Poker’s Longest-Operating Podcast, Ante Up Poker Solid, Comes to an Discontinuance

Ante Up Poker Podcast

Ante Up Poker Media LLC, which was devoted to on a typical basis poker avid gamers and their poker rooms, was based in June 2008 by Scott Long and Chris Cosenza. Along with publishing Ante Up Journal, which was distributed to rooms around the county, and web hosting Ante Up Cruises on the excessive seas, the pair additionally released weekly episodes of the Ante Up Poker Solid.

The audio yelp in reality debuted on June 15, 2005, three years ahead of the company (which is officially for sale) was based, and between then and February 17, 2022, never didn’t originate an episode each week. It was the longest-working poker podcast in historical past at 870 exhibits, but unfortunately, their dawdle came to an end earlier this year.

“I am retired and wished my schedule free to pursue various interests,” Cosenza outlined. “We now gain got been doing this for correct about 17 years and it correct felt take care of the time was horny.”

Long echoed those sentiments: “It correct felt take care of it was the horny time to announce this chapter of Ante Up and our lives to an end. Chris has wished to retire for a couple years now and was getting busy with peaceable leisure pursuits, and I honest as of late started my peaceable industry and were growing it while getting powerful extra packed with life in my neighborhood. Our creativity was correct going in various instructions now.”

PokerNews honest as of late caught up with each Long and Cosenza to replicate extra on their amazing dawdle and contributions to the sport.

Starting the Ante Up Poker Solid

Chris Cosenza and Scott Long in the early days.
Chris Cosenza and Scott Long in the early days.

Lend a hand in 2005, Ante Up’s properly-known duo had been each working at the St. Petersburg Occasions in Florida. Cosenza labored in a department that explored peaceable media, alongside side podcasting, and he volunteered Long and himself to take care of the peaceable medium through the “Poker Enhance.”

“We had been nefarious then, in reality nefarious,” Long recalled, “but within about a month or so, we had been getting emails from world wide, so we knew we had been on to something. We would later make a entire company around it.”

Certainly, the company would develop to change into one among the most recognizable brands in the industry thank to having its agree with poker tour, which PokerNews has reported on, and putting laborious copies on magazines directly into the hands of avid gamers.

During that time, Long and Cosenza was recognizable names to “Moderate Joe” avid gamers.

“I in reality enjoyed discovering out what mayhem Scott obtained into the week ahead of and poking relaxing at him for it, and vice versa,” Cosenza talked about in regards to what he enjoyed week in and week out. “Nothing is extra relaxing than two guys busting each various’s chops.”

For Long, it was all about the fans.

“By a long way my current portion of doing the yelp has always been the interaction with our fans. On a day-to-day basis, it’s been answering their emails about hands they’ve performed, scenarios they’ve dawdle into in poker games or questions they’ve about this huge sport. But over these past 17 years, it has intended sailing with them on Ante Up Poker Cruises, having fun with with them at Ante Up Poker Tour events, or crashing their home games. An actual resolution of them gain change into huge chums and can continue to be forever, I am hoping.”
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Changing with the Occasions

When the Ante Up Poker Solid first debuted, there was a global craze for poker. Money and different abound, but in the last decade that adopted issues changed seriously on extra than one occasion.

Long outlined: “The yelp has positively changed over the years. From a technical point of view, we bounced around from a few various studios ahead of deciding that Skype abilities was precise ample for us to attain the yelp from our areas of work. However the content material building has been the most dramatic change. Before every thing, we correct yapped into the mics, a mistake too many podcasters make. It wasn’t long ahead of we started structuring the yelp with ordinary segments, and that building in reality helped announce the yelp together each week. Financially, we never monetized the yelp to its attainable, a resolution that oddly doesn’t bother me powerful. We appreciated a formidable partnership with PokerStars for a few years till Shadowy Friday, and we never stumbled on a correct partnership take care of that all all over again. I in reality wished that, in preference to popping in random adverts or discovering out scripts for advertisers. So, we didn’t make powerful money from the yelp, but I agree with it remained legit on memoir of we didn’t.”

“We interviewed correct about every standard poker player and industry leader over the principle 10 years or so, but then we in reality wished it to be extra about the fans.”

Cosenza thought again on identical lines: “Being lifelong journalists, we felt we wished to listing the general public, so we normally recapped whatever poker news was taking place that week, but as our listeners grew, so did the need for additional content material. So, we integrated fashioned bits and usually scheduled segments, equivalent to Columbo’s One-Minute Thriller, which gave technique to O’Mally’s Breeze. We interviewed correct about every standard poker player and industry leader over the principle 10 years or so, but then we in reality wished it to be extra about the fans, so on the sphere of all of our segments at last was fan-driven, from Listener Highlight and Name the Floor to Hand of the Week and even some banter.”

