Ponakovs Advantage-to-Advantage Gigantic MILLION$ FT Ends in Victory

Aleks Ponakovs

Aleks Ponakovs reached the GGPoker Gigantic MILLION$ final table final week as the chip chief but might possibly maybe finest muster a fifth-location stop. This week, Ponakovs navigated his capability to the Gigantic MILLON$ final table again, the establish he sat down in fifth location. Fleet-forward three-and-a-half hours and Ponakoivs bought his fingers on the title and the $475,125 high prize, denying Andras Nemeth what would had been his third Gigantic MILLION$ victory.

Gigantic MILLON$ Season 3 Episode 31 Closing Table Outcomes

Put Participant Country Prize
1 Aleks Ponakovs Latvia $475,125
2 Andras Nemeth Hungary $366,372
3 Rodrigo Selouan Brazil $282,511
4 Chris Klodnicki Canada $217,846
5 Tauan Naves Brazil $167,982
6 Elio Fox Mexico $129,532
7 Ole Schemion Austria $99,882
8 Seth Davies Canada $77,020
9 Sung Joo “ArtePokerTV” Hyun Hong Kong $59,390

There became drama from the moment the final table motion commenced on legend of Elio Fox cracked Andras Nemeth’s aces with pocket queens in a single in all the very first fingers.

Closing table short stack and final week’s champion, Sung Joo “ArtePokerTV” Hyun became the first participant to bust. Hyun in no draw managed to rep going and busted when he pushed all-in with ace-seven on the button for a shade below ten enormous blinds. Nemeth seemed him up from the enormous blind with ace-9, which held to reduce the participant depend by one.

Seth Davies busted throughout the next level when blinds had been 40,000/80,000/10,000a. Davies seemed down at ace-deuce in the cutoff and moved all-in for 405,988. Nemeth known as in the little blind with pocket kings, but enormous blind Rodrigo Selouan didn’t choose the bait. On the opposite hand, he did call with ace-ten offsuit. Each players checked the jack-high flop, leading to at least one other jack landing on the flip. All every other time, the motion went check-check. A six on the river saw Nemeth lead for a third of the pot, which folded out Selouan. Recreation over for Davies.

Ole Schemion
Ole Schemion came unstuck in seventh location

One of many pre-final table favorites, Ole Schemion, became the next superstars heading for the showers, doing so on the very next hand after Davies’ death. Schemion min-raised to 160,000 before jamming in 1,737,530 over the end of Nemeth’s 360,000 three-wager. Nemeth known as with pocket nines and became racing in opposition to the ace-queen of Schemion. The board ran out void of aces or queens, and Schemion bowed out.

The predominant 5-figure prize, particularly $129,532, went to Fox despite him being 2nd in chips when six-handed play began. Fox can depend himself miserable with the capability his tournament ended. He made it 250,000 from the button throughout the 50,000/100,000/12,500a level with ace-king of golf equipment. Nemeth folded his little blind, but Selouan piled in 4,954,638 from the enormous blind, which covered Fox’s stack. Fox known as and positioned he became capability forward of his Brazilian opponent’s ace-four of diamonds. Selouan flopped a four but Fox had a membership flush design. The flush in no draw came in, as a change, Selouan improved to an no longer going rotund dwelling, fours rotund of nines, and Fox headed for the exits with a unhealthy beat myth in tow.

There became a lull in eliminations except the 100,00/200,000/25,000a level. Tauan Naves initiating-shoved for six enormous blinds from the button with ace-jack of spades. Nemeth re-shoved with pocket fives, and received the pot when the 5 team playing cards fell queen-high. Naves’ $167,982 payout higher than doubled his lifetime winning at GGPoker.

Chris Klodnicki
Chris Klodnicki

The final four turned three when Chris Klodnicki ran out of steam. Klodnicki made a spin for his 11.5 enormous blind stack from the little blind with ace-5, but Nemeth became lying in wait in the enormous blind with ace-king, and made a veteran call. In incompatibility to the cruel Fox exit hand, the ace-king remained appropriate kind this time around.

Klodnicki’s seat had no longer even gone cold when Selouan joined him on the rail. Selouan min-raised to 500,000 from the button with ace-queen, and Ponakovs shipped in his 8,089,796 stack from the little blind with the dominating ace-king. Selouan known as and lost despite flopping an ace as the door card.

That hand gave Ponakovs a slim 12,154,588 to 11,345,412 chip lead over Nemeth, the latter having a peek his third Gigantic MILLON$ victory. Ponakoivs dominated the early heads-up confrontations, but Nemeth refused to bust. On the opposite hand, an sick-timed bluff from Nemeth when Ponakovs held a king-high flush turned the competition on its head on legend of Ponakovs held a 10-to-1 advantage.

The final hand saw Nemeth shove for 8.7 enormous blinds with queen-six, and Ponakovs known as with pocket threes. Ponakovs’ lowly threes held, and he received the Gigantic MILLION$ title for the first in his profession.

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