Ethan “Rampage” Yau is on Moderately the Roller Coaster Trek; Loses Immense Then Wins Ring

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Ethan “Rampage” Yau unsuccessfully executed a $45,000 river bluff towards Garrett Adelstein on a recent Hustler On line casino Dwell circulation, and misplaced nearly about six figures for the length of the session. But he’s already won notable of it wait on over the final week in loads of tournaments.

Yau, who final October won the MSPT Venetian $1,100 Predominant Match for $230,379, took down WSOP Circuit Match #12: $2,200 High Roller No-Limit Collect’em on the Bicycle On line casino in Los Angeles for $49,530 final Wednesday to initiate off his comeback. He beat out 80 entrants to create his third Circuit ring since December. That is the factual data for him. Right here is the dreadful data:

Now I’m top most likely down 5 figures this week 🙂

— Rampage Poker (@rampagepoker) March 17, 2022

Taking a Shot

On Friday, “Rampage” competed on Hustler On line casino Dwell in a $50/$100/$200 game, the absolute top stakes of his career. He bought in for $100,000 earlier than in conjunction with on every other $50,000 later within the demonstrate. Just a few of Yau’s Twitter followers were important of him for shot taking at such excessive stakes.

Issues did no longer exactly high-tail his approach for the length of the lengthy session, alternatively. He misplaced a sizeable pot to Adelstein, who regarded on High Stakes Poker earlier this week, when {a-}{k-} bumped into {a-}{a-}. However the most memorable, and pricey, hand of the evening got here on the discontinue towards the same participant.

Yau, on the button, raised the $500 straddle to $1,300 with {5-Hearts}{4-Hearts}, and Adelstein three-wager from the extensive blind to $5,200 with {10-Spades}{9-Spades}. Both avid gamers took a flop, which got here {10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}. “G-Man” determined to establish and let his opponent wager, which he did for $6,500, a moderately sizable wager on a moist board. Adelstein referred to as they veritably noticed the {7-Hearts} seem on the flip, somewhat the juicy card for every avid gamers.

The fling again checked to “Rampage,” who semi-bluffed in conjunction with his flush scheme for $16,000. That wasn’t going to dread away his opponent, who grew to turn true into a straight. Adelstein merely referred to as and then noticed the board pair on the river — {10-Clubs}.

For a third time, Adelstein performed it protected and checked it wait on to the aggressive participant. Yau had skipped over his flush scheme and merely would possibly perhaps well no longer let the $56,000 pot high-tail without a fight. So, he fired out a extensive bluff of $45,000. Adelstein took a minute to ponder his pass. In the discontinue, despite the board being paired, his hand became merely too stable to fold.

Yau misplaced the pot and $93,000 overall for the day, the absolute top losing session of his poker career, and he did so in front of Hustler On line casino Dwell’s extensive dwell-circulation viewers.

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Bouncing Abet

Though “Rampage,” whose YouTube channel has over 136,000 subscribers, took one on the chin at Hustler On line casino, he bought a bit of it wait on Wednesday evening, and then some extra on Sunday.

Yau became the winner of the $2,200 clutch-in WSOP Circuit match at The Bike, and got $49,530, in most cases only adequate to bag his river wager towards Adelstein wait on. The poker vlogger defeated David Van Reyk, who top most likely had one old profit a WSOP or WSOP Circuit match, heads-up to remove the ring. Maria Ho furthermore cashed within the match, an 11th spot cease for $3,495.

WSOP Circuit Match #12 at The Bike Final Desk Outcomes

Web site Player Prize
1 Ethan Yau $49,530
2 David Van Reyk $30,605
3 Shan Jing $20,895
4 Vincent Moscati $14,695
5 Sohale Khalili $10,655
6 Derek Kwan $7,975
7 Shingo Horikoshi $6,160
8 Adam Swan $4,925
9 Bryan Rowland $4,075

Then on Sunday, he took down a $320 clutch-in no-restrict take care of’em match on for $27,984 for every other gold ring, the third of his career to pass along in conjunction with his gold bracelet from the 2020 WSOP. He is made somewhat the comeback due to the the tough session on Hustler On line casino Dwell.

Earlier within the series at The Bike, “Rampage” performed third out of 443 in Match #9: $600 No-Limit Collect’em for $20,555. Dathan Kuppin shipped the Ring and the $45,445 first spot payday.

Yau furthermore won a WSOP Circuit ring on March 1 ($2,000 No-Limit Collect’em Immense High Roller for $53,096) playing on while attending a Vegas Golden Knights hockey game. He vlogged the remove as he sat and watched the Knights defeat the San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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