Talking of company, who had been a few of their favorites?

“No doubt, my current customer was AJ Benza,” Cosenza talked about. “The man was online page on, clearly very audio savvy, and he was hilarious. At the time, we had been nonetheless working for the Occasions, so we had a definite journalistic integrity we had to keep on with, but he dropped so many F-bombs and various curse words that the yelp would were one long beep. So, I approached our bosses and told them the direct. They let us put up the yelp with out any editing and it was easily one among our preferred episodes. It’s the most convenient time I ever had to envision the profane language field when importing to iTunes.”

For Long, Barry Greenstein was somebody who directly jumped to mind: “He had been up all evening having fun with cards and our producer forgot to push the ‘file’ button. Barry was so on, and was extremely gracious when we had to originate over. And when we did, it was nearly take care of we never started over. He was a correct poker professional.”

As for company they feel sorry about never getting, Cosenza handiest had one.

“The pleasant customer we didn’t salvage that I feel sorry about was Phil Ivey,” he admitted. “I watched him play at Foxwoods once. I had to utilize the males’s room, and when I came again he was knocked out and already on his was to Atlantic Metropolis to play baccarat at the Borgata.”

Ante Up Poker Magazine
Problems with the Ante Up Poker Journal.

What Will Become of the The relaxation of Ante Up?

While the Ante Up Poker Solid has ended their weekly dawdle, future one-off episodes are a likelihood. Similarly, the the relaxation of the company will remain operational.

“Ante Up Poker Media LLC remains for sale, and we’ve obtained three peaceable inquiries this week and continue conversations with various keen customers,” Long published. “So, the manner forward for the company, alongside side whether or not the podcast will seemingly be resurrected, will count on who decides to retain on our legacy. But in the intervening time, we gain refreshed our online page, will monetize it better, and expand our online news file to embody all forms of gambling as sports activities wagering, in explicit, grows rapid.”

These drawn to discovering out extra about Ante Up Poker Media LLC can contact Long directly at [email protected].

As for Long himself, while poker is having fun with a smaller role in his life nowadays, he’s not slowing down.

“I created a peaceable company, Quiz Inventive LLC, last year that combines all of my passions – content material creation, tournament planning, neighborhood engagement, and further,” he talked about when requested about what’s subsequent. “I structured the company to dawdle puny if I’m nonetheless wished at Ante Up, or powerful bigger if not. Correct now, I’m transforming my home place of job precise into a podcast and video studio and idea to launch some peaceable video podcasts of my agree with very quickly. That medium is correct so sturdy in speaking with individuals and building communities – so sturdy that I will’t imagine that podcasting obtained’t be a portion of my life forever, even if our Ante Up dawdle has come to an end.”

For Cosenza’s portion, he supplied: “I’m taking a seek for ahead to the total perks that contain retirement, you recognize, doctor visits, fixed unsolicited mail from AARP, and writing offended Letters to the Editor. Basically, I am an packed with life member of the bonsai neighborhood and seek for ahead to my time with my wife, Jeanne, and our miniature trees.”

Ante Up Poker Solid’s Legacy

Chris Cosenza and Scott Long.
Chris Cosenza and Scott Long.

At last, PokerNews took the different to demand each Long and Cosenza what they both believed or hoped might be the lasting legacy of the Ante Up Poker Solid.

Long: “We weren’t the principle poker podcast, but we had been one among the firsts, and I doubt someone was on the air continuously for thus long as we had been, so those are two legacies for which I agree with we’ll be remembered. But I am hoping our biggest legacy will seemingly be our dedication to ‘on a typical basis avid gamers,’ which is who we always catered to, not correct with the podcast, but additionally with our journal, our cruises and our tour. Most poker media take care of marvelous-name experts, huge tournaments, and celebrities, but I’ve heard estimates that order 95 p.c of poker avid gamers are recreational avid gamers. We made that 95 p.c feel special in a approach few others in the poker world gain or will.”

Cosenza: “There are a bunch of issues I mediate the yelp must nonetheless be identified for now that it’s normally performed. First, we did a wise yelp. On occasion a cuss observe would scurry in on memoir of in right life we each reveal take care of sailors on traipse away, but we wished to remain professional and didn’t want to offend someone. Also, the dedication. For the most portion, it was carried out out of sheer enjoyment, never missing a week for take care of 800 straight episodes. We didn’t make our bread and butter with this yelp; it was correct that one likelihood a week to steal up, make each various giggle, and abet that cab driver in Denmark make it by his shift.”

Click right here to hear to the relaxation episode of the Ante Up Poker Podcast!

*Photos courtesy of Chris Cosenza and Scott Long of Ante Up Journal.

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