Pablo Silva Takes Down His First GGPoker Giant MILLION$

Pablo Silva

Pablo Silva went into the closing day of the $10,300 Giant MILLION$ because the chip leader and he emerged two and a half of hours later with the $260,765 top prize in tow. Silva had navigated his scheme to the closing desk on seven other conditions but continuously got right here up rapid. July 19 used to be the Brazilian’s time to shine.

Giant MILLION$ Last Desk Results

Space Participant Nation Prize
1 Pablo Silva Brazil $260,765
2 Reduce Maimone Canada $203,647
3 Rodrigo Sirichuk Brazil $159,040
4 Patrick “chrisbenoit” Brooks Mexico $124,203
5 Jans Arends Austria $96,997
6 Daniel Dvoress Austria $75,751
7 Volodymyr “Leonardo23” Palamar Ukraine $59,158
8 Pedro Garagnani Brazil $46,200
9 Mehdi “Carence en L” Chaoui Morocco $36,080

There used to be a spacious double-up for Silva’s fellow Brazilian, Rodrigo Sirichuk, on the first hand of the closing desk’s hurry. Daniel Dvoress used to be first to behave from the miniature blind and he originate-shoved for 16.6 spacious blinds fantastic with king-5 of diamonds. Sirichuk called with ace-queen, spiked and ace on the flop, and aged a flush design to double his stack.

Morocco’s Mehdi “Carence en L” Chauoi used to be the first of the 9 finalists to lose their stack. Sirichuk min-raised to 70,000 from the cutoff sooner than calling the three-bet all-in from Chauoi which the Moroccan made with ace-trey of hearts. Sirichuk flipped over the dominating ace-king, which held courtesy of a king on the flop.

Pedro Garagnani used to be the next player heading for the showers. Garagnani originate-shoved for a miniature bit more than 6.5 spacious blinds from early self-discipline with pocket three within the outlet, and Dvoress looked him up with king-queen from the miniature blind. Dvoress flopped two pair and moreover they proved ample to decrease the player depend by one.

Seventh-scrape used to be made up our minds when Ukraine’s Volodymyr “Leonardo23” Palamar crashed out. Palamar lost all but 2.5 spacious blinds when his ace-king lost to the jack-ten of Jans Arends, with Arends turning outing jacks. The remaining of Palamar’s micro-stack went into the center of the virtual felt with ace-9, which within the extinguish lost to the jack-six of Reduce Maimone, who hit a Broadway straight on the river.

Daniel Dvoress
Daniel Dvoress

Dvoress’ title anxiety led to a sixth scrape attain when he shipped in 15.5 spacious blinds from the button with king-ten, and Sirichuk got right here over the close with the dominating ace-ten. An ace on the flop stopped Dvoress in his tracks.

The closing desk lost a unsafe player in fifth scrape when Arends bowed out. Sirichuk min-raised to 120,000 below the gun, and Arends called from the spacious blind. The flop fell six-four-seven, Arends checked, Sirichuk bet 78,000, and Arends jammed for 674,688. Sirichuk called and showed pocket jacks, which had the jack-seven of Arends overwhelmed. Sport over for Arends.

The first 5-resolve prize went to Patrick “chrisbenoit” Brooks, who had achieved extremely successfully laddering up because he had been nursing a rapid stack for quite a lot of the closing desk. Brooks within the extinguish got right here unstuck when he ripped in his closing 11 spacious blinds from the miniature blind with jack-eight fantastic only for Maimone to call with jack-ten fantastic. A ten on the turn sent Brooks to the rail.

Heads-up used to be scrape when Sirichuk crashed out in third. Sirichuk’s exit got right here as a shock because he used to be the chip leader going into three-handed play. Maimone voiced some considerations about Silva and Sirichuk being end company, and Sirichuk supplied to half his hand history with Maimone. As it occurs, Silva and Sirichuk clashed various times one day of three-handed play, and it used to be Silva who sent his fellow countryman to the rail.

Silva shoved from the miniature blind with king-queen and Sirichuk called off his 24 spacious blind stack with ace-queen of golf equipment. Sirichuk used to be an 88.64% favourite on the turn as a result of preserving two overcards and a flush design, but a non-club king achieved the community playing cards to ship Sirichuk house in third scrape.

Silva held a end to some-to-one chip lead over Maimone going into heads-up and it proved too powerful of a hole to bridge. Maimone couldn’t end the outlet but Silva might maybe now now not if truth be told extend his lead both. One thing needed to present in the end and it did when Maimone min-raised to 240,000 on the button, Silva three-bet all in, and Maimone called off the 2,262,657 chips he had within the encourage of. It used to be king-ten of spades for Maimone and pocket sevens for his Brazilian opponent. The flop fell with two spades but each the turn and river were form to Silva’s sevens, and he turned the most up-to-date superstar to purchase down the GGPoker Giant MILLION$.

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