Massachusetts Doctor Runs Deep in WPT Venetian After Qualifying on ClubWPT

Josh Guindon

As a scientific doctor, Josh Guindon doesn’t catch many alternatives to spend every week playing poker in Las Vegas. But after qualifying into the World Poker Tour (WPT) Venetian Vital Match, that’s exactly what Guindon did this week.

Guindon, a Massachusetts resident who works as an emergency medication specialist at Salem Scientific institution, good into the $5,000 cope with shut-in tournament thru ClubWPT, giving the poker leisure an opportunity to battle in his first-ever live match in opposition to household names.

“It’s been inspiring,” Guindon told PokerNews for the length of a destroy on Day 2 on July 15. “It’s been a orderly opportunity.”

Out of the Remark of labor

In describe to sit down into the $4 million guaranteed tournament in Las Vegas, Guindon needed to catch thru a discipline of 1,320 runners in a ClubWPT tournament that he hadn’t even deliberate on playing.

“I had a shift I was purported to work and I switched shifts with a colleague, so I upright took place to acquire the night off,” he acknowledged. “I sat down for a informal night, I was having scotch with my accomplice’s dad and grandpa, and (used to be) running lustrous effectively.”

Josh Guindon
Josh Guindon

Earlier than Guindon knew it, he used to be down to the closing table and managed to double up with pocket kings to be in contention to take it all.

“I bought down to heads-up and the 2d hand we bought all in and held and won,” acknowledged Guindon. “I beat 1,320 of us and it’s lustrous frigid; a frigid opportunity.”

Playing within the Mountainous Leagues

While Guindon has performed money games for years, he’s a newcomer to live tournaments and admitted he “didn’t obtain a host of mid or high-stakes match journey” heading into the noteworthy championship tournament.

“In college, there used to be a on line casino about an hour away (that) I weak to recede to about as soon as every week or so and bought into the money games lustrous heavy,” he acknowledged. “But I don’t obtain a host of journey playing match poker, upright twiddling with web page online visitors and whatnot.”

That’s a miles step a ways from the competitors Guindon faced within the WPT Venetian Vital Match, which drew no shortage of WPT champions, World Assortment of Poker bracelet winners and otherwise done poker gamers.

“There’s been a host of mavens,” Guindon acknowledged. “Yeah, there had been a host of them.”

WPT Venetian
WPT Venetian

Supreme Free to Play Slots

Guindon had factual encounters with most of the mavens he performed with within the tournament, including fellow Massachusetts resident Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau and all-time WPT title holder Darren Elias, who he bought of venture to issue with on the main destroy of Day 1c.

In a much less savory bump into at his first table, Guindon used to be paired up in opposition to Alex Keating two seats to his magnificent. Guindon acknowledged the thick-bearded California legit “used to be chirping in my ear” and possibly searching for to catch internal of the qualifier’s head.

“I upright set my headphones on and play my sport,” acknowledged Guindon, who got here to Vegas effectively-ready with a pair of sad noise-canceling Bose headphones.

Alex Keating
Alex Keating

Discovering a Deep Urge

Despite lacking live match journey, the scientific doctor had no peril running deep within the championship WPT tournament.

When PokerNews talked to Guindon toward the live of Day 2, he had a wholesome stack with most productive 68 gamers last.

“I had a key double up closing night with aces to assemble it thru (Day 1c),” he acknowledged. “I had one more key double up here (on Day 2). I bought it all in with queens, I flopped a spot in opposition to ace-king all in preflop.”

Nonetheless it hasn’t upright been a bustle of factual cards. Guindon has additionally made the immense performs compulsory for a deep bustle in any match.

“I had a immense bluff with king-ten,” he acknowledged. “So I’ve been running effectively, deciding on some factual spots, patience, timed aggression. It’s lustrous factual for my first match, I judge.”

Josh Guindon
Josh Guindon

Guindon’s accomplice used to be rooting for him abet residence on the East Hover and he acknowledged he deliberate to voice her to Vegas ought to smooth he assemble the closing table.

“We talked about it even sooner than I got here out,” he acknowledged. “If I final table it, then I’m flying her out, evidently. So as that’s the idea!”

A final table wasn’t within the cards and Guindon injure up being eliminated in 48th location out of the 1,178 entrants toward the live of Day 2 to catch his first-ever live match money worth $19,700, a convincing bustle from a segment-time participant who good into the championship tournament by successful a club match on his phone.

Apply the motion within the WPT Venetian Vital Match with updates from the WPT reporting team.

Photos courtesy Joe Giron and WPT

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