Fabian Brandes Wins Match #39 $3,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 6-Handed

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Chris Bean
Fabian Brandes

After a grueling nine hours beneath the monstrous lights on the World Series of Poker feature desk at Bally’s Match Heart Fabian Brandes has gained Match #39: $3,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 6-Handed championship to build up the prestigious WSOP gold bracelet and pocket $371,358 in prize cash.

The German who now resides in Vienna, Austria, outlasted 719 players that generated a prize pool of $1,919,730. The Omaha specialist defeated Day 2 and Day 3 chip chief Leonid Yanovski heads up to put shut the crown, great to the absolute satisfaction of his rail. Brandes instructed PokerNews “It used to be a rollercoaster of a day! It’s unreal to bask in the bracelet in my hand.”

Match #39: $3,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 6-Handed Final Table Outcomes

Space Winner Nation Prize
1 Fabian Brandes Germany $371,358
2 Leonid Yanovski Israel $229,529
3 Sean Winter USA $156,401
4 Thomas Morrison USA $108,604
5 Ferenc Deak Hungary $76,880
6 Grzegorz Derkowski Poland $55,501

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Brandes’ put shut simplest came nine days after narrowly lacking out on a bracelet in Match #19: $25,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha High Roller to Tong Li of China, bagging $907,132. The German’s total earnings this summer is $1,278,490 from simplest two tournaments played. Brandes simplest has intentions of having fun with one extra match, Match #69 $10,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 8-handed to be held on July 2nd.

Fabian Brandes
Fabian Brandes

Rather then Brandes gaining the first gold bracelet of his career, the extensive tale of the day used to be the sensational comeback made by Sean Winter. The high stakes specialist who is 31st on poker’s all-time cash checklist, used to be appropriate down to 100,000 chips at one level, which used to be not up to one huge blind.

Sean Winter
Sean Winter

Winter from Jacksonville, Florida, spun up his stack to put shut the chip lead after successful seven all-ins when he used to be at risk of elimination. Sadly, he couldn’t total the miracle victory and executed in third space to put shut dwelling $156,401

Final Table Scurry

Poland’s Grzegorz Derkowski used to be the first elimination of the day after almost about four hours of play when Brandes became the next two pair than Derkowski. The $55,501 payday is the 2nd greatest cash of the Fussball fanatic’s career.

Making his 2nd WSOP final desk in per week, Hungarian Ferenc Deak went one space better than Match #30 $1,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 8-Handed by ending fifth. Amateur player Thomas Morrison, who works in Maryland, secured the very most attention-grabbing cash of his career by claiming fourth space for a six-resolve receive. His previous most fine used to be $1,746 encourage in 2010.

Leonid Yanovski
Leonid Yanovski

Yanovski shall be in a roundabout method disappointed with how the final desk panned out. At one stage, the musician from Haifa, Israel, (whose band is called Gargantuan Blind Special), had two-thirds of the chips in play.

Nonetheless the winner is Brandes who used to be supported with his Nice Mario resolve card protector and a Mario cap. When asked in regards to the Mario affiliation, Brandes said, “I pretended to be superstitious and this 12 months I selected Mario, and to this level he is doing a upright job.” After a first space and a 2nd space, Brandes shall be preserving his lucky resolve beneath lock and key.

This brings the terminate to the coverage of this match, and the WSOP has now formally handed out half of its bracelets. Dwell tuned to PokerNews to search out out who shall be subsequent to don the WSOP gold bracelet.

Name Surname
Chris Bean
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  • 43 David Perry Defeats Chris Moorman in the 2022 WSOP $500 Freezeout ($241,729)
  • 44 Fabian Brandes Wins Match #39 $3,000 Pot-Restrict Omaha 6-Handed

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