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They characterize themselves as “3 school children in relish with the game of poker.” Everybody is conscious of them as Subsequent Gen Poker, one in all the fastest rising poker vlogs on YouTube and Tik Tok. Sarah Herring talks to Rosey, Frankie & Jello about their meteoric upward thrust in insist material creation, their poker skill, their first day out to Vegas and remarkable more!


00: 00 Intro
01: 00 Jack, the Gambler, aka Jello, aka Cash Money
02: 00 Rosey, aka Matthew Rosenfield
03: 00 Frankie, aka Frank the Bank, aka Wells Fargo
04: 45 What goes to happen after school
07: 35 The First Time out to Las Vegas
11: 00 Getting on the Marquis at Encore Shoreline Club
13: 13 How Subsequent Gen Poker Began
14: 30 Somebody please build in the feedback the build Frankie’s YouTube Minecraft is!
16: 00 Who edits the vlog?
18: 45 Who Does What?
20: 30 How attain you shoot in Casinos?
22: 45 Taking part in at The Nugget
25: 30 What does your all in indicate?
27: 00 GTO vs Exploitative and the top map that is a bunch of must that you must to per chance well be a insist material creator
29: 15 Getting paid by the hour at Choctaw
31: 30 Why Texas Poker is the Totally
34: 45 Poker participant vs Entertainer
37: 15 Other creators that encourage them
39: 00 What Construct Subsequent Gen Poker so Uncommon

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