Poker Terms Defined: Learn? Runner-Runner? Rainbow?

Poker Terms Explained

The poker world can most frequently be a sophisticated one, even while you happen to already know the manner to play poker. Probabilities are you’ll presumably be in a position to read as many poker strategy articles and books as you love, however it completely’s consistently an intimidating 2nd while you don’t moderately imprint the that approach of a utter observe or phrase.

There are completely many eclectic and complex poker terms that salvage poker such an thrilling game, and PokerNews is right here to expose seven of them to you.

Poker Terms Defined: Household Pot? Float? Flash?


One and all wants to resolve out what their opponent is thinking or what they’re going to care for out subsequent on the table, which is why having a read is so valuable. Reading your opponent takes spot in many ways, by having a cling a look at their body language or the approach they spot their chips in entrance of them, however primarily or now no longer it’s examining a participant primarily based on how they play, their mannerisms and their tells.

Here are some typical poker tells with some advice on the manner to read people.


Most casinos take a rake from their money games, and right here is a part of the chips taken from a pot as a form of fee. In February 2022, Encore Boston Harbor had increased its rake upon reopening to 10% rake up to $10 per hand. Which approach that the on line casino would take 10% of every pot, up to a maximum of $10. As an illustration, if the pot is $120 then the on line casino would take the maximum of $10. If the pot was once $85 they would take $8.50.


Rainbow, or extra step by step a rainbow board, is a term frail in both No-Limit Relief’em and Omaha to focus on to a flop containing three varied suits. This approach that no flush would possibly perchance also simply additionally be achieved on the flip.


There’s nothing funner than runner-runner as the veteran asserting goes. This asserting describes a backdoor design that has been achieved the use of both the flip and the river. As an illustration, “He made a runner-runner flush to beat my flopped trips”

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Rolled Up

Here is arguably some of the strongest positions to be in on fourth avenue in seven-card stud. Being rolled up approach that you just’ve been dealt three of a type alongside with your first three playing cards,.


“Did you’ve it?”

“I’m sorry John, I execute now no longer be unsleeping.”

Arguably primarily the most renowned poker movie there is, Rounders (1998) aspects Matt Damon and Edward Norton as a pair of rounders – poker gamers who fling around games playing poker for a dwelling.

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Bustle Correct

Pure and uncomplicated, operating excellent is playing neatly and winning palms. These would possibly perchance also simply be via success or skill, however all that issues is the chips coming your approach.

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