How Mighty Would It Worth to Enter EVERY WSOP Tournament This Year? Here is a Breakdown

WSOP Money

What would you end in case you won the lottery? Doubtlessly chase to the World Sequence of Poker, gracious?

So correct how mammoth a jackpot end you need in repeat to play in each match on this year’s WSOP schedule?

Pick up not anxiousness — PokerNews has carried out the math and has found out correct how unheard of money you would perhaps be able to need to keep up between now and Could 31!

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Crunching the Numbers

First, let’s employ a look for at the total schedule. This year, there are 88 events on the WSOP schedule. They’ve have interaction-ins ranging from Tournament #51: $400 Colossus the total draw to Tournament #50: $250,000 Immense High Roller.

We can spoil up it down even additional, with 12 events having have interaction-ins of not up to $1,000, including the Salute to Warriors, Lucky 7’s and the $5m GTD Housewarming to kick of the WSOP.

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The used have interaction-in of $1,500 would possibly perchance perhaps well be prevalent for the period of the schedule, without a fewer than 22 events coming with that have interaction-in. Tournament equivalent to the Millionaire Maker, Monster Stack and Nearer will undoubtedly be fan favorites all but again.

The schedule naturally entails 13 Championship events, including the WSOP Main Tournament, each coming with the used $10,000 have interaction-in.

There are also 10 events with have interaction-ins of $25,000 and up, that comprises the $25,000 Heads-Up Championship alongside with $100,000 and $250,000 High Rollers.

Have you ever bustle out of fingers to count but?

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What About Re-Entry Tournaments?

But what if somebody needs to fireplace but again, I hear you query?

Effectively, gamers would possibly perchance perhaps well perchance re-enter within the event that they need to in 53 of the 88 WSOP events. Valuable freezeout tournaments on the schedule encompass the Immense Turbo Bounty, Imprint Crew, Shootout, Mini Main Tournament and most Championship events.

As for re-entry events, 29 of them are single re-entry, 14 enable for up to 2 re-entries and 10 enable for additional than two. Primarily, four tournaments comprise limitless re-entry.

What Will Be Diversified at the 2022 WSOP

Limitless Re-Entry Tournaments

The four events that enable for limitless re-entry at the 2022 WSOP are:

  • Tournament #24: $1,000 GGPoker Flip & Hobble
  • Tournament #71: $1,111 One More for One Tumble
  • Tournament #75: $777 Lucky 7’s
  • Tournament #76: $1,979 Poker Hall of Fame Bounty

In 2021, varied poker gamers fired extra than once within the Flip & Hobble match. GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu took nine entries, Jeff Spoiled took 18 while David Williams fired a staggering 19 bullets within the match.

Study out this video of Negreanu’s Flip & Hobble match abilities:

The Supreme Calculations

So in case you add up each match’s have interaction-in, you get to $981,767. But in repeat to reach our closing total of how unheard of this can worth a diminutive bit to enter each WSOP match, we are going to buy that gamers fireplace the utmost quantity of bullets in each match.

For limitless re-entry events, now we luxuriate in factored in three bullets for all however the Flip & Hobble, the attach we have allowed for five entries – elegant reasonably priced pondering the exploits of every Spoiled and Williams.

The total? $1,849,801.

Now not defective…especially pondering Negreanu himself has talked about that he’ll simplest be taking part in 49 of the 88 bracelet events, and his have interaction-ins come to over $930,000 — and that is earlier than re-entries are even taken into sage!

But what else would possibly perchance perhaps well perchance $1.8 million get you?

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