Martin Zamani Speaks Out Again; Compose Messages Demonstrate What Bryn Kenney Knew?

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Martin Zamani shared some proof on Twitter and with PokerNews that will discredit one of the foremost most claims Bryn Kenney, who he has accused of dishonest, made at some level of ultimate week’s 70-minute interview. A trove of textual snarl messages got by PokerNews implies that Kenney allegedly had files, and at times encouraged, ghosting and multi-accounting amongst his stable.

PokerNews has got and authenticated hundreds of Telegram textual snarl messages between Kenney and an carried out poker pro, who verified the authenticity of the alternate on situation of anonymity. The nameless participant modified into therefore publicly outed as George Wolff by Zamani in a now-deleted tweet sooner than we launched this fable.

Zamani Tweet

Per the Hendon Mob, Wolff hails from Oregon and has greater than $3 million in lifetime reside tournament earnings. That entails a profession-most productive $566,774 for finishing 2nd within the 2020 Aussie Millions 25K Peril. He furthermore carried out 2nd within the 2019 EPT Prague €25K Pot-Limit Omaha for $254,841 and runner-up within the 2019 Poker Masters Tournament #8: $25,000 NLH for $246,000.

On Doug Polk’s Podcast final month, Zamani made some harmful allegations against the high-stakes poker memoir, accusing him of working an on-line poker dishonest stable plump of horses who colluded together for monetary create.

Within the dialog between Kenney and Wolff, discussed below, poker’s all-time reside tournament earnings leader seems to substantiate that some of Zamani’s statements are certainly staunch.

The Telegram chat log between the poker execs spanned greater than three years, and the timestamps seem like supplied backward, which made some on social media understandably rely on its authenticity. Wolff outlined that he recorded the dialog backward and despatched it to Zamani by process of video chat, a virtually 22-minute video shared with PokerNews.

Hear to Kenney on the PokerNews Podcast here!

Zamani Screenshots Bring into Demand Kenney’s Claims

Whereas Zamani’s interview with Polk modified into surely juicy, he didn’t present great proof to motivate up his claims, but that will maintain modified on Tuesday, beginning with a Telegram screenshot he shared with his Twitter followers.

Listed below are receipts disproving somethings @BrynKenney mentioned on the @PokerNews interview with @AuntyChardonnay who modified into…

— Martin Zamani (@martin_zamani)

Zamani rapid PokerNews the screenshots didn’t contrivance from his cell phone. He mentioned he “solid-armed” the textual snarl recipient, later revealed to be Wolff, into sending him a video of the total chat with Kenney. At the time, Zamani acknowledged he had an “attention-grabbing relationship with that person and I fabricate no longer resolve on to be concerned their lifestyles in any come or gain them banned,” so he wouldn’t publicly repeat the name at the time.

That modified into his initial plan as we maintain been engaged on this fable, but he clearly modified his solutions and revealed Wolff’s name on Twitter insensible Wednesday evening.

George Wolff
George Wolff

At some level of his April 26 interview with PokerNews’ Sarah Herring, Kenney categorically denied ghosting avid gamers or encouraging the avid gamers he backed to ghost varied avid gamers at some level of on-line poker video games. Ghosting is when a participant assists one other participant at some level of a sport, a violation of any poker location’s phrases of service.

The screenshots Zamani offered on Twitter appear to contradict Kenney’s denial, on the different hand. In the chat, which Zamani mentioned took location in 2020, it seems Kenney acknowledged that he modified into aware of avid gamers assisting others at a final desk and playing below one other participant’s account.

Kenney furthermore wrote: “help klout within the 500 if ur no longer on too many tables.” Per Zamani, “klout” modified into one of Kenney’s horses, even though he mentioned he would not know his valid name and only had limited interactions with him.

Kenney Responds — “I Don’t Ponder Right here’s In actuality Any ‘Proof’

Bryn Kenney
Bryn Kenney

When contacted by PokerNews in regards to Zamani’s Could possibly 3 tweet, Kenney mentioned: “Right here’s any individual who has tried to blackmail me, scammed me for money and has tried to recruit folk to gain grime on me so he could likely possibly likely use it against me for money. It’s a guy with grime for a reputation, has been enthusiastic in a few scams and been arrested for assault on a handicapped person.”

