Dimov Denies Schemion and Captures Second Natty MILLION$ Title

Ognyan Dimov

Ognyan “fizoka” Dimov was a two-time GGPoker Natty MILLION$ champion on August 2 when he defeated Ole Schemion heads-up, denying the typical German a third Natty MILLION$ victory.

Dimov triumphed in this event in December 2021 and noticed $508,891 hit his GGPoker account. This newest victory came with $302,053 of the $1,390,000 prize pool, yet yet every other inconceivable result from the talented Russian.

GGPoker Natty MILLION$ Finest Desk Results

Assert Player Nation Prize
1 Ognyan “fizoka” Dimov Russia $302,053
2 Ole Schemion Austria $235,891
3 Juan Dominguez Andorra $184,221
4 Casimir “mrsbradleyy” Seire Finland $143,869
5 Trace Radoja Mexico $112,355
6 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $87,745
7 Aleksejs Ponakovs Latvia $68,525
8 Marcelo Asensio Brazil $53,515
9 Dario Sammartino Austria $41,793

The closing desk lost its first participant all over the foremost stage of action when Dario Sammartino bowed out in ninth space after losing a coinflip. Dimov min-raised to 70,000 from early space with pocket tens, and called when Sammartino jammed 706,116 from the mammoth blind with ace-king. A jack-high board kept the tens ahead, and Sammartino crashed out.

Originate-of-the-day short stack Marcelo Asensio ideal managed to ladder one space earlier than he busted in eighth. Asensio busted on the hand after Sammartino’s match ended. Asensio moved all-in for no longer up to 6 mammoth blinds with queen-ten, and Casimir “mrsbradleyy” Seire called with pocket queens. Asensio became once drawing ineffective by the turn.

Aleksejs Ponakovs
Aleksejs Ponakovs

Aleksejs Ponakovs, who won a World Sequence of Poker bracelet this summer, became once eliminated in seventh. Schemion opened to 73,500 from the cutoff with suited ace-queen, and Ponakovs shoved from the mammoth blind for 545,800 with the dominated ace-ten. Schemion called and won the pot courtesy of his queen-kicker.

It took yet every other half hour to lose yet every other participant after the outlet flurry of exits. Wiktor Malinowski, a three-time Natty MILLION$ champion, became once the participant heading to the showers. Malinowski min-raised from the cutoff with ace-9, and Dimov defended his mammoth blind with eight-seven. Dimov flopped an eight-high straight, and without delay wager 73,080, which Malinowski called. An ace on the turn build three spades in the market and Dimov paused for somewhat while earlier than making a wager 350,000 into the 407,160 pot. All over again, Malinowski called. An offsuit queen accomplished the board, and Dimov shoved. Malinowski called off the 885,810 chips he had on the aid of, ideal to be proven the inappropriate news that his high pair became once beaten.

The first six-decide prize of the evening went to Trace Radoja, who can not appear to prefer this match regardless of how exhausting he tries. Radoja came unstuck all over the 25,000/50,000/6,000a stage when Schemion raised to 105,000 from under the gun, and Radoja jammed for 583,203. Schemion called and turned over ace-jack, which became once ahead of Radoja’s king-queen. Radoja hit a queen on the river but it for sure became once too cramped too slack because Schemion flopped an ace and turned yet every other.

Finland’s Seire began the closing desk with a chip lead but needed to safe elevate out with a fourth-space elevate out. Seire originate-shoved for 828,633 with pocket sevens when the mammoth blind became once 70,000. Dimov called in the little blind with pocket tens, which held to nick again the participant count by one.

Juan Pardo Dominguez

Andorra-based fully Spaniard Juan Dominguez who had almost twice as many chips as his final two opponents when three-handed play began. The closing three locked horns for bigger than an hour earlier than Dominguez fell by the wayside. Schemion limped for 120,000 with queen-four of diamonds from the little blind, ideal for Dominguez to put off to 360,000 with ace-ten. Schemion made a play and moved all-in, and Dominguez called off the 2,244,022 chips he had on the aid of. Dominguez hit an ace on the flop and matched his ten on the turn, but a 9 on the river talented Schemion the very unlikely of straights, and Dominguez became once long gone.

Schemion began the heads-up conflict with Dimov preserving a 9,958,165 to about a,941,835 chip lead and everybody, in conjunction with the commentary duo of Jeff Unsuitable and Nacho Barbero, conception this became once Schemion’s day. On the opposite hand, Dimov had other tips.

Dimov before all the pieces fell extra on the aid of, with Schemion breaking thru the 10 million chip barrier. Dimov chipped away at Schemion’s lead, pulled stage after which took the lead for himself. Schemion became once on the ropes earlier than he busted, trailing by 24-to-1! The closing hand noticed Schemion shove with queen-six and Dimov call with jack-six. A jack on the flop proved ample to ship Schemion to the showers and to award Dimov his second Natty MILLION$ title.

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