Daniel Negreanu is Curiously Being Extorted Over Bogus Deadbeat Dad Claims

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Or not it has been a weird and wonderful originate as much as the 2022 World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) for Daniel Negreanu, and things got even more odd for the GGPoker ambassador when he obtained a voicemail from a man who’s it appears trying to extort him out of cash.

The Poker Corridor of Famer shared an audio clip in his most modern WSOP vlog from an unknown particular person that looked as if it would perchance originate up a myth about Negreanu abandoning a family in Lake Havasu, Arizona for the Las Vegas poker existence.

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Unhinged Caller Accuses Negreanu of Being a Deadbeat Dad

As he outlined within the vlog, the six-time bracelet winner doesn’t own any kids and mentioned he’d never even been to Lake Havasu, a most popular lake community a couple hours from Las Vegas.

“I fabricate not own any family in Arizona and I’ve never been there,” Negreanu mentioned within the vlog of Lake Havasu.

Negreanu’s wife, Amanda Negreanu, inspired her necessary other to rent security to originate obvious his security on the WSOP. Earlier this week in a outdated vlog, a conspiracy theorist poker player named Sara Palmer confronted the poker memoir in what looked as if it will almost definitely be a harassing manner.

“There would possibly perchance be that whacko from the web,” Negreanu joked of Palmer as he attempted to ignore her.

On Thursday’s WSOP Day 9 vlog, things got even more odd, and almost definitely scarier, for the poker considerable particular person. He released a lengthy voicemail, which starts on the 6: 55 mark, that used to be slightly weird and wonderful.

“I truly am calling you because I desire to let what took enviornment after you left Lake Havasu, alright, you’ve a first price to know,” the caller begins.

“In case you left, I had to appear Andrew, uh, Cassie, youngster boy, and the assorted kid all be evicted from across the boulevard from me after I lived at Andrew’s,” he continues.

The caller goes on to inform a neighbor used to be forced to take up Negreanu’s alleged kid (that doesn’t exist) after the family got evicted when the poker professional moved to Las Vegas.

“I appropriate notion you would desire to know what took enviornment to your loads of family that got abandoned,” the caller explains. “I got every invent of oldsters trying to hit me as much as originate this go public, nonetheless I’m providing you with an opportunity to originate it perfect, man, appropriate what I mean. In actuality joyful to your success, dude, the truth is. I met you as a kid, you were truly cool to me, , I truly favored you, Dan, you appropriate disappeared.”

“Or not it’s roughly f****d up you appropriate left your family (in Lake Havasu), man, adore I’m adore roughly grieving over it because I had to appear them sob outside my window from my bedroom for you.”

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

He then turns the unhinged name into imaginable extortion, and he even entails Phil Hellmuth into his wild accusations.

“He suggested PokerNews he is getting the FBI enthusiastic and that they “own heaps to go on” in relation to checking out the imaginable extortionist.”

“However I feel you fabricate not need me to go public with it, so almost definitely you will own to quiet give me a name serve on this telephone because I’m getting every invent of, because I’ve been striking comments, hell, Hellmuth truly needs me in, so, they truly desire to spend it towards you. They truly desire to pay me, nonetheless I’m providing you with an opportunity for me to not go public, and you pay me off whatever, I’m going to retain mild about it, I’m going to signal a contract, nonetheless let me know. K, Dan.”

Negreanu mentioned that he obtained three loads of voicemails from the same particular person, nonetheless they were less annoying. He suggested PokerNews he is getting the FBI enthusiastic and that they “own heaps to go on” in relation to checking out the imaginable extortionist.

The perennial WSOP Player of the Year candidate is off to a unhurried originate up on the 2022 World Sequence of Poker. He’s quiet searching for his first money, nonetheless now has some non-poker linked matters to take care of attributable to a wild voicemail.

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