“He’s bitter I dropped him and has been making an are trying to gain grime on me since then no longer being top-notch of discovering great of anything else.”

He persevered: “Martin got cut out cuz he modified into harassing Scott margerson within the Aussie foremost event, modified into being honest outrageous to folk all over and I took a 350okay loss in makeup to tumble him which shoulda been sooner, and he mute owes me 70okay he borrowed off me. And he’s bitter I dropped him and has been making an are trying to gain grime on me since then no longer being top-notch of discovering great of anything else.”

Referring to the tweet itself, Kenney acknowledged: “I don’t deem here’s essentially any ‘proof’, he’s claimed rta, collusion, and ghosting. What does this pic demonstrate even supposing staunch that I asked one horse to help a participant 1 time? Or that 2 guys I stake maintain been within the identical location once and one modified into serving to the assorted, unprovoked by me … He alleged I ran a ghosting stable, here’s one event if these messages are valid of me telling 1 person to help one other person … This doesn’t demonstrate anything else of me ghosting, plus I mentioned on the podcast that I essentially maintain helped folk sooner than within the past on very minimal events.”

Kenney didn’t acknowledge when asked why and in what context he wrote “help klout within the 500 if ur no longer on too many tables.”

Credible Look?

Quickly after Ali Imsirovic modified into accused of colluding and using valid-time help (RTA) tools in high rollers, Zamani brought forth the allegations against his former backer. The truth that he hadn’t carried out so a twelve months or two within the past when he left Kenney’s stable led some to rely on his motive, and whether his claims are even staunch.

Zamani offered PokerNews a screenshot (below) of a Twitter DM with prosperous amateur poker participant Invoice Perkins (@bp22) from October 5, 2020 that signifies he modified into drawn to outing cheaters over two years within the past.

martin zamani bryn kenney

Despite the indisputable truth that he would not particularly checklist Kenney by name within the DM, it does demonstrate that he modified into having a see to raise to light what he claims to be on-line poker dishonest motivate in 2020.

“I’m in a new affiliation with any individual and in actuality I’ve had adequate of the lies and cheats within the poker personnel. Particularly those at the discontinue and respected mute and mute using their reputations to prefer $ and of the greediest nature,” Zamani wrote to Perkins.

He then asked the hedge fund supervisor if he’d adore to keep up a correspondence relating to the matter further but Perkins declined. Zamani mentioned he would not deem Perkins did anything else dreadful and understands that the recreational poker participant has adequate on his plate and mosey didn’t maintain the time to take care of an alleged poker dishonest scandal.

Damning Text Messages?

Zamani shared a video of a Telegram dialog between Kenney and Wolff that spanned from November 2017 except lately. On August 12, 2018, the next dialogue took location.

bryn kenney

At some level of ultimate week’s interview with PokerNews, Kenney mentioned he never ghosted avid gamers, encouraged his horses to ghost others, nor did his horses collude, at the least to his files. However the above screenshot signifies every member of the personnel couldn’t maintain repeatedly been playing below their very maintain account always.

In about a messages, VPNing and TeamViewer maintain been discussed between Kenney and Wolff:

Team Viewer 2

In a single other message, Kenney rapid Wolff “use one more person’s account”:

Use Someone Else's Account

Whereas in a single other Wolff admitted he modified into “around to help” Zamani in a tournament if wanted:

George Wolff

One other message showed Kenney asking Wolff if he modified into “on with him,” referencing one other participant deep in a tournament:

Were you on with him

One other alternate regarded to demonstrate Kenney assisting Wolff in an intelligent Stud hand:

Bryn Ghosting

In a contentious half of the alternate, Wolff claimed to maintain seen Kenney ghost with the latter denying it with a “u saw it a few times” qualifier.

