Godofbaccarat Banks $325K Plus a Coveted WSOPC Ring at GGPoker

GGPoker WSOPC Series

The $100 million assured WSOP Spring Online Circuit festival kicked off at GGPoker this weekend and it is cushy to say the giant weapons came out in power for its opening events. The outlet tournaments were packed to the rafters with stellar names, nonetheless it became as soon as “Godofbaccarat” who shone the brightest in the main of 18 WSOPC ring-awarding tournaments.

#1: Mammoth 500 NLE Spring Kick-Off Last Table Outcomes

Web site Player Country Prize
1 Godofbaccarat Canada $325,684
2 Danilo Velasevic Montenegro $244,228
3 Memukul Austria $183,145
4 Johannes “Hazes” Straver Austria $137,339
5 Vinnie “JerryYang07” Mohan United Kingdom $102,990
6 Alon “Alon_Eldar” Eldar Israel $77,231
7 Stoyan Obreshkov Macedonia $57,915
8 Bertil “DonPepe” Samuelsson Andorra $43,430
9 Pen15 Canada $32,568

The outlet event became as soon as a $500 defend-in No-Restrict Retain’em affair that GGPoker promised as a minimal $2 million will be won. A self-discipline of 6,242 entries ensured the guarantee became as soon as no longer totally hit but surpassed by $964,950, a improbable result. Some 1,080 gamers navigated their manner by to Day 2, with 700 of them walking away with one thing to existing for their efforts.

A min-money weighed in at $1,177 but the least any of the finalists would possibly well maybe also defend home became as soon as $32,568. That sum went to “Pen15” of Canada, who became as soon as the final desk’s first casualty.

Stoyan Obreshkov
Stoyan Obreshkov performed in seventh reputation

Bertil “DonPepe” Samuelsson and Stoyan Obreshkov were the next gamers left with empty areas where their chips as soon as stood. The frail aloof $43,430 while the latter scooped a $57,915 prize.

Then came the loss of life of Israel’s Alon “Alon_Edlar” Eldar in sixth-reputation. Eldar banked $77,231, which became as soon as the match’s final 5-figure prize. Fifth-reputation and $102,990 went to the United Kingdom’s Vinnie “JerryYang07” Mohan. Here is Mohan’s greatest-ever on-line match score and his first tipping the scales at six-figures.

The pay jumps persisted rising and the prize money beginning turning into increasingly extra life-changing. Johannes “Hazes” Straver bought his hands on the $137,339 while fellow Austrian “Memukul” saw their GGPoker fable balance swell by $183,145 as soon as they crashed out in third.

Heads-up pitted Danilo Velasevic against “Godofbaccarat” in a fight where there became as soon as a come $81,500 difference in prize money plus the all-crucial gold WSOP Circuit ring. The one-on-one clash went Godofbaccarat’s manner, resining Velasevic to a $244,228 consolation prize and which intention the main event had a Canadian champion who became as soon as now $325,684 richer than they were just a few days in the past.

$100M Guaranteed WSOP Spring Online Circuit Hits GGPoker on March 24

Sammartino Scoops $92Ample Ranking After Three-Handed Chop

Dario Sammartino
Dario Sammartino

Dario Sammartino helped himself to a different fundamental on-line poker title and $92,166 in prize money when he became the closing participant standing from a self-discipline of 694 in the $1,050 Sunday HR Main Tournament. Sammartino would have walked away with a six-figure prize had he no longer struck a deal when three-handed with “UrineTrouble” and Pavlo Veksler, who reeled in $86,405 and $75,711 prizes, respectively.

All people at the nine-handed final desk locked in 5 figures. Jason “Cracked_” Pritchard, Chris Klodnicki, and Fausto “Fantastik55” Tantillo were the main finalists to plunge by the wayside.

Christian “2StcMode2” Bertu became as soon as the sixth-reputation finisher earlier than “BananenBencb789” and “Pok3rDi3m” busted to proceed totally three gamers making an attempt to gain the title of champion. That trio struck a deal for the rest of the prize pool, and banked payouts ranging from $75,711 to $92,166, boosting their bankroll on the opening weekend of the $100 million assured assortment.

WSOPC Series: $1,050 Sunday HR Main Tournament Last Table Outcomes

Web site Player Country Prize
1 Dario Sammartino Austria $92,166*
2 UrineTrouble Luxembourg $86,405*
3 Pavlo Veksler Austria $75,711*
4 Pok3rDi3m Hungary $48,447
5 BananenBencb789 Austria $37,065
6 Christian “2StcMode2” Bertu Slovenia $28,357
7 Fausto “Fantastik55” Tantillo San Marino $21,695
8 Chris Klodnicki Canada $16,598
9 Jason “Cracked_” Pritchard Contemporary Zealand $12,698

*reflects a three-handed deal

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Other Impressive Victories Worth $25,000 From March 27

Niklas Astedt
One other two titles for Sweden’s Niklas Astedt

Niklas Astedt reeled in the head prizes in two GGPoker events this weekend; that they had combined rankings of $105,044. Three diversified GGpoker stars walked away with six-figure hauls. Isaac Haxton netted $291,155 for one more victory in the $25,500 Sunday Trim Excessive Roller, Andre “Sperma” Marques won the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Tournament for $118,090, while Georgios Manousos banked $117,473 for edifying the $1,050 GGMasters Excessive Roller.

  • Isaac Haxton – winner of the $25,500 Sunday Trim HR for $291,155
  • Andre “Sperma” Marques – winner of the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Tournament for $118,090*
  • Georgios Manousos – winner of the $1,050 GGMasters Excessive Roller for $117,473
  • Samuel Vousden – winner of the $5,250 Deepstack Sunday HR for $71,766
  • Niklas Astedt – winner of the $5,250 Bounty Hunters Trim Excessive Roller for $66,030*
  • Aleksander “Instaprincez” Doan – winner of the $150 GGMasters for $63,538
  • espoir2020 – winner of the $250 Sunday Main Tournament for $62,240
  • Carlos Villamarin – winner of the $300 GGMasters Bounty for $52,808*
  • Matas Cimbolas – winner of the $888 Loopy Eights for $48,355
  • Timothy Cramer – winner of the $777 Lucky Sevens HR for $48,051
  • Christian Rudolph – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Heater HR Bounty Turbo for $46,375*
  • Niklas Astedt – winner of the $840 Bounty Heat-Up for $39,014*
  • Thomas Huber – first-reputation in the $1,050 Sunday PLO Main Tournament for $38,480
  • mj74 – winner of the $1,050 Sunday Kick-Off HR for $35,143
  • baccarat8 – winner of the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Encore for $34,760*
  • Bernardo Granato – winner of the $210 Bounty Hunters Sunday Mammoth Sport for $34,159*
  • 123MAMA123 – winner of the $300 Sunday Marathon for $31,257
  • farid2020frd – winner of the $250 Sunday Monster Stack for $30,646
  • Diego “TheProjecter” Ventura – winner of the $640 Trim Six Bounty Turbo HR for $25,951*
  • Farid Jattin – winner of the $840 PLO Hundred Stack HR for $25,281

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