned their splendid champion. 9 extra characteristic tournaments, alongside with the extensive €2,500,000 guaranteed Most necessary Match, to boot to dozens of Battle of Malta-branded facet occasions, are for the time being within the GGPoker lobby, awaiting you to remove your manner or remove into because the festival marches against an involving conclusion.

The hole nine featured occasions salvage dished out a wallet-filling €3,026,894, for a point out of €336,321 per match. Those are mightily impressive figures, brooding about the licensed remove-in for the nine carried out characteristic occasions weighs in at €185.

Satirically, essentially the most famous prize pool and, as a consequence of this truth, top prize of the Battle of Malta Online so far came within the featured match with the lowest remove-in! Match #7 was as soon as the Global MILLION$ European Cup, a multi-day €50 remove-in affair that GGPoker slapped a €1 million narrate on. The match overlooked the narrate, alongside with great extra cost for the gamers, but it was as soon as no longer for a favor of making an try as a consequence of 20,842 gamers purchased in over the a wide form of Day 1s.

All but indubitably one of many nine gamers who developed to the Global MILLION$ European Cup ultimate desk walked away with a five-resolve score for their €50 funding. Brazil’s “BetBlind” fell in ninth space and walked away with €8,402 for their efforts.

“AntiReG” and Gabriel “Gabsdrogba” Medeiros were the next casualties. They padded their bankrolls with €11,205 and €14,942, respectively.

The pay jumps grew substantially, particularly when one considers the remove-in was as soon as greatest €50. Sixth space and €19,925 went to “Elena11” of Taiwan, with “H3ADSNATCHED” collecting €26,571 when their match ended with out note in fifth space.

The ultimate four turned three when Brazil’s Heberth “VodkaWins” Barbosa ran out of steam. Fourth space came with a hefty €35,433 payout, which is extra special for a €50 match.

Third-space finisher, “senara” of Ecuador, received almost €12,000 bigger than Barbosa, particularly €47,251. The Ecuadorian’s loss of life left Andrejs Kovalovs heads-up in opposition to Hogyun “LLinusLLvoe” Kang in a one-on-one war for the title. No one would salvage batted an eyelid had the heads-up duo struck a deal as a consequence of there was as soon as a disagreement in prize cash of larger than €20,000. Nonetheless, there was as soon as no deal, which meant Kovalovs had to resolve for the €63,010 runner-up prize while Kang unruffled a fab €83,479.

Match #7: Global MILLION$ European Cup Closing Desk Outcomes

Arrangement Participant Nation Prize
1 Hogyun “LLinusLLvoe” Kang Hong Kong €83,479
2 Andrejs Kovalovs Latvia €63,010
3 senara Ecuador €47,251
4 Heberth “VodkaWins” Barbosa Brazil €35,433
5 H3ADSNATCHED Austria €26,571
6 Elena11 Taiwan €19,925
7 Gabriel “Gabsdrogba” Medeiros Brazil €14,942
8 AntiReG Russia €11,205
9 BetBlind Brazil €8,402

GGPoker Battle of Malta Online Featured Events Outcomes

As you might maybe be in a build to bear in mind of, Kang is largely the most famous winner from the carried out Battle of Malta Online featured occasions, even though “jaywu1111” came end with a €65,456 score within the €220 Kings of Tallinn Most necessary Match.

Match Have interaction-in Entrants Prize pool Champion Prize
#1: King’s Landing Opener €110 3,775 €382,030 Isujimi €47,147
#2: Worth to Glory Bounty Turbo €52.50 3,419 €170,950 Bernado Granato €13,396*
#3: Omaholic Knight Crusaders €550 240 €125,400 Michael “Minthon” Iakovlev €28,188
#4: Bounty for the Knight €210 1,354 €270,800 NewBeerBro €26,285*
#5: Tallinn Summer season Showdown €55 2,235 €113,091 hmhm €14,291
#6: Kings of Tallinn Most necessary Match €220 2,494 €504,785 jaywu1111 €65,456
#7: Global MILLION$ European Cup €50 20,842 €1,000,000 Hogyun “LLinusLLvoe” Kang €83,479
#8: Iron Throne Marathon €110 1,449 €146,638 Renato “Songonku” Ribeiro €20,213
#9: Bounty for the Queen €315 1,044 €313,200 ROLLINGDR0NE €34,663*

*contains bounty payments

Upcoming Battle of Malta Online Events

The subsequent Battle of Malta Online featured occasions obtain space this weekend on July 23 and July 24. The €330 remove-in €150,000 guaranteed Three-Cities Challenges shuffles up and affords at 6: 00 p.m. UTC on July 23, with a brace of action-packed tournaments taking space on July 24, alongside with the Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$, which facets a €1 million narrate. Day 1s for the Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$ bustle throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, each costing €105.

Date Time (UTC) Match Have interaction-in Guarantee
Sat 23 Jul 6: 00 p.m. #10 Three-Cities Explain [3-Stack] €330 €150,000
Sun 24 Jul 6: 00 p.m. #11 Big Harbour Superstack €550 €500,000
  8: 30 p.m. #12 Siege of Malta Bounty MILLION$, €1M GTD [Final Stage] €105 €1,000,000
Tue 26 Jul 6: 00 p.m. #13 Gladiator 6-Max €330 €200,000
Thu 28 Jul 6: 00 p.m. #14 Bounty for the King €525 €300,000
Sat 30 Jul 6: 00 p.m. #15 St. Julian’s Bounty Feast €105 €125,000
Sun 31 Jul 5: 00 p.m. #16 GGMasters Royal Championship €1,050 €1,000,000
  6: 00 p.m. #17 Omaholic Crusaders Bounty Quest €210 €100,000
  8: 30 p.m. #18 Most necessary Match, €2.5M GTD [Final Day] €555 €2,500,000

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