Phil Hellmuth Outplays Tom Dwan In PokerGO High Stakes Duel III Round 3

Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan

On this hand, we can see if Phil Hellmuth can withstand the warmth from his heads-up nemesis Tom Dwan. This hand took space during PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel III Round 3 between Dwan and Hellmuth, which Hellmuth used to be victorious in.

Hellmuth presently has a 9-1 document on his heads-up heater after taking down Scott Seiver in Round 4 of High Stakes Duel III that had every player putting up $400,000. Dwan used to be supposed to play nevertheless backed out sooner than the rematch, as PokerNews reported right here.

With blinds at 300/600, Hellmuth (193,000) on the button opted to limp in preserving {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}. Dwan (205,800) went ahead and checked his possibility from the spacious blind.

Here is the explanation you do now not are seeking to limp a hand like pocket tens: it permits your opponent to set up no matter they salvage, see a flop and creep from there. And unless your opponent is insane, you are usually now not going in impart to get a limp-reraise in all that recurrently.

The flop landed {j-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{9-Hearts} and Dwan checked. Hellmuth bet 600, which appears to be like to be like a honest creep, and Dwan then test-raised to 2,500. It be persistently frustrating whereas you happen to’ve pocket tens on this board because there are only a pair of honest flip playing cards.

That you just would possibly well noteworthy quite salvage a hand like {9-}{8-} in this grief because which you would possibly salvage five outs to make two pair or trips, whereas with pocket tens you merely salvage two outs to make a scheme.

Hellmuth vs. Dwan
Hellmuth vs. Dwan on High Stakes Duel III

The seek info from becomes: how aggressively is Dwan test-elevating? Form you mediate Dwan will only test-elevate with a jack or higher? If he’s that nitty, then you definately can also animated fold. That mentioned, nearly no one is that tight in heads-up no-limit Texas Engage’em. Here is a space the set Dwan is going to salvage quite loads of jacks, nevertheless additionally quite loads of draws.

Because of the this, I feel that is a space the set persevering with with a call is obligatory, though it is admittedly now not a expansive space. Hellmuth did certainly call.

The flip brought the {q-Spades} and Dwan fired a gamble of 5,200. At this point, I even want to make a selection Dwan is magnificent polarized to one thing like a queen and better (he may maybe well well definitely salvage a hand like {k-}{q-} or {k-}{10-}) or a scheme, and the scheme that makes essentially the most sense is the membership flush scheme.

Nonetheless, Hellmuth now used to be an open-ended straight scheme, and with a hand that strong he can’t genuinely fold, particularly since he beats many of Dwan’s draws.

Hellmuth did call, which I feel is the absolute top creep. If Hellmuth had raised to fee out Dwan’s draws, he may maybe well well be in atrocious shape against Dwan’s persevering with fluctuate. So there’s no point in elevating in this space.

The river brought within the flush with the {6-Clubs} and Dwan unloaded the clip with a half-pot-sized bet of 8,700.

What would you discontinue in Hellmuth’s grief?

Your Stack (BTN): 185,300
Their Stack (BB): 198,100
Pot: 16,600

  • Fold
  • Call
  • Raise to 20,000 (microscopic)
  • Raise to 185,300 (all-in)

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Here is a tricky space because Dwan bet microscopic, which makes me articulate his fluctuate is weighted in opposition to marginal-made hands like two pair and better or a queen. Might maybe maybe maybe we ever bluff him? I don’t articulate we are seeking to even strive, because Dwan may maybe well well salvage some flushes in his fluctuate that he’s animated now not folding to a elevate.

Since we ought to not elevate, the seek info from becomes whether or now not we must level-headed call or fold in this grief. And I feel it be animated an stressful space the set you salvage to fold. I feel which you’ll seemingly be confirmed a queen plenty or perchance a hand like {k-}{j-} that is going for thin fee, that can customarily be the case with this bet size. And Dwan doubtlessly isn’t very always fee-making a bet a hand you beat like nines this model, so bag your tens and throw them away.

Hellmuth did get the fold, which used to be the merely play as Dwan held {k-Clubs}{4-Clubs} for the rivered flush.

Wanting serve during the hand, Hellmuth carried out reach completely. He called on the streets the set he used to be ahead and folded when Dwan purchased there on the river. For optimistic, had he known Dwan had precisely a flush scheme, he may maybe well well salvage raised on the flop to disclaim Dwan equity.

For extra on this hand test out my breakdown within the next video:

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