Bradley Anderson Wins 2022 WSOP Match #72: $1,500 Blended Omaha Hi-Lo ($195,565)

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Chris Bean
Bradley Anderson

After three prolonged and competative days of Omaha Hi-Lo action, Bradley Anderson has received Match #72 $1,500 Blended Omaha Hi-Lo to purchase his first WSOP Gold Bracelet and a groovy $195,565.

Anderson navigated a closing desk suffering from poker legends comparable to Males “The Master” Nguyen and Barny Boatman, plus seasoned gamers Peter Neff and Scott Abrams to alter into champion.

Railed by his critical other of 12 years Savannah, Anderson captured the bracelet by outlasting 771 opponents to capture a huge chunk of the $3,628,530 prize pool on provide.

Anderson, who resides in Missoula, Montana, this day competed in his second-ever WSOP closing desk. In 2014 with 5 gamers left, Anderson turned into once the chip chief but ended up ending in fifth discipline for $355,913.

Match #72 $1,500 Blended Omaha Hi-Lo Final Table Outcomes

Place Participant Country Prize
1 Bradley Anderson United States $195,565
2 Scott Abrams United States $120,881
3 Barny Boatman United Kingdom $83,050
4 Peter Neff United States $58,089
5 Males Nguyen United States $41,377
6 Mark Erickson United States $30,026
7 Jarod Minghini United States $22,205
8 Shawn Carter United States $16,740

Day 3 began with 23 gamers in Paris Ballroom, and the discipline thinned to a closing desk of eight within three hours, with Mel Judah, Rami Boukai and Adam Friedman alongside the critical casualties. The final desk turned into once moved into Bally’s Match Center, the put it felt adore the glimpse of the storm with the razzmatazz of the Principal Match bubble surrounding the closing eight.

Winner’s Response

“It’s miles smartly surreal. Right this moment time turned into once a tricky grind. I had an ideal chip lead going into heads-up, and Scott chipped away at me, but I weathered the storm. I wasn’t in actuality wrathful about the money. I turned into once centered on winning the bracelet.” said an emotional Anderson minutes after receiving his bracelet.

When asked about playing with poker legends Boatman and Nguyen on the closing desk, the champion answered “Barny turned into once beating my butt in a range of pots this day! Males Nguyen is the sort of character, and it turned into once a good community on the closing desk this day.”

Anderson published he never supposed to play on this tournament unless he busted the Principal Match. Used to be busting the Principal Match turned into once the most animated factor to occur this 365 days?

“Yeah, Exactly!” Anderson answered “Must always you equipped to me to bust the critical and purchase an aspect match, I for obvious would luxuriate in taken that.”

Final Table Motion

Men Nguyen
Males “The Master” Nguyen

Shawn Carter turned into once the first casualty of the closing desk who turned into once narrowly out pipped on each and each high and low pots by Neff.

Adrenaline junkie Jarod Minghini turned into once the next to be eradicated. The competitive snowboarder couldn’t salvage a bustle of hands collectively and in the damage ran out of chips when up towards Nguyen and Mark Erickson

Delivery-of-day chipleader Erickson had a ravishing bustle on this match but turned into once on the rotten cease of the most dramatic hand of the tournament. At the river, Nguyen and Erickson were all-in and Anderson turned into once deep into the tank whether to call with the nut low or no longer to menace being quartered.

Anderson realized the choice and turned into once the appropriate one to preserve the nut low, which proved critical in the tournament’s latter stages. Nguyen took the high with a queen-high straight, which defeated Erickson’s purpose of queens, which left him with finest 300,000 chips. Erickson turned into once eradicated rapidly after the dinner destroy.

Males Nguyen turned into once the next to exit complaints rapidly after Erickson’s exit shedding two great pots in a row. Peter Neff exited in fourth discipline after getting scooped by Anderson, who had a better two pair than Neff.

Barny Boatman
Barny Boatman

UK poker icon Barny Boatman clung on as prolonged as seemingly, but the growing blinds played havoc with his stack and he turned into once down to four great blinds when he clashed with Anderson, who grew to alter into a fleshy condominium to eliminate the Hendon Mob member.

Abrams attach up a plucky fight in heads-up play. After Boatman turned into once eradicated, Anderson began with an 80/20 chip advantage. Abrams practically reached parity with the eventual winner, but Anderson stepped on the gas and managed to defeat Abrams to write down his title in the poker history books.

Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson

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Name Surname
Chris Bean
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  • 64 Come Motivate Kid: Massoud “CBK” Eskandari Wins First Bracelet in Immense Seniors for $330,609
  • 65 Poker Corridor of Famer Eli Elezra Wins Fifth WSOP Bracelet in $10Ok PLO-8 Championship ($611,362)
  • 66 Konstantin Angelov Wins 2022 WSOP Match #64: $600 PLO Deepstack ($199,466)
  • 67 Nacho Barbero Takes 2022 WSOP $10,000 Immense Turbo Bounty Bracelet Motivate to Argentina
  • 68 Austria’s Jessica Teusl Wins 2022 WSOP Girls Championship ($166,975)
  • 69 Young Sik Comes From In the relieve of To Exhaust The Mini Principal Match For $594,189
  • 70 Sean Troha Completes Comeback and Wins the $10Ok PLO Championship ($1,246,770)
  • 71 Quincy Borland Crowned Champion of Match #68: $1,000 Million Dollar Bounty ($750,120)
  • 72 Bradley Anderson Wins 2022 WSOP Match #72: $1,500 Blended Omaha Hi-Lo ($195,565)

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