Midway Poker Tour Founder Vows to Come by Avid gamers Entire 17 Months After Silver Payout Debacle

Dan Bekavac

Dan Bekavac, the owner of the Midway Poker Tour who won a Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) tournament final week for $193Okay (and his third MSPT title), says he’s willing to open up the approach of paying out gamers from a 2020 charity poker match debacle.

In October 2020, Bekavac hosted the inaugural Midway Poker Tour $1,100 defend-in Most well-known Match at a hotel within the Chicagoland home that attracted 266 runners. The match started off without a hitch, but things grew to turn out to be south when gamers within the money began to fancy they weren’t going to receive their beefy winnings.

In total, about 30% of the total prize pool became unaccounted for, or around $62,000. Most efficient about $12,000 of that had been paid again sooner or later take a look at.

Discover what took place at the Midway Poker Tour right here.

Bekavac Starting Payback Job

Bekavac won the MSPT Riverside on March 21 for $193,000, and a couple of days later he suggested PokerNews he’s willing to open up the system to spoil Midway Poker Tour gamers total.

He despatched a text to affected Midway Poker Tour gamers and CC’ed in PokerNews Executive Editor US Chad Holloway, who performed fifth within the identical MSPT tournament.

“I’ve promised to spoil everyone total, and even though it’s taken a whereas, I’m sooner or later in a space to build so. And it’s no longer upright on myth of I won, even though a success did abet expedite this, that you just will more than most likely be ready to ascertain with Chad I reached out to him of ultimate yr to blueprint this up,” Bekavac wrote.

Holloway has reported on the MPT debacle a few times, including a January 21 epic about Bekavac competing in an MSPT tournament whereas ghosting the Midway Poker Tour gamers who like been owed money. He has confirmed Bekavac at the delivery reached out gradual final yr with the acknowledged blueprint of attempting to spoil gamers total.

Backstory on Midway Poker Tour Scandal

Attributable to the Illinois Charitable Gaming Acts and Guidelines rules, the Midway Poker Tour became only permitted to pay out $500 in money on high of the defend-in to of us who cashed, no topic how mighty they earned. The tournament had a charitable part and became supposed to abet elevate money for the 4 Okay.I.D.S. Sake nonprofit organization.

Midway Poker Tour

To quilt the extra payouts, gamers like been equipped with treasured metals they would possibly per chance then resell for money, a loophole within the laws assorted charity tournaments in Illinois had worn within the previous. The reveal Licensed authentic Total’s set of job even paid a discuss over with to be clear that there like been sufficient treasured metals on-set and accounted for.

However the laws would no longer enable the treasured metals to be resold on-set, which meant gamers like been compelled to retrieve the money at an off-set enterprise, without a doubt an grief, but restful greater than what became about to occur.

When the gamers went to dump the metals, they chanced on they like been obtained at retail value, or quite a steep ticket-up. The convey became they had no scheme to sell them again for retail costs, which scheme they would possibly per chance no longer rep sufficient money to quilt their beefy payout. To set it one wrong scheme, the metals they obtained weren’t value the money they like been owed.

The following is a list of gamers who like been owed money following the 2020 MPT Most well-known Match whereas taking into myth an approximate 30 percent in missing value at the time.

Blueprint Participant Money Prize Paid Last Prize Entire Marketed Payout Missing 30% Fee
1 Renato Spahiu $1,600 $53,460 $55,060 $16,038
2 Satoshi Tanaka $1,600 $36,580 $38,180 $10,974
3 Joseph Paris $1,600 $24,200 $25,800 $7,260
5 Amanda Heidbrick $1,600 $12,520 $14,120 $2,756
6 Josias Santos $1,600 $10,000 $11,600 $3,000
7 Steve Federspiel $1,600 $8,080 $9,680 $2,424
9 Bob Peppe $1,600 $5,080 $6,680 $2,000
10 Frank Lagodich $1,600 $3,690 $5,290 $1,107
19 Kevin Maahs $1,600 $1,000 $2,600 $300
22 Alex Tremanis $1,600 $1,000 $2,600 $300
Midway Silver
Midway Poker Tour Silver

Bekavac has it appears that made preparations with unpaid gamers to spoil them total at a few upcoming dwell match stops.

He has also agreed to an interview on an upcoming episode of the PokerNews Podcast to discuss about the payback job, what transpired in October 2020, and share his side of the epic.

As of now, it appears the patient gamers laid low with the Midway Poker Tour payout debacle will be made total, though only time will command if that comes to fruition.

PokerNews will continue to video show the convey and provide updates as they occur.

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