Ought to You Ever Fold Pocket Jacks in the WSOP Predominant Occasion?

Matt Affleck

On this approach column for PokerNews, Matt Affleck and I analyze a hand that he played on Day 1d of the 2021 World Sequence of Poker (WSOP) Predominant Occasion.

Within the hand in keep a query to, Matt raised preflop with pocket jacks (a.k.a jiggities) and confronted a 3-bet from a unfastened and splashy opponent. We are going to fight by formula your preflop approach if you occur to are deep stacked early in a tournament, where many of us reraise or hotfoot all in manner too on the full, ensuing in big losses with pocket jacks.

The hand kicked off with a worn elevate to 1,000 from Matt in the hijack maintaining {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts} with blinds of 200/400. The scuttle folded to the sizable blind, who keep in a 3-bet to 3,500.

The Hand

As Matt pointed out to me, this opponent is seemingly three-having a bet an spectacular fluctuate given that the hand took situation early in the Predominant Occasion. For this motive, pocket jacks are seemingly to be now not powerful enough to four-bet and it’s miles more fit to call and ogle a flop in situation.

Matt made the call and the flop landed {10-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}. The sizable blind led out with a bet of 4,500, despite Matt having an expansion wait on on this board with hands luxuriate in pocket tens and nines. Matt called, which he must attain along with his overpair.

The flip brought the {k-Clubs} and the sizable blind fired yet every other sizable bet of 11,000 with 21,000 in the support of.

Jonathan Little
Matt Affleck walks by a hand he played in the 2021 WSOP Predominant Occasion

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What would you attain with {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts} on the flip?

  • Fold
  • Call
  • Elevate to 32,000 (All in)

Right here’s a homely set, particularly since Matt describes this player as unfastened as has viewed him lag a pair of bluffs.

Are There Any Bluffs?

Let’s try to enjoy one of the most valuable bluffs that this opponent would possibly perhaps perhaps well perhaps need. Essentially the most evident bluffs have a queen or a jack in them, along with hands luxuriate in ace-queen or ace-jack, as well to flush attracts.

Matt will have to have a form of very powerful hands in his fluctuate given that he called a sizable flop bet and the flip finished a form of attracts, that formula he’s end to the bottom of his fluctuate with the jiggities. Thanks to that, pocket jacks turns into an cheap fold when going by a sizable bet after this flip card.

One thing else to display veil is that a hand luxuriate in jack-ten would possibly perhaps perhaps well perhaps be higher to call with since it blocks the opponent’s worth hands, making it more seemingly they are operating a bluff.

Matt ended up folding the pocket jacks, which I enjoy used to be the magnificent play given the narrate.

For more on this hand take a look at out my breakdown in the following video:

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