Eder Campana Collects $74,260 in PokerStars KO Week Excessive Roller

Eder Campana

Eder “edercampana” Campana edged his PokerStars winnings ever nearer to $3 million by taking down a high roller match all over KO Week on April 3. Campana came out on top within the $1,050 NLHE 8-Max Sunday Excessive Roller, a consequence that added $74,260 to his bankroll.

The Brazilian’s most modern in a long line of wide scores is the fifth supreme of his important carer. it represents the 2d-supreme money at PokerStars, 2d most nice looking to the $219,725 Campana helped himself to all over the 2018 World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP).

KO Week 74: $1,050 NLHE 8-Max Sunday HR SE

Pickle Participant Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Eder “edercampana” Campana Brazil $43,974 $30,286 $74,260
2 Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker Austria $9,294 $30,286 $39,580
3 DaniC19941893 Brazil $4,554 $19,601 $24,155
4 Seunghun South Korea $6,250 $14,763 $21,013
5 Gratitdude Estonia $3,953 $11,120 $15,073
6 BBRS999 Croatia $3,875 $8,376 $12,251
7 000000000136 Malta $3,125 $6,309 $9,434
8 aminolast Canada $1,718 $4,752 $6,470

A field of 378 entrants created a $378,000 prize pool where half went on the heads of every entrants with the end 47 finishers sharing the opposite 50%. Such luminaries as Simon “C. Darwin2” Mattsson, Ivan “zufo16” Zufic, and Marius “DEX888” Gierse cashed however did not growth to the eighth-handed closing desk.

“aminolast” did attain the last desk however their time there was once short-lived bcause they busted in eighth design. With bounties included, aminolast walked away with $6,40.

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Seventh design and $9,434 went to “000000000136” of Malta, which was once the closing prize to not tip the scales at five figures. “BBRS999” of Croatia and “Gratitdude” of Estonia saw their tournaments finish , even although the $12,251 and $15,073 they scooped will recede a design to numbing the ache.

“Seunghun” secured a $21,013 payout all of the formulation over in South Korea before “DaniC19941893” of Brazil crashed out in third for $24,155, which left Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker and Campana heads-up for the title and a tall bounty payment.

Each and every heads-up gamers banked $30,286 from the main prize pool however the last bounty payment up for grabs was once even better than that prize. Muehloecker fell at the last hurdle and added $9,294 to his predominant prize pool payout. On the opposite hand, Campana added a cool $43,974 to his payout for a mixed prize of $39,580.

Hulaaaa Topped KO Week Sunday Warm-Up Champion

“Hulaaaa” of Ukraine modified into a KO Week champion after taking down the $215 Sunday Warm-Up. Successful this tournament would be improbable in its have correct however particularly so ought to you take into legend what Hulaaaa and their fellow Ukrainians are experiencing correct now.

A bumper field of 1,772 entrants ensured the $175,000 guarantee was once blown out of the water; the tournament paid out $354,400. Some $44,268 of that pot went t the Ukrainian chamion.

Team PokerStars’ Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle build together a deep escape, which ended in 19th design.

The tournament’s top four finishers saw a five-figure sum head to their PokerStars accounts when bounties had been included. “niki_kk” of Bulgaria’s fourth-design pause saw them prefer dwelling $13,583. Andrew “Picasso 2” Hedley secured a $17,095 payday after falling in third; their elimination left Hulaaaa heads-up with “YannickPoker1.”

Hulaaaa bought the job performed within the one-on-one warfare and padded their bankroll with $44,268, leaving Austria’s YannickPoker1 to reel in a $27,778 consolation prize.

Germany’s “Boene” Banks Occupation-Most nice looking Obtain All the design by PokerStars KO Week

KO Week 67: $215 NLHE Sunday Warm-Up

Pickle Participant Country Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Hulaaaa Ukraine $23,030 $21,238 $44,268
2 YannickPoker1 Austria $23,029 $4,749 $27,778
3 Andrew “Picasso 2” Hedley United Kingdom $13,786 $3,309 $17,095
4 niki_kk Bulgaria $9,882 $3,701 $13,583
5 Escapemissio Poland $7,084 $1,195 $8,279
6 vatniykrok Belarus $5,078 $2,545 $7,623
7 Casimir “Ceis25” Seire Finland $3,640 $1,775 $5,415
8 Richard “ChipsFool” Hoadley United Kingdom $2,609 $2,759 $5,368
9 chiefofxocolati Switzerland $1,870 $3,246 $5,116

Other PokerStars Results From April 3

A obvious level out goes to “Ant1K1lller” who obtained not one however two bounty builder tournaments. They secured the $13,941 top prize within the $215 Bounty Builder before taking down the $109 Bounty Builder for one more $19,696.

  • gardze_wami – winner of the $109 Sunday Cooldown for $26,389*
  • Ant1K1lller – winner of the $109 Bounty Builder for $19,696*
  • Ant1K1lller – winner of the $215 Bounty Builder for $13,941*
  • Anton “Bomber&Granater” Wigg – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Supersonic for $13,641
  • Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Cooldown for $13,225*
  • SaoJorge2222 – winner of the $215 Sunday Supersonic for $12,409
  • Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivielevski – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $11,304
  • “Artem7447” – winner of the $109 Sunda Kickoff for $7,399

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