“matthews085” Wins 2022 PokerStars MicroMillions Major Tournament

2022 PokerStars MicroMillions

The PokerStars MicroMillions came to an intriguing conclusion over the weekend with the sequence’ ideal events crowning their champions, along side the gigantic Major Tournament and High Roller tournaments. Brazil’s “matthews085” walked away with the MicroMillions Major Tournament title for $36,295 while “deanlougue” turned $55 into $46,507 within the High Roller tournament.

The MicroMillions Major Tournament drew in 27,544 entries, which intended a guarantee-busting $550,880 prize pool, an spectacular sum in its possess upright but in particular so if you suspect about it entirely rate $22 to utilize into.

No person on the ideal table won lower than $2,500, properly, “fccamilo” restful $2,490 for his or her ninth-recount exit, which is reach as damn it $2,500. Thanks, in share, to the bounty part, there have been some gargantuan jumps within the prize money awarded. “ADAUSD” banked $4,280 for his or her eighth-recount form, “UP.itAA007” scooped $4,715 after falling in seventh, with a $6,718 prize winging its scheme to “Nazar81400” when their tournament ended all of the sudden in sixth.

The ideal four-figure sum, $9,234, went to New Zealand’s “Paul.Stamets.”

Three of the ideal four finishers hailed from Brazil, that implies the UK’s “jimpot139” became as soon as surrounded by Samba stars. These three Brazilians grew to turn out to be two after the eliminations of “Pandaa’xx” and “DSantanna87,” who walked away with $12,050 and $15,226.

“jimpot139” faced off against “matthews085” vivid they’d utilize no lower than $26,454. On the different hand, they fell on the ideal hurdle and restful no additional prize money. “matthews085,” on the a range of hand, saw $36,295 hit their PokerStars legend, with $12,423 coming from the bounty prize pool.

MicroMillions 202: $22 NLHE Major Tournament Closing Table Outcomes

Location Player Nation Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 matthews085 Brazil $12,423 $23,872 $36,295
2 jimpot139 United Kingdom $2,616 $23,838 $26,454
3 DSantanna87 Brazil $1,082 $14,144 $15,226
4 Pandda’xx Brazil $1,968 $10,082 $12,050
5 Paul.Stamets New Zealand $2,047 $7,187 $9,234
6 Nazar81400 Ukraine $1,595 $5,123 $6,718
7 UP.itAA007 Brazil $1,063 $3,652 $4,715
8 ADAUSD Brazil $1,677 $2,603 $4,280
9 fccamilo Brazil $635 $1,855 $2,490

“deanlogue” Scoops $46,507 High Roller Prime Prize

The UK’s “deanlogue” outlasted 6,545 opponents within the MicroMillons #204: $55 No-Limit Lend a hand’em High Roller and got their fingers on an spectacular $46,507.

The close 5 finishers each bought 5 figures after “Spotzilla666” ($2,735), “marceloscob” ($3,989), “CambadaDeMixos” ($5,554), and “marek_heinz” ($7,915) bowed out.

Brazil’s “keyhell” became as soon as the first participant to turn their $55 utilize-in into 5 figures, namely $11,278. Montenegro’s “DoryanGh” became as soon as next to plunge; they restful $16,072. Third recount and $22,902 went to “NERINEJA85,” leaving “llllSquarepants” of Malta heads-up against “deanlogue” of the UK. The heads-up duo didn’t strike any deal, that implies there became as soon as a $14,000 inequity in prize money, or bigger than 250 utilize-ins! The lack of a deal intended “llllSquarepants” bought $32,634 for his or her 2nd-recount form, while “deanlogue” hauled in $46,507.

MicroMillions 204: $55 NLHE High Roller Closing Table Outcomes

Location Player Nation Prize
1 deanlogue United Kingdom $46,507
2 llllSquarepants Malta $32,634
3 NERINEJA85 Poland $22,902
4 DoryanGh Montenegro $16,072
5 keyhell Brazil $11,278
6 marek_heinz Czech Republic $7,915
7 CambadaDeMixos Malta $5,554
8 marceloscob Brazil $3,898
9 Spotzilla666 Poland $2,735

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