You saw it

Other suspect messages between Kenney and Wolff incorporated:

  • Kenney to Wolff: “u could likely possibly likely factual let ami play employ half of and help in a while”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “that will not be any longer honest both u played all of the feet so he modified into playing against u”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “obviously u didn’t play early stage of a 600 tourney u played every valuable stage”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “Play the 1k wcoop too If u resolve on to transfer when the 500 is carried out for day I will employ over or one more person will”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “Follow it cell phone w him. Help him deep within the plo tourney”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “So u can only play 2 event accounts anyway … U can play one being ur account and one Luke’s”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “Admire attain u want 2 accounts after which 1 guy subsequent to u and one guy on skype … Gonna maintain 5 on 3 accounts for sats.”
  • Kenney to Wolff: “Play on Arron and lb furthermore … U can are trying to even have interaction adore seat to 1k in 109 on lb or so if account short.”
  • Wolff to Kenney: “within the event you maintain been judged for all of the times you encouraged this true factor within the come you’re to me how would you react.”
  • Wolff to Kenney: “We have got only 2 pc programs and one iPad. Can no longer attain horse on iPad.”
  • Wolff to Kenney: “What 3 accounts attain now we maintain? Fullflush mine and what else. Adams” … Kenney to Wolff: “Arron and luke maintain already got event accnts setup.” … Wolff to Kenney: “Ample I will gain the passwords from Luke then.”
  • Wolff to Kenney: “I deem it could likely possibly likely work with Ami clicking the buttons, he could likely possibly likely also no longer affect my resolution making and he respects my sport plenty so could likely possibly likely also no longer are trying to intrude. Moreover by come of timing and sizing I originate all of those things very definite. I reveal things adore wait 7 2nd etc.”

At times, Kenney did appear to discourage his stable from ghosting.

Dirty Edge

Equally, messages demonstrate that Kenney claimed no longer to maintain identified about Sergi Reixach ghosting Zamani at a final desk:


Lastly, there modified into an substitute when it comes to Wolff assisting a “Jeff” in a success an on-line bracelet, which didn’t appear to sit down down effectively with Kenney as he asked “so you cheated here” and mentioned he wanted no half of the prize money.

Zamani Speaks

Martin Zamani
Martin Zamani

Zamani’s credibility has contrivance into rely on around the poker Twitter for a few causes, most seriously that he’s an admitted cheater who modified into high at some level of his interview with Polk. To this level, on the different hand, all the pieces he’s mentioned has both been backed by proof or has yet to be disproven.

Purchase as an illustration the seemingly queer shaman claims Zamani made on Polk’s podcast. He rapid the Upswing Poker founder and his viewers that the accused cheater ran a cult-adore operation that enthusiastic a shaman who tried to inject frog poison into an originate be concerned. And Kenney didn’t precisely issue it as he sidestepped Herring’s rely on when asked if he dropped his horses in stakes and despatched them to a shaman within the event that they weren’t performing.

Zamani mentioned he didn’t maintain laborious proof that he colluded on-line below the course of Kenney when he first brought forth the allegations. He had a will likely be found in solutions, on the different hand.

“I didn’t maintain proof of how laborious I colluded in satellites but I wanted him to issue some things so I could likely possibly likely discredit him so folk knew that he’s a liar and no longer deem him,” Zamani outlined.

Zamani mentioned that he felt motivated to out his former backer because he claims Kenney has been within the contrivance of beginning his maintain poker location, and he says that it wouldn’t be factual to permit him to attain so given his alleged shadiness. He furthermore says that Kenney modified into making some fearless guarantees to his most likely investors.

Lauren Roberts, whom Zamani claims he and varied contributors of the personnel would gang up against at some level of on-line poker video games, backed that statement from Zamani up by process of a tweet she shared on Twitter final month.

Is been a actually prolonged time since i sat for my securities assessments but i’m pretty mosey here’s an illegal come to solicit priva…

— Lauren Roberts (@PlayPokerLkAMan)

In the textual snarl alternate with nameless poker pro, Kenney regarded to checklist he could likely possibly likely be beginning his maintain on-line location to compete against GGPoker, despite being with them at the time.

Bryn Kenney GG Poker

What Does It All Imply?

Whereas the enormous majority of verbal exchange within the textual snarl alternate got by PokerNews modified into produced from edifying banter, internal most issues, hand discussions, and backing preparations, there maintain been furthermore messages indicating that Kenney modified into both aware and encouraged ghosting and multi-accounting on varied events.

No lower than, the messages demonstrate that Kenney knew greater than he claimed in this interview with PokerNews:

Name Surname
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