Malinowski Walks Away With His Second Immense MILLION$ Title

Wiktor Malinowski

Wiktor Malinowski bulldozed his means to a GGPoker Immense MILLION$ title in Could well perhaps also unbiased 2021 and reeled in a $394,852 rating. Virtually exactly 13 months later, Malinowski came out on high of a 151 sturdy field to become a two-time Immense MILLION$ champion. This most modern victory added $306,923 to the Polish high-stakes specialist’s bankroll. As soon as more, he smashed his means throughout the sphere.

Malinowski sat down at the final table third in chips with a healthy 65.7 mountainous blind stack ahead of leaving a fade of elite educated poker gamers in his wake as he marched on to glory. Here is how the final table’s action went down.

GGPoker Immense MILLION$ Supreme Table Outcomes

Space Player Country Prize
1 Wiktor Malinowski Macau $306,923
2 Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb Mexico $240,654
3 Samuel Vousden Finland $188,693
4 Mike Watson Canada $147,951
5 Aleks Ponakovs Latvia $116,006
6 Bruno Volkmann Brazil $90,958
7 Artur Martirosian Russia $71,319
8 Juan Dominguez Andorra $55,920
9 Conor Beresford Thailand $43,846

Frail Immense MILLION$ champion Conor Beresford saw his tournament quit in ninth space after having pocket kings cracked. Beresford min-raised to 80,000 from the cutoff alongside with his pocket kings, and in an instant known as off the 793,740 he had in the lend a hand of when Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb three-guess all-in for greater than 4.8 million on the button, doing so with ace-nine of clubs. Gottlieb’s gutsy play modified into as soon as rewarded with an ace on the flip, and Beresford modified into as soon as historical past.

A battle of the blinds with Malinowski resulted in Juan Dominguez bowing out. Dominguez limped in from the little blind for 50,000 with queen-ten of spade, and Malinowski checked in the mountainous blind with ace-nine. A queen-high flop saw Dominguez check-call a 50,000 guess. Dominguez check-known as a 200,000 guess when a nine landed on the flip ahead of check-calling all-in for 794,407 when a second nine achieved the board and improved Malinowski to scurry nines.

Artur Martirosian
Artur Martirosian will must back for his sixth Immense MILLION$ title

Seventh space went to Artur Martirosian who laddered from final space, making improvements to his capture-dwelling pay by nearly $30,000 as a end result. Martirosian modified into as soon as down to a color over two mountainous blinds when he moved all-in from the button with ace-trey. Malinowski known as in the mountainous blind with king-5. A king on the flop and a 5 on the flip ended Martirosian’s most modern deep streak.

The in-originate Bruno Volkmann modified into as soon as the following participant eliminated, and it modified into as soon as Malinowski who did the damage all another time. The action folded to Volkmann in the little blind and he commence-shoved for 1,129,052, or nearly 20 mountainous blinds, with ace-six of diamonds. Ordinarily, this would have acquired the blinds and antes but Malinowski awoke with favorable ace-king and in an instant known as. Volkmann picked up a flush design on the flip but in the extinguish ignored and lost to Malinowski’s marvelous kicker.

One more battle of the blinds though-provoking Malinowski resulted in Aleks Ponakovs bowing out in fifth space. With blinds of 35,000/70,000/8,500a, Ponakovs jammed for 1,368,488 with nine-eight favorable from the little blind, and Malinowski known as with ace-ten of diamonds. An ace on the flip left Ponakovs drawing unnecessary.

Mike Watson
Mike Watson

The closing four became three when Mike Watson lost his chips to seemingly unstoppable Malinowski. From the button, Malinowski opened to 200,000, trusty below three-instances the mountainous blind, then known as off the additional 508,860 when Watson three-guess all-in from the mountainous blind. Watson flipped over ace-5 of diamonds and Malinowski the pocket threes. An ace on the flop looked to have saved Watson’s skin, but a three on the river gifted Malinowski a quandary and the effectively off became richer.

Heads-up modified into as soon as quandary when Samuel Vousden crashed out after a conflict with Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb did not scurry to station. Gottlieb min-raised to 160,000 with pocket aces, Vousden three-guess to 640,000 from the blind with ace-queen, leaving handiest 1,507,236 in the lend a hand of. Gottlieb restful known as, surroundings a entice alongside with his bullets. The entice labored admire a dream with the flop coming down ace-high. Vousden led for 200,000, and Gottlieb known as. A jack on the flip modified into as soon as greeted by a 640,000 guess from Vousden and a call from Gottlien. The nine of hearts river set three hearts on the board but Vousden handiest had 667,326 chips in the lend a hand of and the pot had swelled to three,030,000. Vousden ripped it in, Gottlieb beat him into the pot with a call, and it modified into as soon as recreation over for the flying Finn.

Stacks were moderately even going into heads-up with Malinowski preserving a narrow lead. It took nearly 90-minutes to reach heads-up and one more hour of one-on-one struggling with to pause the occasion. The closing hand came about one day of the 100,000/200,000/25,000a stage and saw Gottlieb commence to 600,000 with ace-six. Malinowski three-guess all-in with ace-nine, and Gottlieb known as off the three,969,024 chips he had in the lend a hand of. The board did not pork up either participant, and Malinowski’s nine-kicker came into play, busting Gottlieb in second space and securing a second Immense MILLION% title for the Macau-basically based Pole.

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