Lok Chan Wins 2022 WSOP Tournament #35: $2,500 Mixed Gigantic Bet on First Time out to WSOP ($144,338)

Lok Chan

After three days of mixed sport action, Lok Chan defeated Drew Scott in heads-up play to web Tournament #35: $2,500 Mixed Gigantic Bet at the 2022 World Series of Poker in its new dwelling at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas. The authorized mix of monumental wager variants attracted 281 runners to generate a prize pool of $625,225.

Chan took dwelling the high prize of $144,338, together alongside with his first bracelet, on his maiden time out from Hong Kong to Las Vegas for the WSOP.

Tournament #35: $2,500 Mixed Gigantic Bet Final Table Outcomes

Space Name Country Prize
1 Lok Chan Hong Kong $144,338
2 Drew Scott Canada $89,206
3 Rami Boukai United States $61,675
4 Michael Trivett United States $43,378
5 Christopher Smith United States $31,045
6 Galen Hall United States $22,617
7 Aaron Kupin United States $16,777

Winner’s Reaction

The champ is good 22 years extinct, but he has performed poker for rather a while.

“I even salvage performed for seven years after I realized from my brother as soon as I became 15,” Chan said in his post-web interview with PokerNews.

Chan’s first time out to Las Vegas for the WSOP is also his first opportunity to play mixed video games in a dwell occasion format. His pastime in variants has increased over the last couple of years after playing on-line.

“I’m no longer winning that unparalleled in abet’em on this deadline, so I play mixed video games on-line loads. It’s my first time I’ve ever performed dwell.

“When I became 17 or 18, I’d stir to Taiwan and play dwell tournaments and I’d play cash on-line. Right here’s my first time coming to Las Vegas for the WSOP. I became lucky adequate to protect alive and salvage a chance to derive a bracelet.”

The newly-crowned champion plans to exercise unparalleled extra time at the 2022 WSOP and presumably derive a shot at a 2nd bracelet.

“I’m certainly playing the Vital Tournament because that’s what I came right here for. I might possibly presumably additionally take a one-day ruin and salvage a rest with my company and my important other. We are going out and I will rest up for the rest of the series.”

2022 World Series of Poker Hub

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Day 3 Action

Day 3 got off to a quick originate when Andrew Robl became eradicated on the very first hand of play. Robl attempted to scheme to a straight flush in No-Restrict Five Card Device High, but Richard Ashby’s two pair held to derive the knockout.

Several gamers had been lost in the opening levels of the day, together with Schuyler Thornton, Michael Savakinas, and Craig Chait. Keith Lehr bowed out in 13th location to bring the occasion down to 2 tables.

Soon to hit the rail before closing table action had been Ashby, Scott Bohlman, Renan Bruschi, Patrick Leonard and Ryan Moriarty, who fell to Scott’s 9-eight in lowball to ship the closing seven gamers to an unofficial closing table.

Out in seventh location became Aaron Kupin, who got it in while drawing one with eight-seven in No-Restrict 2-7 Single Device, but he drew a queen and became knocked out by Rami Boukai. Following in sixth location became Galen Hall, who became knocked out when Scott made a wheel in Pot-Restrict Omaha 8 or Better.

Christopher Smith became out in fifth after he drew to an eight-5 in lowball, but he peeled an ace and lost to Chan’s 9-six. Following closely in fourth became Michael Trivett after he got scooped by Scott in Omaha 8 or Better.

Michael Trivett
Michael Trivett

Three-handed play ended rapid when Boukai attempted to make a straight in No-Restrict Five Card Device High, but he passed over his scheme and Scott’s two pair despatched him off in third location.

The closing two battled for less than an hour, and the monumental 2nd came when Chan caught runner-runner tens to beat Scott’s pocket kings in No-Restrict Withhold’em.

This concludes coverage of Tournament #35: $2,500 Mixed Gigantic Bet. Congratulations to Lok Chan on his first WSOP bracelet! Agree with particular to protect it with the PokerNews crew in the middle of the rest of the 2022 WSOP for dwell updates for your total authorized tournaments.

Lok Chan
Lok Chen and his rail.
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