Paul Tedeschi Wins 2022 Wynn Summer Traditional $1,600 Thriller Bounty ($232,474 + Bounties)

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Brandon Bloom
Paul Tedeschi

After bigger than 14 hours of combating it out on the felt on the final day of the $1,600 Thriller Bounty as half of the 2022 Wynn Summer Traditional, France’s Paul Tedeschi took home the title and $232,474 as well to $82,500 in bounties following a heads-up take care of Roscoe Light.

“I’m feeling big correct,” Tedeschi acknowledged after his victory. “This used to be my final event of the sequence and in Las Vegas. I was losing love every single day, every single day, every single day, after which for the final one, finally, I accumulate it!”

Across three initiating flights, 2,190 entrants tried to take a share of the $3,175,500 prize pool. Nonetheless, handiest 239 survivors made it to Day 2 with a min-cash of $2,350 and an opportunity to make a decision home a six-settle catch, even within the event that they carried out nowhere approach the final table, on account of of the thriller bounty format.

Each time a player eradicated an opponent, they were given of mission to drag a trek of paper from a drum and as we recount take between $500 and $100,000. There were three $100,000 bounties up for grabs, and they also were claimed by Andrei Stoenescu, David To, and Shouyi Gao. Of us that did no longer accumulate the marvelous prize aloof had a shot at big money, as 5 $50,000 bounties and eight $25,000 bounties were also claimed by fortunate of us on the felt.

$1,600 Thriller Bounty Closing Desk Outcomes

1 Paul Tedeschi France $232,474*
2 Roscoe Light United States $229,058*
3 Viliyan Petleshkov Bulgaria $127,213
4 Adrian Explain Romania $91,152
5 David To United States $67,512
6 Tom Kinney United States $52,367
7 Nicolas Plantin France $42,110
8 Michael Marder United States $34,957
9 Jason Nablo United States $29,549

*Denotes Heads-Up Deal

Motion of the Day

The day started with 239 returning avid gamers, and the circulate started mercurial with the incentive of the thriller bounty. The first top bounty used to be realized earlier than the main damage by Stoenescu, and interior those first two hours of the day, the self-discipline used to be already whittled down to virtually half of.

After the main damage, the avid gamers grinded it out on the felt for about a extra hours, and good earlier than they headed off to the dinner damage, To pulled the 2d $100,000 bounty. Then approach the halt of the dinner damage, Gao decided to redeem surely one of his thriller bounties, and as just genuine fortune would contain it, he excitedly pulled the final top bounty prize.

Several notables were within the self-discipline but they fell at different positive aspects all over the day, including Shannon Shorr, Ryan Laplante, Jason Wheeler, Sohale Khalili, Karina Jett, and Shankar Pillai.

When the final contenders returned from dinner, the eliminations persisted fleet and three tables became into ten avid gamers in roughly two hours. Within the midst of this time, a quick-stacked Tedeschi scored two doubles in a quick duration, and he never relented from there en route to his eventual victory.

Play then slowed down considerably with the final table on the horizon. It took one other hour and a half of earlier than Kurt Jewell used to be eradicated in tenth space, and the final avid gamers converged on a single table, with Tedeschi having built his stack as much as the chip lead.

The eliminations all once more persisted at a brisk scuttle, as Jason Nablo fell in ninth to Tedeschi, earlier than eventual runner-up Light gained a gigantic pot that propelled him to the live of the counts when his pocket queens held and he eradicated Michael Marder in eighth and Nicolas Plantin in seventh.

Final Table

Tom Kinney used to be next to skedaddle in sixth when his pocket kings were cracked by Light, and David To made his arrangement to the payout desk soon after in fifth when his ducks couldn’t withhold in opposition to Tedeschi. Adrian Explain used to be then pipped by Tedeschi’s faithful ace and used to be knocked out in fourth space.

Viliyan Petleshkov used to be the obvious quick stack when three-handed play started and ran genuine into Tedeschi’s pocket aces to bring the event heads up with somewhat even stacks. All of the avid gamers on the final table were knocked out by both Tedeschi or Light, and the 2 final avid gamers went on a quick damage. They mentioned a deal earlier than resuming play and finally settled on an settlement that gave Tedeschi the title and the glamorous Wynn trophy.

Name Surname
Brandon Bloom

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