Did Tom Dwan Soul Learn Phil Hellmuth in Excessive Stakes Duel III?

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan

Combating in opposition to Phil Hellmuth is nothing contemporary to Tom Dwan, and there could be a correct likelihood Dwan’s expertise fiddling with Hellmuth influenced his decision-making on this hand.

The following hand took role during PokerGO’s Excessive Stakes Duel III Round 3 between Dwan and Hellmuth, which Hellmuth came out on top of.

The hand kicked off with blinds and 1,000/2,000 and Dwan (86,000) limping in on the button with {k-Clubs}{10-Spades}. While many players would make a selection to grab, it is classy to combine it up and invent a limping strategy. Hellmuth (310,000) raised to 10,000 and Dwan opted to call, as he will appreciate to in opposition to most opponents.

One advantage of limping with hands take care of right here is that after you know your opponent goes to be very aggressive in opposition to limps, then you definately could most likely well perchance limp in and extremely confidently call. Alternatively, in case your opponent is easiest going to grab over limps with very correct hands, that it’s likely you’ll fair in point of fact appreciate to search out a nitty fold. (Hellmuth himself is identified for in most cases discovering these apparently nitty folds and customarily finally ends up being in opposition to hands that appreciate him beaten.)

Even as you watch the Excessive Stakes Duel III matches it’s likely you will most likely well study that Hellmuth raises very aggressively with some in point of fact junky hands when he thinks his opponent will fold. And, moderately in most cases, Hellmuth uses titanic wager sizings with his junky hands, making this a definite call.

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Label that three-having a wager is now not an optimum strategy for Dwan because it permits Hellmuth to fold out his rubbish and shovel in moderately a couple of money with his correct hands.

The flop came {5-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and Hellmuth opted to envision. Here’s a situation the effect the preflop aggressor will appreciate to wager with moderately a couple of their fluctuate, which comprises titanic pairs and ace-highs with a correct preference of outs. As an illustration, if Hellmuth had {a-}{q-}, he would appreciate four outs to the three for a straight and three outs to both the ace and the queen, assuming his overcards had been are living.

Hellmuth vs. Dwan
Hellmuth vs. Dwan on Excessive Stakes Poker III

Furthermore, Hellmuth likes to bluff with hands take care of {7-}{2-}, {7-}{3-} and {7-}{4-}, and moderately a couple of those hands would appreciate made pairs or straight draws on this board. So I contemplate right here’s a situation the effect Hellmuth will appreciate to wager in most cases, meaning dread bells will have to had been going off for Dwan when Hellmuth checked.

Dwan checked lend a hand on the flop to bring the {a-Clubs} on the flip, giving Dwan the king-excessive flush plan. Hellmuth wager a tiny 6,000, allowing Dwan to continue with his flush plan since he used to be getting colossal odds to preserve out so.

Dwan will appreciate to additionally invent a elevating fluctuate, which will appreciate to consist of:

  • Fingers that can confidently salvage all of it in (take care of flushes)
  • Premium draws
  • Junky draws (take care of a hand with the {6-Clubs})

If Dwan obtained reraised, he could most likely well perchance confidently call with his top class hands and fold out his junky draws.

The river brought the {3-Spades} to effect a straight on the board and Hellmuth checked. What would you elevate out on this downside?

Your Stack (BTN): 72,000
Their Stack (BB): 296,000
Pot: 32,000

  • Take a look at
  • Bet 11,000 (tiny)
  • Bet 32,000 (titanic)
  • Bet 72,000 (all-in)

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Here’s a stress-free one because I am now not obvious what Hellmuth’s fluctuate appears to be like take care of. Hellmuth is highly tricky and trappy, meaning he will test the river with some flushes or sixes, so Dwan has to be very cautious on this situation when it involves bluffing too in most cases.

That talked about, when Dwans bluffs he wants to appreciate a correct club in his hand, take care of the king or the queen, because that goes to dam some of Hellmuth’s auto-calls. If Hellmuth had a hand take care of the {a-}{k-Clubs}, he would be very inclined to call because he would block Dwan’s glaring price bets.

“Even as you wager pot, it’s likely you will most likely well appreciate to inquire of whether or now not that it’s likely you’ll salvage critically fewer folds than as soon as you plug all in.”

I most likely would appreciate long gone all in. Here’s a downside the effect that it’s likely you’ll price-jam with sixes for a straight, even although that you just shall be in opposition to a flush in most cases. Most players could most likely well perchance now not appreciate a six right here, and Hellmuth most likely would appreciate wager if he had one. Most players effect now not dumb-play moderately in most cases adequate with a hand take care of a six or a flush, so you can commence discounting those hands out of your opponent’s fluctuate.

Whenever you discount those hands, all of which could most likely well perchance quiet be to your fluctuate, that it’s likely you’ll plug for a river wager. A tiny wager would not assassinate sense because that it’s likely you’ll salvage referred to as in most cases. Even as you wager pot, it’s likely you will most likely well appreciate to inquire of whether or now not that it’s likely you’ll salvage critically fewer folds than as soon as you plug all in. It be positively a player-dependent downside, and I appreciate no design what the answer is in opposition to Hellmuth.

Dwan opted to envision lend a hand with his king-excessive. It turned out to be the suitable transfer as Hellmuth had the stone nuts with {3-Clubs}{2-Clubs} for a straight flush.

Having a glimpse lend a hand at how the hand played out, I contemplate Hellmuth will appreciate wager bigger on the flip to assemble the pot and passed over out on price by now not doing so. This used to be a moderately correct bluff situation for Dwan, who has confirmed he can salvage out of line every as soon as shortly, nonetheless he will appreciate developed some are living reads on his opponent that led him to envision lend a hand.

For extra on this hand test up on my breakdown within the next video:

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*Lead disclose courtesy of PokerGO.

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