Christopher Chatman Flips to Rob First WSOP Bracelet in Tournament #24: $1,000 Flip & Drag

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Lewis Powell
Christopher Chatman

The 2022 World Sequence of Poker in its contemporary house at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas has topped a contemporary champion as Christopher Chatman changed into the remaining player standing in Tournament #24: $1,000 Flip & Drag. The Day 1 chip leader managed to close it out on the remaining day of and he secured himself the gold bracelet as neatly as the key prize of $187,770 from the total prize pool $1,182,810 prize pool.

Day 1 began with the flip fragment of the tournament the set up 8 gamers purchased in to a one hand sit down & slither the set up gamers got three playing cards and discarded one after the flop. The winner would accumulate a seat within the tournament stage the set up they’d already be within the money. The match attracted 1,329 entries and 157 made it to Stage 2 of the tournament.

Tournament #24: $1,000 Flip & Drag Very finest Table Outcomes

Keep Participant Country Payout
1 Christopher Chatman United States $187,770
2 Rafi Elharar Israel $116,050
3 Tyler Willse United States $85,420
4 Ian Steinman United States $63,530
5 Pete Chen Taiwan $47,760
6 Austin Apicella United States $36,290
7 Zach Cheatum United States $27,880
8 Georgios Sotiropoulos Greece $21,660
9 Mike Matusow United States $17,010

Scott Seiver changed into not one in all the 157 as the four-time WSOP bracelet winner fired 43 bullets and did not accumulate a single time. The discipline changed into staked with notables but many love David Peters, Jeff Deplorable and Patrick Leonard did not accumulate a salvage.

Chatman changed into the certain chip leader on the finish of Day 1 the set up he went into the day with 58 massive blinds as play resumed at 12 p.m. local time with 27 left. He dominated in some unspecified time in the future of and changed into in no scheme some distance from the chip lead your entire day.

Christopher Chatman
Christopher Chatman

Winner’s Response

“I’m a leisure player so I comprise a neatly-liked fat time job so I just appropriate play about as soon as a month. I play some tournaments and cash as neatly,” Chatman said in his put up-accumulate interview with PokerNews. “It doesn’t even appear love or not it is precise.”

Chatman is from North Virginia and said he’d been playing poker since high college but that he purchased extra drawn to it after Chris Moneymaker won the Significant Tournament in 2003.

“Truly me and my buddy Jason comprise been coming out on and off for love per week all around the series and playing for a pair of years,” Chatman said.

One in every of the key fingers Chatman played changed into when he checked wait on his bellow of deuces on the river.

“I belief straight after checking wait on that it changed into a scary play. I knew that the man of my left (Ian Steinman) changed into a cosmopolitan player and I belief he could presumably well maybe comprise been making an try to trap me with a bellow of sevens. There changed into additionally a wacky straight that purchased there as neatly, but in hindsight, it wasn’t a lawful play on my piece.”

Chatman additionally additionally fast to exhibit the make stronger he had wait on house.

“My friend Jason has been sending my wife updates. I’m additionally texting a handful of americans and telling them to transfer on the PokerNews internet bellow. Or not it is immense inspiring, I want I did not have to slither house the following day.”

Recap of the Day

Play resumed at 12 p.m. and gamers fleet dropped from the discipline encompass British player Harry Resort and bracelet winner Galen Hall, who came into the day as one in all the chip leaders. Avid gamers were eradicated till a stacked remaining desk changed into reached which incorporated bracelet winners Mike Matusow, Georgios Sotiropoulos, Pete Chen, and Steinman.

Matusow changed into the key to transfer as he changed into the brief stack coming into the remaining desk. Greek player Sotiropoulos fleet adopted alongside with Zach Cheatum as the discipline thinned. Meanwhile, Austin Apicella changed into eradicated in sixth as he couldn’t bag anything going on the remaining desk. Apicella changed into soon adopted to the rail by Chen as the remaining desk entered the endgame.

Going into three handed play Chatman changed into the chip leader but the stacks soon leveled out as Rafi Elharar doubled with ace-5 against Chatman’s jack-5 in a blind vs blind all-in. This left Chatman, Elharar and Tyler Willse equal on chips.

Alternatively, Chatman changed into peaceful ready to close it out laying aside Willse in a brutal flip as the board paired for Chatman’s ace-king to beat Willse’s pocket threes.

Tyler Willse
Tyler Willse

The heads-up battle changed into a transient affair as Chatman endured to bully the desk by aggressively stealing the blinds by shifting all in as Elharar’s stack dwindled to around 10 massive blinds.

There changed into little drama within the remaining hand the set up Chatman moved all in with ace-king and changed into called by Elharar with King-Six. The board ran tremendous for Chatman giving Chatman the accumulate and securing himself the bracelet as we defeated the stacked discipline to emerge victorious.

Congratulations to Christopher Chatman for apt his first WSOP bracelet in Tournament #24: $1,000 Flip & Drag!

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Name Surname
Lewis Powell
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